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School Day: 7:30 AM – 2:35 PM Founded in 1961 Home of the Gentry Jaguars!

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1 School Day: 7:30 AM – 2:35 PM Founded in 1961 Home of the Gentry Jaguars!

2 Every 6th Grade Student Is New Notes 14 of the 19 Elementary Schools will be represented next year. With such a large representation from our district, our students have the opportunity to form new relationships with the incoming class. Important – All incoming students are new to Gentry Middle School Gentry

3 Our Secondary Cluster Schools Slide: Notes: Gentrys cluster schools are Jefferson Middle and Rock Bridge. We join Jefferson Middle in programing when applicable. Gentry MS and Jefferson MS students enter RBHS. Gentry Middle School Jefferson Middle School Rock Bridge High School

4 6 th Grade at a Glance Notes: Sixth grade maintains a team structure and approach. The day for a 6 th grade student is divided up between Core Classes, Electives, PE/Health, RtI/EEE, and Advisory Advisory is made up of equal students from each grade. Builds relationships across grade levels. Students remain with their Advisory Family for all three years at Gentry MS. Slide: Two Academic Core Teams – Team A – Team B Core Classes Electives PE/Health RtI/EEE Advisory (7:30)

5 Electives Slide: Daily – 12 Weeks Art Computers FACS Performing Arts Music Technology Education Alternating Day Electives (Full Year) How Things Work Band/Orchestra World Languages (French/Spanish) Notes: 6 th grade Electives focus on Exploration. The design is structured so students have the opportunity to participate in several Elective courses. Each rotation is based on 12 weeks. During each 12 week rotation, a student will have 2 electives For a student who is in Instrumental Music, World Language or How Things Work - the student would have 1 elective rotation. Instrumental Music, World Language, and How Things Work are alternating day classes scheduled for a year.

6 Day of a 6 th Grade Student Slide: Advisory (18 minutes) 1 st Core Class 2 nd Core Class Elective 3 rd Core Class Lunch – 25 minutes to eat – Lunch starts 11:24 a.m. 4 th Core Class Elective PE/Health/RtI/EEE Notes: Core Classes are: – English Language Arts – Math – Science – Social Studies Each class is 50 min. Students dress out for Physical Education PE alternates with Health/RtI on a quarterly basis. PE alternates with RtI- 3 quarters and Health 1 quarter. PE/RtIPE/RtIPE/RtIPE/Health For a EEE student; PE will alternate with EEE. The Health curriculum will be incorporated into the EEE program.

7 Before the School Day Begins Slide: Before School: 7:05-7:15 AM - Buses Unload & Students May Be Dropped Off – Students report to Gym or Eat Breakfast – Dismiss at 7:22 **7:30 AM - Classes Begin** Notes: School start time is 7:30 AM Monitoring of late to school occurrences will be a tighter process. Advisory is a scheduled class and the expectation is for students to be on time each morning. Students can be dropped off earlier than 7:05, but will wait outside. During inclement weather, we bring students inside the building prior to 7:05.

8 Communication Slide: New Webserver – Coming Soon – Gentry Web Design Building Calendar – Updates – School Information Faculty Links – Class Information – Easy Access to Resources Parent Link Notes: One of our building focus areas is Communication – creating a communication scheme that provides greater efficiency for our parents, students and teachers. We will have a new look to our Website- give parents easier access to teacher contact, instructional sources, and school information or updates. We use Parent Link as our primary communication source- if you do not have an email address in eSchool, please provide an email or notify the main office requesting a paper copy be sent home with your child.

9 Lockers Combination Locks Specific Locker Locker Breaks Most Important – Do not share your Combination Students will be issued a locker w/a partner. Sharing a locker requires respect and trust between the students. Students will have a hallway locker and a PE locker. Instrumental Music students will be issued a locker to store their instrument. Potentially, a student could have 3 separate combination locks.

10 Lunch Slide 6 th Graders eat lunch together Lots of choices Money on Account – Before School – On-line Notes: Parents can monitor their childs lunch account and add money as necessary. We ask that students add money to their account during Breakfast- not during lunch.

11 End of Day Slide: Classes Dismissed at 2:35 Car Pick-up Area / One Way Buses Pull Out at 2:42 Walkers/Bike Riders Notes: Please follow our drop off/pick up design: – Pick up/drop off must happen at the curb – Students are not allowed to cross between cars to the drive through lane Walkers/Bike Riders, cross at the crosswalk with supervision

12 Steps to help your student be successful Read the Gentry/Team Updates/Newsletter Check agenda/planner daily Create a school calendar at home for assignment due dates, school activities, etc. Encourage your student to get involved with intramural sports and after-school clubs Reinforce Building-Wide Behavior Expectations Be Involved - Get to know your childs teachers

13 Final Items Slide: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) School Supplies Schedule Pickup – August 13 th 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM Jump Start Day – August 18 th (1/2 Day) Notes: School Supplies – Information will be included in the summer information packet – Electronic, sent through Parent Link Please delay supply purchases until we can send the list. The list will have exactly what is needed, helping to reduce unnecessary purchases. BYOD – Since teachers use a wide variety of applications and programs, we make available instructional devices to our students. Students, can however use their own device when teacher permission is given to take notes, or document assignments. Please note Schedule Pickup Day. Wednesday, Aug. 13 th. Be watching for the Parent Link with information near the end of July. Jump Start Day is a time for incoming 6 th grade students to get acclimated to Gentry, meet their teachers, begin the relationship building process, and have fun. We will have several activities planned for August 18 th

14 Parent Support Please call the main office early in the day if your child wont be at school Call with questions before they are concerns – engage in open communication

15 Summer Communication Information about Jump Start Day Nutrition Services Health Form Schedule Pick up Information Technology Form PTSA Membership – Sportswear __________ Parents – Please contact your Elementary School with contact information/address confirmation.

16 Contact Information Main Office – (573) 214-3240 Dr. Jeff BeiswingerPrincipal Mrs. Linda GarnerAssistant Principal Mr. David LaughlinAdmin. Assistant Mr. Brian ClaytonHome School Communicator

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