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Technology in the Church on a Shoestring Budget Technology Church-Wide.

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1 Technology in the Church on a Shoestring Budget Technology Church-Wide

2 Technology in the Church We used technology to save money in the following areas: Administration – office matters & equipment Security – monitoring the church & its grounds Multimedia – getting the message out to others Communication with the congregation

3 Administrative Tools Remote Access – UltraVNC (free) Allows multiple access to the churchs computer remotely Allows office staff to work from home during inclement weather Good troubleshooting & training tool when teaching someone a new application

4 Administrative Tools Church Calendar Google calendar (free) OpenOffice Software Package (free) Comparable to MS Office Membership software PowerChurch – member info Quickbooks – financial info

5 Security NextAlarm Significantly cheaper than other alarm companies Redirect calls to individuals, reducing the cost of false alarms Over 100 codes for individuals to have access to church

6 Security Security cameras Monitoring software included Record activity outside of the church (video only since audio recording is illegal in MD) Software enhanced to create movie of motion detected activity Movies stored on our web hosting site continuously (currently for 7 weeks)

7 Communicating with the Congregation Email lists for targeted groups in church (e.g. members, leaders, men, women, ministries) Website (Calendar, Forum, E-letter, Blog) Information Line powered by Google Voice Conference calls powered by Accutalk (free) YouTube to deliver message when church closed due to inclement weather YouTube

8 Multimedia Presentation Dual screen & presentation software Linked to sound system & projector Videos YouTube videos Other videos (with CVLI License) Music iTunes, Rhapsody, or Pandora

9 Multimedia Video Use camcorder instead of expensive camera Use DVR to archive services instead of DVDs Live Video streaming with (free) Audio streaming with (free) Weekly sermon posted on web site (both audio & video)

10 Web Hosting Considerations Select hosting company that include IP address for free Consider the following as features Email limits (no. of accounts & size of mailbox) Storage space allowance Upload/Download restrictions Cost Allowance of CGI/PERL scripts Web design capabilities

11 Tips to Reduce Costs Printers Use printers that have a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) [e.g., EPSON, HP, Canon, Brother] to reduce the cost of cartridges/ink. Copiers Evaluate printing needs, and if necessary, purchase a color copier specific for your needs. Lease with the option to buy back for $1 (3 yrs or less) Get service contract that includes supplies

12 Tips to Reduce Costs Phone Lines Evaluate how many lines are actually needed Combine lines to save money (e.g., fax & fire alarm can be on same line)

13 Product Comparison ItemCostNotes Presentation MediaShout~ $400Steep learning curve Additional Monitor Dual Head Video Card < $100 $50 Allows on the spot editing Video Archive DVR$100 Records 200 hrs; 250 GB storage; have to purchase new one each year 2TB Hard Drive Video Capture Card < $100 $50 - $100 Have to purchase annually; easy to store Purchase once DVDs $30/100 discs Used to store specific portions of service (e.g., sermon) Video Equipment Camcorder Pan/Tilt /Zoom (PTZ) Head $250 - $1,000 Make sure it has pan/tilt/zoom capability for your space Video Camera $2,000 - $10,000 Get if you have experience people & a specific need (e.g., studio quality)

14 Product Comparison ItemCostNotes Printer Supplies Ink Cartridges (all colors)$50 - $80 (1/3 oz)Reorders 12 times/year CISS with Ink Refill Ink (4-6 color sets) $50 - $80 $20-$30/4 ozReorders 3 times/year Alarm Monitoring ADT;$30/mo Next Alarm$12/mo Security Camera Panasonic Netcam$225/cameraInclude monitoring software Church Calendar$69/year Google CalendarFree

15 Product Comparison ItemCostNotes Music Choices iTunes$0.99/song Rhapsody30 songs free each month or $10/month Pandora40 hrs free each month or $36/yr Communication with Congregation CallingPost Phone Tree$0.06/callCalls in ½ minute increments VoiceShot Outbound$0.12/callCalls in 1 minute increments Google VoiceFree Membership Software ACS PowerChurch$300Purchase once Quickbooks$200Purchase once

16 Links to Items Used at New Vision Video Streaming : Audio Streaming: Alarm System: Remote Access: Virus Protection: Continuous Ink Supply System: Web Hosting Site: Web Authoring Software:

17 Links to Free Software SnapFiles - NoNags - FreshMeat -

18 For More Information …

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