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INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 1 Why is 'instrumenting the grid important for e-Infrastructure ? Maria Ramalho Natário European Commission, DG INFSO – F03.

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1 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 1 Why is 'instrumenting the grid important for e-Infrastructure ? Maria Ramalho Natário European Commission, DG INFSO – F03

2 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 2 a new vision for Science Global research challenges with high societal impact Data deluge… virtual-labs Experimentation-based Science and Numerically- based Science Cross-disciplinarity Global Virtual Research Communities networking grids instrumentation computing data curation… Technology push value added of distributed collaborative research (virtual communities) Application pull

3 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 3 e-Infrastructure: the vision....... Linking at the speed of the light Sharing computers, instruments and applications Sharing and federating scientific data Weather Forecast VO Biomedics VO Astrophysics VO Connecting researchers Sharing the best scientific resources Building global virtual research communities

4 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 4 GÉANT: connecting Europe Pan-European coverage (40+ countries /3900 universities / 30+ million students) Hybrid architecture: connectivity at 10 Gb/s (aggregated traffic) dark fiber wavelengths (demanding communities)

5 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 5 GÉANT: global reach

6 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 6 EGEE: large multi-science grids >240 sites >50 000 CPUs, 25 Pbyte of storage ~100 000 jobs successfully completed per day 200 Virtual Organisations >8000 registered users, representing 1000s of scientists Astrophysics and astroparticle physics Biomedical and bioinformatics Computational chemistry Computational sciences High Energy Physics Disaster recovery Digital Libraries Earth sciences Infrastructure Geophysics Finance Fusion

7 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 7 EGEE*: users and resources distribution * EGEE and sister projects: EELA, SEEGRID, EUMEDGrid, EUIndia Grid, EU China Grid

8 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 8 EGEE: promoting interoperability

9 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 9 new petaflop supercomputers Local EU PRACE petaflop supercomputers National DEISA virtual supercomputer

10 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 10 DEISA: virtual HPC services 11 sites in 7 countries connected at 10 Gb/s Over 22,000 CPUs sporting 200 TFlop Running larger parallel applications in individual sites Enabling workflow applications with grid technologies Providing a global data management service Extreme Computing Initiative

11 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 11 Importance of data for Science extract knowledge add value add value publish disseminate publish disseminate store validate manage store validate manage capture collect create capture collect create From raw data to publications From research to education From one to multiple disciplines From past and present to future From one to multiple organisations Several "continuum"

12 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 12 GÉANT network infrastructure scientific data as an infrastructure computing/data grid infrastructure scientific data infrastructure biology data astronomy data clinical data LHC data

13 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 13 involving scientific communities EGEE DEISA DRIVER GÉANT network grids data generic e-Infrastructure… user communities involvement neuGRID EUFORIA D4SCIENCE ETSF IMPACT METAFOR EuroVO-AIDA GENESI-DR FEDERICA EVALSO EDGES, DORII

14 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 14 Recent developments create the expectation that technology is fast maturing to support the emergence of a new infrastructure paradigm, according to which the shared use of instrumentation, computing and data resources across administrative and technology domains will progressively become a commodity service. M. Campolargo Conclusions … in disguise

15 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 15 Further information Information Day: Work Programme (New):

16 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 16 Cooperation – Collaborative research (predefined themes, refined FP6 instruments) Ideas – Frontier Research (ERC, competition, individual grants) Capacities – Research Capacity (infrastructure, SMEs, science and society) FP7: Specific Programmes JRC (non-nuclear) + JRC (nuclear) + Euratom + People – Human Potential (mobility) ~55B

17 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 17 FP7 Capacities Programme 2007-2013 Ideas: 7.5 b People: 4.8 b Capacities: 4.1 b (~1.8 b for Research Infrastructures including ~0.6 b for e-Infrastructures) JRC: 1.8 b Total: 50582 m Cooperation: 32.4 b (8.8 b for ICT ) to enhance research and innovation capacity throughout Europe

18 INGRID 2008 – Ischia, Italy 18 Framework Programme 7 2007-2013 Capacities 4097 M JRC 1751 M Ideas 7510 M Euratom 4062 M People 4750 M Cooperation 32413 M Dev. of policies INCO Science in Society Research Infrastructures 42% - 1715 M SMEs Research Potential Regions of Knowledge e-Infrastructures 572 M

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