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Michigan Technological University – Women in Computing Sciences

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1 Michigan Technological University – Women in Computing Sciences
Computer Science Michigan Technological University – Women in Computing Sciences

2 Why you should pay attention:

3 Because you like money…
Programming Language Average Salary Objective-C $101,500 Perl $90,500 C# $91,000 Java $95,500 Ruby on Rails $88,500 PHP $79,500 C $93,500 Pascal $82,000 Erlang $103,000 JavaScript $89,000 C++ $98,000 R $74,000 Visual Basic $81,500 SQL $86,500 COBOL CoffeeScript $118,000 Scala $103,500 Shell $94,500 Groovy $107,500 Python Source:

4 Because You want a job… Occupation Median Salary Job Outlook
Computer and Information Systems Manager $115,780 Good Software Developer $90,530 Excellent Database Administrator $73,490 Computer Programmer $71,038 Okay Professor $62,050 Source: United States Department Of Labor – Bureau Of Labor Statistics

5 Because You want To Work For One Of These Companies Someday…
or nearly any other company really, as you’ll see in a minute

6 “Coding is the literacy of the future” - Evan Korth
Because “Coding is the literacy of the future” Evan Korth CS Professor, New York University

7 So what is computer science?

8 com·put·er sci·ence Noun
adaptation “the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications” - Wikipedia math “Learning and understanding the mathematical, scientific and engineering principles underlying every kind of computing system, from mobile phones and the internet, via systems that interpret natural language, to the supercomputers that forecast tomorrow’s weather or simulate the effects of disease on the human heart” - Oxford learning "Computer Science is no more about computers than Astronomy is about telescopes" – Edsger Dijkstra problem solving “If you like to solve puzzles, then computer science is for you! ” – Boston University

9 “a career in software can take you into any part of the world you want to know about” –Greg Leitheister, Michigan Tech Class of 2003

10 Having a CS degree allows you to “pick any field of interest” –Randy Berry, Michigan Tech Alumnus

11 “I see computer science as a tool for achieving other goals
“I see computer science as a tool for achieving other goals. Nobody ever just does computer science.” – Aubrey Baker, Michigan Tech Class of 2010

12 As a CS major you have so many options
(and these are just a few)

13 If you’re Interested in Business
CAREER IDEAS Information Technology Entrepreneur Database Management Manager/Project Lead Financial Analyst TECH ALUMNI Mark Carter (IT) Adil Shafi (Entrepreneur) Douglas MacKenzie (Entrepreneur) Kevin Dietz (Entrepreneur) Linda Wittbrodt (Vice President of Research and Development)

14 If you’re Interested in Research
CAREER IDEAS Work for an engineering company Work for a science organization College Professor Researcher TECH ALUMNI Stacey Keener (NASA) Brian VanVoorst (NASA) Harriet King (Research in Human Computer Interactions)

15 If you’re Interested in Teaching
CAREER IDEAS College Professor High School Teacher Software Education/Trainer TECH ALUMNI Dr. Charles Heiden (Part time instructor) Dr. Kenneth Williams (Associate Professor of Computer Science) Harriet King (We Help You Use Tech founder) Dr. Janet E. Burge (Associate Professor of Computer Science)

16 If you’re Interested in biology / Medicine
CAREER IDEAS Bioinformatics Biomedical Engineering (Robotic Prosthetics) Research Human Genome Project Image Processing/Pattern Recognition Health Care Database Manager/Creator TECH ALUMNI Paul Warnicke (Dynamic Software System Design, Pharmaceutical Company) James Mercer (Programmer in the Healthcare Industry)

17 If you’re Interested in the Arts
CAREER IDEAS Web Designer Interface Designer Audio Production/Technology Video Game Designer Special Effects/CGI Stuff Data Visualization TECH ALUMNI Aubrey Baker (Interface Design)

18 If you’re Interested in engineering
CAREER IDEAS Computer Engineer Software Engineer (for engineering software) Modeling Software Computer Simulations Auto Industry (Autonomous Vehicles, etc.) Human Computer Interaction TECH ALUMNI Robert Fjerstad (Senior Software Development Manager, AutoCAD)

19 If you’re Interested in Math
CAREER IDEAS Data Analyst Algorithm Designer Statistician 3D Modeling Game Physics Simulation Designer TECH ALUMNI Daniel P. Maki (Algorithms for speech recognition)

20 If you’re Interested in Nature/Environmental Sciences
CAREER IDEAS Tracking Systems Designer Data Collection Instruments Engineer/Programmer Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Designer TECH ALUMNI Ashley DePottey (GIS software developer)

21 If you’re Interested in all That Cool Sci-FI Stuff
CAREER IDEAS Robotics/AI Quantum Computing TECH ALUMNI Adil Shafi (SHAFI Inc, a robotics company) Douglas MacKenzie (Mobile Intelligence Corporation, a robotics company)

22 If you’re Interested in Traveling
CAREER IDEAS Work for a big, international company TECH ALUMNI (and places they’ve gone) Mark Carter (Germany) Larry Pieniazek (Weekly travel within the US) Dr. Janet E. Burge (15 months in Alaska, Switzerland) Other sections that could be added – economics (data analysis/forecasting), political science (data analysis), criminal justice (computer forensics),

23 So what’s your next step?

24 If Any of this sounds Kind of Cool:
consider a CS degree think about where your interests intersect, maybe that could be your niche (we know Venn diagrams are a bit corny… but they do illustrate our point nicely) Statistics Graphic Design Data Visualization Computer Science

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