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Game Management: What Can We Do To Help Each Other FHSAA Compliance Seminar August 2, 2013.

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1 Game Management: What Can We Do To Help Each Other FHSAA Compliance Seminar August 2, 2013

2 Welcome! Michael Parks 35 total years of officiating experience Football - 31 years HS Basketball - 26 years NCAA D2, JuCo, HS Softball – 35 years, NCAA Regionals, JuCo National Championships Baseball – 32 years NCAA, HS. Lead Evaluator for FHSAA Retired United States Air Force Police Officer Assigner for Baseball and Football

3 Welcome! Jason Autrey 10 years football officiating experience High School – 10 years NCAA Division 2 – 3 years, Gulf South Conference, 2012 Playoff Crew R NCAA Division 1 – 3 years, Sun Belt Conference County Engineer for Okaloosa County Assists with training and evaluation of MSOA football officials

4 Game Administration Applicable to all sports – MSOA works Football, Basketball and Baseball Our area has no County ADs, some schools have Head Coach AD, some have designated AD This is an overview of our way of doing things…

5 Game Administration Timeline Contracts Schedules Facilities Pre-season Gameday Payment

6 Contracts We do… Provide contracts several months before the season March for Football September for Basketball November for Baseball/Softball You do… Get completed contracts back to us so we dont overbook March for Football helps us plan for spring practices September for Basketball November for Baseball/Softball – holidays and then practice starts…

7 Schedules We do… Send you a list of all games Pre-season we send you all games, dates and opponents of your home schedule we are working. One week prior we send a master copy to all contracted schools. You do… Review, verify and confirm to us the information we send you Keep us in the loop of modifications o Games moved or cancelled o Time change o Weather – rain-outs are a nightmare for us too!

8 Schedules Keep in mind: Plan ahead when creating schedules NCAA National Championship game is scheduled way in advance…avoid scheduling basketball games on that day Baseball season starts when it can be cold and wet – consider playing games at earlier day times. Think ahead about potential conflicts if/when your football team is in the playoffs. The sooner you give us information, the better we can service your need.

9 Pre-Season We do… Work as many scrimmages as possible. Officials need practice just like players Speak with your coaches and team about rule changes and what behavior is expected Be approachable – show a human side and relate to players and coaches. We are NOT the enemy

10 Pre-Season You do… Schedule scrimmages that are after normal work hours. Its hard to get officials to work at 2 or 3 in the afternoon on a weekday. Make players and coaches accessible. Alert them ahead of time to be ready to ask questions Stay on schedule Make your assistants get in the rule book

11 Facilities You do… Reserve the crew a few parking spaces Provide a clean, dry place to change – showers if possible Have administrative contact in charge stop by and introduce themselves Drinks – in a cooler in the locker room or an assigned person to bring something from the refreshment stand Sandwiches and/or snacks are very appreciated We do… Leave the facilities cleaner than when we got there Snack bars are NOT a buffet – great place to get in trouble Notify administration when we are on site

12 Game-day What you should expect from us… 9 th Grade/JV Officials arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the scheduled game time Varsity arrive 45-60 minutes prior (Football should be a 90 minute minimum) Clean, well dressed, personable officials Officials will answer questions – not statements – when asked Able to explain a rule/ruling without giving a clinic Will keep the game moving along Look and act like they want to be there

13 Game-day What we NEED from you… Someone to show us to and let us in the locker room Field in playable condition; properly marked Scoreboard on and working Capable help to work the table for basketball An announcer to announce, not give play by play Announcer to keep homerism to a minimum Security should not have to be asked for; they should find us Somebody to control the big picture

14 In-Game What we NEED from you… Controlled playing area Keep those that are supposed to be there (media, cheerleaders, band, etc.) in a safe location Keep those that are not supposed to be there (students, parents, spectators, etc.) in appropriate locations If things go wrong, have your team members take a knee. Coaches can come out to break up any non-game related action (fights), officials will back away and observe only! Player disqualification procedure

15 In-Game Things we all need to be ready for… Concussions – officials are not doctors. Players are required to leave the game in order to get proper medical attention Emergencies – proper time will be given to address emergency issues. Emergency responders will not be hurried Weather – NFHS has specific protocols for lightning Jessica Lunsford Act – All contest officials are expected to have the appropriate badge with them at the game Sportsmanship – point of emphasis Rules Knowledge

16 Payment We do… Prepare an understandable, accurate bill for your book keeper Provide a point of contact for any questions You do… Remit payment in a timely manner Be responsive, nothing worse then calling multiple times looking for a payment with no response

17 Questions? Thank you for your time and attention Have a GREAT 2013-2014 School Year! Michael Parks Jason Autrey

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