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Serving PI in a Geospatial World Amie Evans Seattle Regional Seminar November 10, 2009.

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1 Serving PI in a Geospatial World Amie Evans Seattle Regional Seminar November 10, 2009

2 © 2000 PACIFICORP | PAGE 2 Agenda –Background on PacifiCorp and Our Use of PI –Business Challenges and Opportunities –Business Solution –Business Value –Considerations –Video Demo –Questions

3 © 2000 PACIFICORP | PAGE 3 Key Facts about PacifiCorp –Headquarters in Portland, Oregon 1.7 million customers in six states 15,800 miles of transmission line 61,535 miles of distribution line (including underground) 910 substations –Three divisions: Pacific Power – Oregon, Washington and California Rocky Mountain Power – Utah, Wyoming and Idaho PacifiCorp Energy – generation and mining 85 generating plants across West; net capability of 10,400 MW –Owned by MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company (MEHC)

4 © 2000 PACIFICORP | PAGE 4 PacifiCorp Service Area and Plants CA NV AZ UT WY ID OR WA MT CO PacifiCorp Service Territory Thermal Plants Gas-Fueled Plants Wind Projects Geothermal Plants Coal Mines Hydro Systems Generation Developments 500 kV Transmission Lines 345 kV Transmission Lines 230 kV Transmission Lines

5 OSIsoft PI Usage at PacifiCorp Pacific Power Headquarters and Grid Control Center Portland OR Rocky Mountain Power Headquarters and Control Center Salt Lake City UT SCHOOL PI: ~200 Users ~56,172 tags DMZ PI: ~ 341,133 tags. ~230 Users

6 © 2000 PACIFICORP | PAGE 6 Business Challenges and Opportunities –Connectivity Model No connectivity model available, only one-line diagrams in AutoCAD No Transmission connectivity tool available to analyze SCADA data and outage data Multiple copies of transmission line database throughout company No real-time weather data or warning reports over our assets Area load by state and company needs updates No area load available for operating areas No standard tag naming convention for most PI tags Transmission reliability statistic calculation done in Excel Alive T.V news for operation dispatchers –Calculation on Weather Data Manual download from weather underground and NOAA Manual weather calculation, weather variables, and load correlations

7 © 2000 PACIFICORP | PAGE 7 Business Solution –PI Archived Data-ACE Developed VB.Net application to access free NOAA weather data and archive in PI server. Create calculation tags; CDD, HDD, daily average Temp, daily peak Temp, etc. Total area load calculation by operating area, state, and by operating companies. –Connectivity Model Real-time SCADA data over PAC transmission model-Process Book Merged multiple transmission line databases into one. Link to relational database to add non-SCADA data over model. PI tags are mapped to each appropriate asset. Convert AutoCAD drawing to display in Process Book. Real-time warning and reports over transmission model-Google Earth Pro Existing ESRI GIS shape files was converted to Google Earth KMZ files. Free Java Script to convert asset connectivity data to KML file. Free web services for lightning, weather, fire, warnings, etc. Reliability Statistic tool. –User resources Department MS Sharepoint site to provide platform for training videos, users manual, document library, WIKI, and technical support.

8 © 2000 PACIFICORP | PAGE 8 Business Values –Quality Data Analysis Aggregation of loading data that is consistent with area planning facilities Engineers and planners now can normalize weather variation into load history analysis and load forecasts Simplified assembly of transmission line performance for benchmarking and outage calculations Easy verification of outage time stamps and unknown causes. Updated PI total load information Transmission reliability performance –Utilization of resource and time. Easy to identify PacifiCorp topology and asset location No need to go back to schematic (one-line diagram) drawings One master database for transmission line ratings No calls to PI administrator to translate tag names WIKI site for technical support and trainings –Quality real-time monitoring for operation dispatcher Visual topology presents simplified status of transmission facilities From T.V news to real-time weather reports and warnings over Google Earth model, as well as fire, lightning, earthquake, etc. Real-time PI data over transmission model

9 © 2000 PACIFICORP | PAGE 9 Considerations –What was available PI with ACE (Advance Calculation Engine) ESRI GIS files Visual Studio 2005 PI Process Book Web services Visit to book stores –What we bought Google Earth Pro –What we are researching Archive-quality lightning data into database

10 © 2000 PACIFICORP | PAGE 10 Video Demo

11 Questions?

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