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Instant Communication Software Creating a Culture of Safety and Awareness.

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1 Instant Communication Software Creating a Culture of Safety and Awareness

2 Safety Communication in the Work Place Channels for Communication Introductory Orientation/Training Scheduled Safety Meetings (weekly, monthly, yearly) Signs, Posters and other Literature Personal Channels (e-mail, cell phones, wireless devices)

3 A More Active Approach Consistent SAFETY reminders Using repetition to instill safe work habits Alert pre-shift or at work to keep SAFETY in employees thoughts Dont rely on training from weeks, months or even years prior

4 What Were Working Towards Improving the process of SAFETY by Empowering employees with the knowledge and tools to work safely Improving management and leadership strategies Breaking down the barriers of communication Transferring important information and ideas from management to the field and visa versa

5 Empower Employees to Work Safely Continue SAFETY training beyond initial orientation and classes Daily SAFETY alerts for pre-shift meetings and/or discussions Prevent making the same mistakes over and over Communicate vital information such as severe weather, last minute changes and necessary precautions

6 Improve Management and Leadership Emphasis on SAFETY starts at the top Involve all departments when developing communication topics and scheduled alerts Keep everyone on the same page at all times

7 Break Down Barriers of Communication Contact all of your employees instantly rather than relaying messages through multiple levels of personnel Avoid Bottleneck Effect Dont lose the ability to communicate when e-mail, voicemail or calling is not possible

8 Implement Sound Procedures Complete all SAFETY and equipment inspections accurately and on-time. Ensure quality data, eliminate hard copies that are not always legible and easily lost Enjoy peace of mind knowing your equipment is SAFE and functional Instantly submit SAFETY and Inspection forms

9 See Safety in Action Use stored video from familiar equipment for training opportunities Ensure best practices in the field, yard and warehouses

10 Advance Safety Alongside Technology Estimated Wireless Devices Number of Text Messages Dec 2005: 207,896,198 In 2005: 81 Billion Dec 2011: 311,594,848 In 2011: 2.3 Trillion 85% of Americans own a cell phone 90% of text messages are read in the first 3 minutes, 98% in the first hour 91% of all US Mobile users keep their phones within arms reach at all times 97% of text messages are opened, while only 22% of e-mails are opened Nearly 200,000 text messages are sent every second Minutes of use, voicemail and social media usage have all leveled off in the last 5 years while the use of text messages continues to increase rapidly


12 References CTIA – International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry TSG Global, Inc.

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