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First Light at Prompt7 (Chart32) Chilean Advanced Remote Telescope 32 operating at Cerro Tololo/Chile (CTIO) March 04, 2013 Johannes Schedler.

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1 First Light at Prompt7 (Chart32) Chilean Advanced Remote Telescope 32 operating at Cerro Tololo/Chile (CTIO) March 04, 2013 Johannes Schedler

2 Content Team Selection of Location Project history Enclosure/Dome Telescope Setup Control philosophy and software First results Links

3 Our Chart32 Team Philipp Keller UNC (host) Philipp Keller UNC (host) Dan Reichart Dan Reichart Joshua Haislip Joshua Haislip Aaron LaCluyze Aaron LaCluyze Justin Moore Justin Moore Konstantin Buchhold Johannes Schedler Bernd Flach-Wilken Bernd Flach-Wilken Volker Wendel / /

4 Selection of Location at CTIO Geographical location > 30° south Elevation > high Sky conditions ++ Darkness ++ Humidity > low Seeing ++ Clear nights ++ Infrastructure ++ Costs > shared

5 Decision for CTIO/UNC Chile Reliable infrastructure Optimal sky conditions at 2200 m Continuous support available Dome construction done by UNC Operating costs taken by UNC Shared use between UNC and us Dark time for our team Bright time for UNC Override by UNC any time by UNC in case of special events (GRB) Place of Chart32 Place of Chart32 4 m Blanco Telescope

6 Weather conditions clear nights at CTIO

7 Sky conditions at CTIO typical mag 21.5-22

8 Project History 2007 First contacts in Chile with support of Daniel Verschatse: Cerro Armazones, then CTIO (Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory) 2008 Go from UNC (University of North Carolina) at CTIO 2009 Contract signed with UNC in March, fund raising dome construction plans prepared 2010 Final drawings ready, start of bid process 2011 Erection of dome building (March-April)

9 Project History 2012 March: shipment of telescope equipment to Chile 2012 November: commissioning (Philipp and Konstantin) >first light! 2013 February: CCD camera back from repair, optimization full remote operation and control possible

10 Enclosure Dome Diameter 5 m Avoid ground seeing: Telescope height 4.5 m from floor Avoid dome seeing: Forced ventilation up to 5 m³/sec

11 Optics designed by Philipp Keller Classical cassegrain Mirror: 0.81m Sitall Focal length: 5.6 m 3-lens Wynne corrector Corrected field: 150 mm (diffraction limited)

12 OTA Open truss design Robotic dust cover (mirror + baffle) Focusing by secondary mirror Lasalle mirror support Remote collimation

13 Mount Equatorial fork mount Torque motors 200 Nm both axes Encoder resolution 0.01 arc sec Pointing accuracy <5 arc sec Tracking accuracy <0.1 arc sec (5min) All cables through mount

14 CCD Imager: FLI-16803 Proline 4096x4096 at 9 um 8-pos FLI 50x50mm Filter wheel Resolution: 0.33/pixel Field: 22.3 x 22.3 Guider: Lodestar at 49mm off axis

15 CTIO Firewall Datacenter Le Serena Datacenter Le Serena Microwave Antenna Microwave Antenna Internet Microwave Antenna Microwave Antenna Datacenter CTIO Datacenter CTIO FX/TX Converter Fibre Optic Link Ethernet switch Ethernet switch IP Webcam Wireless Router Wireless Router PC2 Backup PC2 Backup PC1 Control PC1 Control IP Boot Manager IP Power switch CCD Powerstrip Telescope Controller Telescope Controller Dome Light ScopeDome Controller ScopeDome Controller Dome Rails and Shutter Dome Rails and Shutter 110V 60Hz Ethernet Scope Covers Dome Fans WiFi Antenna Data & Power Connections in CHART32

16 Software SequenceAutoslew Maxim DL The Sky optional CCD Auxiliaries: Scopedome Watchdog SMS alert Pinpoint

17 Developed by Philipp Keller Includes safety, dome and ventilation control All sky pointing model Scheduler for automated imaging MLPT tracking allows unguided tracking up to 20 min Control via Autoslew/Pinpoint Deviation before Deviation before MLPT

18 All sky pointing model included Scheduler for automated imaging Control via Autoslew/Pinpoint

19 First light image (Nov 2012) NGC253 10 min L 3 min RGB 100% crop

20 NGC3372 NB 460 min

21 Future High resolution planetary imaging with moveable pick-up mirrorHigh resolution planetary imaging with moveable pick-up mirror Cooperation with professional astronomersCooperation with professional astronomers Very long deep exposuresVery long deep exposures

22 Links Chart32 Homepage Philipp Keller Homepage ASA Astrosysteme Austria (Partnership with Philipp Keller) Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) Johannes Schedler Homepage Bernd Flach-Wilken/Volker Wendel Homepage Konstantin Buchhold Homepage Konstantin Buchhold Homepage

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