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Spring Break Destin, Florida 2012.

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1 Spring Break Destin, Florida 2012

2 The Earth’s Weather Home Mom, I’m so sick of this weather! I can’t wait for Spring Break next week. Any predictions on what the weather will be like when we are in Destin, Florida? Intro Tasks Process Conclusion Resources Evaluation

3 Home Use the Internet to help determine a predicted weather forecast for your vacation. In your learning think about what types of tools could be used to determine the weather. Complete these tasks for your project: Task One: To record the weather for the week of your spring break vacation in Destin, Florida based on the weather news report in the weather tables given. Do the same table for Cincinnati's weather. Based on these weather conditions, what activities could your family do? intro Tasks Task Two: To compare and contrast the weather between Destin and our Cincinnati weather for the same week. Process Task Three: To create a poster with the appropriate materials which are listed on the Rubric on the Evaluation page. Resources Evaluation Conclusion

4 Process Home intro Tasks Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion
Before you begin each new activity, go to the evaluation page where you will find the rubric, in preparation of what you will be graded on. Complete these 7 steps in order. intro Step 1: Visit the first website on the Resources Page. As you read take notes to help remember definitions or examples of certain weather conditions along with tools used to forecast weather. Feel free to look at any of the other weather links as well. Tasks Step 2: Visit the Second Website. While visiting this site, look specifically at the days needed to fill out your weather table chart for Destin, Florida. Step 3: Repeat Step 2, but for the third website for Cincinnati’s Weather, completing another weather table. Process Step 4: Complete the Venn Diagram with a minimum of 5 bullets for each section. Step 5: Draw a creative suitcase on a poster which shows the types of clothing which will be packed for your vacation based on your temperatures and weather conditions forecasted. Also drawing /listing a possible activity that could be completed each day due to the different weather conditions in Destin. Step 6: Also add printed or drawn pictures of weather instruments followed with a brief description as to how you could use them daily if you wanted to find your own weather conditions, and what they are used for(definition). Resources Evaluation Conclusion Step 7: Put all the other completed materials on the poster in a neat, organized, and creative way. Be ready to present this project as I know you rehearsed the information and understand the content.

5 Resources Home intro Tasks Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion
Weather condition descriptions and tools: Here you will look at the tabs on the left titled: Weather Instruments, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Clouds, Rain & Floods, Thunderstorms, Lightening, Wind, Temperature, and Climate. Make sure to understand these concepts and refer back to each tab when needed. intro Tasks March Destin Weather: Here you will look at the monthly weather forecast for March 1st- March 5th. Click on the day of the month to get detailed weather conditions as it will help you to fill out your table. Process March Cincinnati Weather: Here you will also look at the monthly weather forecast for March 1st-5th. Click on the day of the month to get detailed weather conditions as it will help you to fill out your table and the Venn diagram. Resources Evaluation Clouds: Here you can find pictures and descriptions of the types of clouds in the atmosphere. Conclusion

6 RUBRIC Evaluation Home Click on: intro Tasks Process Resources

7 Home Conclusion intro Congrats! You have completed the Spring Break Weather Project. You should now know the different weather conditions for March 1st-5th between Destin, Florida and Cincinnati, Ohio based on your forecast research. You have now learned how weather predictions can be made and what you can do at home with certain weather tools to predict weather yourself. It is up to you to further your knowledge and watch the weather channels daily and recognize the different weather conditions that are surrounding you. Tasks Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion

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