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Welcome to Kindergarten Curriculum Night At Hyer Elementary

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1 Welcome to Kindergarten Curriculum Night At Hyer Elementary

2 TEACHERS Shayla Coker Ashely Kotrla Teresa Nichols Gerri Smith
Sally Titmas Paige Wright Meredith Ness (aide)

3 Miss Coker’s Expectations for Students:
Today I will… 1. Listen, think and follow directions. 2. Speak kindly to others. 3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. 4. Walk quietly in the building. 5. Respect others.

4 Discipline Plan Color Codes:
Green  – WOW, Doing Great! Yellow – Warning! Make better choices. (Think Track, Think Time, loss of privileges) Red – Very sad. Tomorrow is a new day. (Phone call home, possible visit to office). The reason for the color change will be noted on the behavior sheet in the green daily folder.

5 Rewards 1 week of green smiley days= 1 sticker in behavior folder.
Table points and privileges Positive phone calls/notes Tickets for weekly drawing (prizes include special privileges around the classroom). Tying shoes: Name on the bulletin board

6 SCHEDULE Door Opens at 7:55 A.M. Arrival Routine 8:00 A.M.
Students are tardy at 8:05 A.M. Lunch is at 11:00 A.M. Recess is at 11:35 A.M. Specials are at 12:45 P.M. Dismissal is at 2:30 P.M.

7 Hyer eNews All school flyers and announcements will be communicated via the Hyer eNews. If you are not receiving these s, please contact Kandi Tanner at

8 Daily Folder The daily folder (green) goes home each night to be checked and returned the following morning. Please check the daily folder for work and notes! PLEASE INITIAL YOUR CHILD’S BEHAVIOR SHEET DAILY!

9 Language Arts Social Studies Science/Health Math
CURRICULUM Language Arts Social Studies Science/Health Math

10 A Balanced Literacy Program
Working With Words Writing Reading

11 Word Work “No excuse!” words, or sightwords, (please see attachment)
Building words with phonics Word families (end of year)

12 Writing Daily Shared Writing Journals/Draft books
Writer’s Workshop - rough draft to polished copy Integrated throughout the curriculum Manuscript handwriting is used Writing conferences

13 READING Guided Reading books are used.
Phonics and vocabulary are taught. Reading is integrated throughout the curriculum. Independent and shared reading Reader’s Response time Comprehension Strategies Small group instruction based on similar goals Literacy workstations for independent learning. RAZ Kids for home readers (begins 2nd nine weeks

14 Studies Social Integrated Throughout the Curriculum
Our Home, Community, State, and Nation Map Usage Studies Social

15 Experiments Science Light and Colors Five Senses Animals
Oviporous animals Insects Metamorphosis Simple Machines Five Senses Properties of Matter Earth Materials/Rocks and Soil Plants Systems: Weather Experiments

16 Math Manipulative Based Problem Solving Small Group Instruction
Number Sense, Time (sequencing), Measurement, Fractions, Composing/Decomposing Numbers, Graphing, Basic Addition/Subtraction Small Group Instruction Learner Centered Activities Math Workstations (Independent Learning)

17 Assessment In order to monitor student progress, your child will be given various assessments throughout the year in literacy and math. Formal literacy assessments will be conducted at the beginning, middle and end of the year. Literacy assessments administered: TPRI and the Benchmark Assessment System (BAS; Fountas & Pinnell). Ongoing math assessments through teacher observation and task performance. A math benchmark is administered at the end of the year. If there is a concern, the teacher will contact you.

18 Report Cards Nine week grading period Checklist-style report card
Parent Conferences will be held during school hours at the end of the first nine weeks. We will review your child’s progress in kindergarten as well as current assessment results.

19 Report Cards, Continued
Available online through Skyward. Reporting scale: 3: Proficiency; mastery of skill 2:Making progress 1: Insufficient progress; requires teacher assistance. Note: * Students are not penalized for slow progression…2’s are okay and we hope learning growth continues in this skill.

20 General Information Guests: Please know that signing in at the office is for the safety of your child. Children are never allowed to open outside doors. Lunch: Notify your child when they have peanut products in their lunch. If you visit your child for lunch, please wait until after the third week of school to do so. Also, remember that you are welcome to enjoy your time together in Balto’s Courtyard! Food: The PTA, Hyer teachers and Mr. Gilbert are working together to keep food out of the classrooms, except for during our two designated class parties. Thank you for your cooperation! Birthday: You are welcome to bring cupcakes, cookies, etc. to the cafeteria during our class lunch. Please wait until the last 10 minutes of lunch (11: 20) to celebrate! Please sign up for the day that you plan to bring a treat and notify the teacher one week beforehand. Party favors in lieu of a treat are welcome. Please note: do not bring birthday treats on Fridays due to it being ice cream day. Instead, please coordinate with the teacher and room mom to find a different day that week to celebrate your child’s birthday. .

21 General Information, Cont’d
Tardiness: After 8:05 your child will be counted tardy. Dismissal: Please send a note/ if your child’s transportation changes by 11:00. Please help make sure your child’s teacher knows when you take your child. After Dismissal: Per Hyer policy, if you need to re-enter Hyer after dismissal, you must go to the front office and sign-in. Parents and students may not re-enter the school through the Kindergarten exit door. Forms: Please place notes that need to be given to the teacher in the in the Green Daily Folder and notify your child so that they know to bring it to me first thing in the morning.

22 Lockers Please help me maximize learning time within the classroom by refraining from using locker decorations. These items make distractions easy for all and easily come up missing. Thank you for your assistance!

23 Lunch Notify your child when they have peanut products in their lunch.
If you visit your child for lunch, please wait until after the third week of school t o do so. Children are allowed to invite 1 friend to lunch when they have a guest. Please do not provide lunch for your child’s classmate. Remember that you are also welcome to enjoy your time together in Balto’s Courtyard!

24 Miscellaneous Study Buddies: we will work with Ms. Smith’s third grade class this year! Carpool: your child will always go to dismissal with the same teacher throughout the change, regardless of changes in transportation. Your child will dismiss with me unless you have been notified otherwise. Carpool arrangements will begin the second week of school. Tying shoes: Please help your child learn to tie their shoes. Students will be recognized when they have mastered this important skill!

25 Homework Kindergarten homework is to read for at least 20 minutes a day. Towards the end of the semester I will be sending home a reading log to document time spent reading. Practice sight words each night. Sight words are high frequency and/or do not follow the rules of the English language, and therefore must be memorized. These will be sent home later in the semester. From time to time, your child may bring home work for homework that they did not finish at school. At times, I may also send home practice to help reinforce what we are learning.

26 Star of the Week Your child will have an opportunity to shine and share about their life outside of school with the class! Please see the attached schedule to see when your child’s week will be. A poster template will go home with your child the Monday before it is due, providing a week and a weekend to complete the poster. Your child’s poster is due on the date provided on the schedule.

27 Teaching Responsibility:
Your child is responsible for bringing the following each day: Green folder Reading briefcase (starting 2nd nine weeks) Library book Please say goodbye at the front door and let your child settle into the room on his/her own. 

28 Volunteering We love our volunteers!
If you would like to learn more about opportunities to get involved, please contact one of our terrific room parents!

29 Little Extras… Mystery Reader: We would love to have 2 Mystery Readers each month! Mystery Reader will be held every other Friday afternoon. There are enough dates for each child to have one mystery reader during the school year. Study Buddies: We will be joining up with Ms. Smith’s Third Grade class for Study Buddy time!

30 Field Trips TBA!!! Dallas Children’s Theater (show and date TBA)
Highland Park Fire Station (Spring) The cost for all three trips will be paid together. The price will be provided soon!

31 Concerns and Conferences
If you have any concerns please contact me to set up a conference time. I am available before school, during my conference time and after school. When scheduling, please let me know what the conference is in reference to so that I can be prepared. During the day your child is my top priority. Please keep in mind that Hyer is a professional learning environment and should be treated as such.

32 Confidentiality Please remember that I am only able to discuss your child’s performance and behavior with you. To maintain confidentiality for each student, I am not able to discuss another child with you. Thank you for your consideration!

33 Contact Information Office number: (214) Conference time: 1:00-1:45, before or after school upon appointment

34 Thank you for sharing your time with us this evening
Thank you for sharing your time with us this evening. I am looking forward to a wonderful year working with you and your child!

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