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By: 2i2 Daryl Wong (04) Jon Tan (08) Li Yingming (14) Ryan Koh (18)

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1 By: 2i2 Daryl Wong (04) Jon Tan (08) Li Yingming (14) Ryan Koh (18)

2 World Map

3 About Cool Temperate Climate Areas with cool temperate climate generally lie between the polar and tropical regions. The temperature changes between seasons are generally moderate. They have unpredictable and varied weather. Most areas with cool temperate climate are temperate deciduous forests, which means that the leaves of the trees change color and fall off according to the seasons.

4 Cool Temperate Climate Precipitation is moderate and distributed throughout the year. Precipitation decreases with increase in distance from sea. Total annual rainfall is 555mm-760mm Convectional Rain occurs in summer and snow occurs during winter.

5 Graph Comparing Temperate Climate Temperature with Rainfall


7 Cool Temperate Climate - Spring

8 Cool Temperate Climate - Summer

9 Cool Temperate Climate - Autumn

10 Cool Temperate Climate - Winter

11 Some Countries With This Climate North America Russia Norway Finland Northern Japan China

12 An interesting fact about Temperate Climate Cool temperate climates can have summers which are either Long and hot, with temperatures ranging from 0-10 degrees Celsius being the lowest and 25 degrees Celsius being the highest. Short and cold, with temperatures dropping to -30 degrees Celsius in the worst cases. This is an increasingly worrying trend that can continue to 2021 and beyond.

13 Video (Watch from 0:13 to 0:43)

14 Sources temperate-climate/ temperate-climate/ ?qid=20120207173109AA15Qlp ?qid=20120207173109AA15Qlp ate.htm ate.htm temperate-tropics-staying-cool-is-a-breeze- in-panama/ temperate-tropics-staying-cool-is-a-breeze- in-panama/

15 More Sources temperate-tropics-staying-cool-is-a-breeze- in-panama/ temperate-tropics-staying-cool-is-a-breeze- in-panama/ rate.html rate.html temperate-climate/g- 6mgs3cqi97iiupengcf9sa0 temperate-climate/g- 6mgs3cqi97iiupengcf9sa0 and+Topography and+Topography

16 Even More Sources mists-now-complain-that-cold- summers.html mists-now-complain-that-cold- summers.html

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