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Verkmenntaskólinn á Akureyri The Comprehensive College in Akureyri.

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1 Verkmenntaskólinn á Akureyri The Comprehensive College in Akureyri

2 Welcome to VMA 9. september 2008

3 Akureyri – Eyjafjörður - Iceland

4 Information Established 1984 Number of staff150 Number of students 1350 Distance learning students700

5 General objectives The role of colleges in Iceland is to prepare students for further studies employment daily life

6 Our objectives in VMA: Good school for all students Variety and flexibility Opportunities for top students Support for students in need of extra supervision Cooperation with students homes

7 1st years students field trip

8 Departments Vocational studies 1-5 years Studies for matriculation examination 3 1/2 - 4 years Art department 4 years Preparation studies 1-2 years

9 Departments Art department Design and textiles Fine arts Studies for matriculation examination Business Sociology Natural science Matriculation examination after vo cational studies

10 Departments Vocational studies Housing ( painters, plumbers, carpenters, cabinetmaker) Metalwork Electronics Auto mechanic Engineering Culinary Nurse assistants Sports Business

11 Service for students in VMA Students counseling (academic and personal tutoring) School nurse Project manager for kids at risk; drug- and drinking abuse prevention Dormitory in cooperation with Menntaskólinn á Akureyri (Akureyri Junior College)

12 ISO 9001 In May 2007 VMA got ISO 9001 licence for education in engineering. That means that our engineering students have international licenses.

13 Art department, painting

14 Computer lesson

15 Metalwork, welding

16 Culinary department, cooking

17 Culinary department, waiter

18 Electricity, calculation

19 Carpentry, sawing

20 Housing, industrial drawing

21 Students social life Project manager for students social life Two teachers work with the students board Highlights of the year! Students annual celebration Students song contest open days Thursdays night events (boccia, coffie house, girls only party, boys only party, music night, etc.) Various competitions e.g. sport, quiz show, speech competition and competitions in students study (vocational studies).

22 Students song contest

23 The 1st year students invited to the school by the older students

24 Graduation

25 Iceland

26 Geology Size: sq km ( sq miles) Location:63°24N-66°33N 13°30W-24°32W


28 Geology Rugged, abrupt, jagged Immense variety of scenery 200 volcanoes 30 active since settlement Eruption every fifth year Frequent earthquakes but rarely harmful

29 Geology Glaciers:11.5% Vegetation:25.0% Rocks, mountains, lava:63.5% Weather: Reykjavík –0.4°C – 11.2°C Akureyri-1.5°C °C

30 Mt. Hekla

31 Krísuvík

32 Þingvellir

33 Hraun í Öxnadal

34 Vatnajökull

35 Lake Mývatn

36 Population Population: Language: Icelandic Ancestors: Scandinavian, Celtics Settlement: in year 874 More than half of the population lives in the greater Reykjavík area C.a. 10% live in rural area The rest lives in towns and villages scattered around the coast line

37 Akureyri Location: Eyjafjörður on the north coast Population: Trade:Fishing, farming, industry and education Down town Akureyri during summer

38 Akureyri

39 Akureyri in late autumn

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