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Irish Weather November – December 2010 - Phone: +353 86 1794731 - Fax: +353 1 6335760

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1 Irish Weather November – December Phone: Fax:

2 NASA Satellite Image Ireland in the Summer 02 June, 2006 No snow, the few white patches are cloud formations over the Boggeragh Mountains on the Cork and Kerry border. You can clearly see the phytoplankton bloom off the west coast of Ireland. Phytoplankton are microscopic plants that grow in the sunlit surface waters of the ocean.

3 NASA Satellite Image 25 November 2010 Cloud cover makes it difficult to see all of Ireland. But you can clearly see the white snow on the mountain tops in County Donegal. Name the main mountain ranges in Donegal. Mountains: Derryveagh Mountains, Blue Stack Mountains. Derryveagh Mountains Blue Stack Mountains

4 NASA Satellite Image 27 November 2010 On Friday and Saturday there was heavy snow falls across Leinster, Connacht and Ulster and parts of Munster. Name three counties with the least amount of snow. Counties: Limerick, Clare and Cork. Co Clare Co Limerick Co Cork

5 NASA Satellite Image 02 December 2010 During the week snow continued to fall across Ireland. Name two counties which had new snowfall since the last image. Co Westmeath Co Cork Counties: Westmeath and Cork.

6 - Phone: Fax: Know Your Ireland is our extremely popular software for learning all about Ireland. It was recently featured on the RTÉ News and is used in over 30% of Irish primary schools. Learn every major geographic topic of Ireland is covered: Provinces, Counties, Towns, Cities, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Islands, Bays, Peninsulas, Headlands, Oceans & Seas and much more.

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