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Technical innovations in the district heating system in Odense Generally about Fjernvarme Fyn A/S GIS Modelling of district heating networks Metering Peer.

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1 Technical innovations in the district heating system in Odense Generally about Fjernvarme Fyn A/S GIS Modelling of district heating networks Metering Peer Andersen, Fjernvarme Fyn A/S District heating workshop Visegrad 2012, november 5-6.

2 Generally about Fjernvarme Fyn A/S Side 2 Fjernvarme Fyn A/S is owned by the municipalities of Odense (97 %) and Nordfyn (3 %). Fjernvarme Fyn A/S is managed by a board of directors selected by the town council and members selected by the employees Number of employees: 94 Fjernvarme Fyn A/S is a DH distribution company with 100 % heat production capacity in peak and reserve load boiler facilities.

3 Side 3 FvF Annual Accounts Direktør Økonomi Kantine Ledning Anlæg Logistik/indkøb Centraler og Pumpestatione r Projekt El og SRO Kunderådgivni ng Målere Omstilling Projekt Planlægning GIS ITKoordinering

4 Side 4

5 Side 5 Turbine Klosterbakken It started in 1929 Ing. Mengel middle of town. 1945 municipality owned app. 500 coustomers. 1970 municipality reform Odense became the major city. In the beginning of 1980 èrne - heatingplan Odense 1988 rehabilitation programe App. 0,2 mia investment App. 1.000 km. pipes. Fynsværket CHP in 1954. 2007 shareholders company by fusion with Otterup

6 Side 6 Fjernvarme Fyn – Area of Supply Odense Population: 186.932 Households: 90.909 Number of customer connections: 57.675 Main pipelines: 1.735 km Otterup Population: 11.023 Households: 4.778 Number of customer connections: 1.867 Transmission distance from FYV: 16.6 km Local distribution pipeline: 42.3 km Munkebo Population: 5.811 Households: 2.632 Number of customer connections: 833 Transmission distance from FYV: 11.5 km Local distribution pipelines: 19 km Kerteminde Population: 11.011 Households: 4.979 Number of customer connections: 2.146 Transmission distance from FYV: 18.5 km Local distribution pipelines: 30 km Langeskov Population: 6.417 Households: 2.692 Number of customer connections: 1.525 Transmission distance from FYV: 17.4 km Local distribution pipelines: 45 km


8 GIS based on ESRI ArcGIS software packet All information on components and pipes is stored in the GIS

9 All data on the network in one place with acces for all employees

10 Designing of network Signal cable database Consumption database Interface to modelling in TERMIS Maps Pipe and components data Information Decision-making Mobil GIS WEB GIS GIS for all LER

11 Hydraulic and thermal modelling of the network Fjernvarme Fyn A/S use TERMIS software for hydraulic and thermal modelling Models are build from GIS data (pipes, consumers) Network models used for: design of network What if scenario calculations, planning Operation monitoring with realtime simulation models (intergration with SCADA system) Optimazation of suply temperature Pump optimazation

12 Zone overview

13 Supply temperature from central Supply temperature at consumer Temperature optimization. Target Temperature optimization Purpose: To reduce energy consumption (heat loss and pumping energy)

14 Temperature distribution

15 Critical nodes

16 The model simulate the operation for the next 12 hours based on load forecast The software find the optimal supply temperature to minimize costs of heat loss and pumping energy. To bee able to deliver the heat to the consumers at the time they nead it, it is necesarry to compensate for transportation delay between central and consumer. The load forecast tool use weather forecast data (temperature and windspeed) from Danish Meteorological Institute, and historical load data from the SCADA system Temperature optimization. Load forecast

17 Roules Restrictions Media velocity < 2 m/s Max pressure < 60 mVS Max pressure difference : 3,5 bar Min pressure difference : 0,5 bar Temperature in distribution pipes> 60 °C

18 In the DH system of Fjernvarme Fyn A/S the optimal supply temperature is the lowest possible that meets, either: 1. the required minimum temperature of 60 degrees C in the distribution pipes in all parts of the network (summer and transition periods), or 2. the demand for heat in cold periods without exeeding the pressure limits in the pipes and pumping capacity. By the end of 2012 temperature optimazation has been impelented in all supply zones. The reduction of heat loss is approximately 10 %. Temperature optimization. Load forecast

19 Transportation delay

20 Customer Consumption Impact Individual metering. Incentive to save energy. Visualization of consumption Easy access Behavioral effects. Intelligent service. Benchmarking of consumption

21 Fjernvarme Fyn – Metering platform 2012 Third-largest district heating company in Denmark in energy sales but largest in network and number of customers: 60.000 metering points 2.000 km distribution pipes All electronic heat meters of the ultrasonic type Mobile Radio Network system Tests and considerations Return of investments Readings so far performed by the municipal sanitation service twice a month Prepared for next generation AMR

22 Mobile Data Transceiver – what is it? One box for mounting in vehicles. It contains 2 components: A GSM modem which every night transmits data from the mobile RF Concentrator A Mobile RF Concentrator which during driving picks up meter data

23 Mobile Data Transceiver – Features based on demand. Reads out the following data: Monthly data: – date/hour, Energy, Volume Actual data: – date/hour, Energy, Volume – Info-codes, Hour counter – Energy (flow), Energy (return) Automatic surveillance and adjustment of the internal watch when passing by. Co-functions with existing RF network.

24 Mobile Network System features System features: Few system components High read out success rate > 98 % No operational staff necessary No predefined routes Automatic meter registration Reading via standard radio protocol Short meter reading time frame

25 Mobile network Garbage truck GPRS GSM Monthly data Actual data The system communicates with the trucks on a daily basis and collects consumption data Automatic Meter Reading software. SonWin Billing system Customer information www Smartphone Mail sms Meter with Radio module Mobile data transceiver

26 Side 26 Remote reading of meters

27 Side 27 Energy Management System Energy Metering Bus Integration of technical and administrative IT systems Billing GIS Data collection Data validation

28 Side 28 The EMS Energy Management System (EMS) Web based solution that utilizes advanced energy and consumption management. The EMS software is a offer to – amongst others –utility companies, energy advisers, industrial companies, and building administrators. Internally easy access for all staff.

29 Side 29 Web Tools WebTools is a offer for private households. Visualising of energy and resource consumption figures (website/Google Gadgets/smartphones) Benchmarking and consumption alarms (web/e-mail/SMS)

30 Information platform. Webportal Smartphone + IPad iGoogle gadget

31 Webportal

32 IPad og Smartphone

33 Side 33 IPad og Smartphone

34 Side 34 Web Tools – email service

35 Side 35 WebTools i.e. Gadget/Widget

36 Side 36 EMS Report Examples (environment)

37 Side 37 Summary – Energy Management System Analysis, and presentation of energy and resource consumption data Basis for a god dialog with the customers. Energy and resource management Professional building administrators. Data available for all employees in Fjernvarme Fyn Documentation of energy savings PSO – reports. Environment and Economy related registration, calculation and reporting. A important tool for intelligent energy savings.

38 Metering - conclusions The introduction of individual heat accounting reduction is achieved within two years. Actual reduction of 15-20 %. We expect further 5 % reduction in consumption based on visualization. Dimensioning and optimization of the distribution network

39 Side 39 Mail Thank you for your attention.

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