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Weather and Weather Prediction Notes

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1 Weather and Weather Prediction Notes

2 Weather ___________= the condition of the _____________at a particular _______and _______ Weather ___________= a _____________of ___________weather conditions over the next _________days Weather atmosphere time place Forecast prediction future 3 to 5

3 Weather Station Model Diagram outline of station model: (pg. 105)
_____ __________ _____________. __________ ____________ Temp Pressure Weather Cond Dew Point Precip amt

4 Surface station model Surface observation data station model:
-located on map where _________was located EX. data

5 Cloud Cover Cloud cover = shade in circle EX.

6 Wind Direction _________direction = ______in ___________wind is coming _________ EX. Wind direction line FROM

7 Wind speed Wind speed = Ex.

8 Pressure- measured in __________(mbar) millibars
# is _________than 500, put a ____in front and a ___________one place from the right Ex. 802….980.2 # is ________than 500, put a _____in and a decimal one place from the _________ Ex. 347… EXAMPLES millibars 9 greater decimal 10 less right

9 ________________= measure of how _______or _________something is
_______Point = the _____________air must ________to be completely____________ Saturated: reached moisture compacity Temperature hot cold Dew temperature cool saturated

10 Examples Turn to page 105 Your turn

11 Fronts Fronts = leading _______of an ______mass/_________ edge air

12 Warm Front Warm = _______air replacing __________air
-weather = (indicated________________) a. ________clouds –_______, feathery, found at ________altitudes b. _________-clouds that form in __________ -nimbostratus c. steady _____________________ d. _____________temp warm cooler snow/rain cirrus thin high stratus layers precipitation increased

13 Cold Front ________= cool air ____________warmer air weather =
____________clouds- ___________white clouds, tend to have _________bottoms -cumulonimbus ________showers ___________temp replacing Cold cumulous puffy flat brief decreased

14 Occluded Front __________= (type of cold front) cold front ____________up with warm front -“_________” warm air mass from ___________ -_________weather a. high wind d. tornado b. hail e. heavy rain c. lightening Occluded catching cuts off ground severe

15 Stationary front ___________= _______air masses can not _______other ______of way -weather = _________rain until moves out Stationary two push out steady

16 Frontal Weather Air mass = a large amount of air that takes on the temperature and humidity of the area it forms over . Continental tropical (cT) = warm, dry —Mexico, SW US Continental polar (cP) = cold, dry -- Canada

17 Frontal Weather Maritime tropical (mT) = warm, moist – S. Pacific, S. Atlantic . Maritime polar (mP) = cold, moist – N. Pacific, N. Atlantic

18 Frontal Weather Cyclone = low pressure area containing rising warm air . - -winds rotate counter clockwise in Northern Hemisphere tornados, hurricanes Anticyclones = high pressure area -cool, dry air rotates clockwise in N. hemisphere

19 Isobar Isobars closer together = higher winds - Iso= same
- Iso= same Isobar = lines that connect points of equal air pressure closer the line, the stronger the wind Isobars closer together = higher winds

20 Isobar Map

21 Isotherm - Isotherm = lines that connect points of equal temperature
use color for each decade of #’s reds are warm / blues are cooler

22 Isotherm Map

23 Predicting Weather Generally- -
- -US weather moves from W to E because US is in the “westerlies” global wind pattern Low pressure spins counter clockwise High pressure spins clockwise

24 Predicting Weather -High pressure = clear weather
Low pressure = cloudy/stormy weather Significant temp change (decrease) and significant pressure change down = may cause severe weather

25 Weather Instruments Thermometer – air temp -Anemometer – wind speed
Barometer – air pressure Psychrometer – humidity Rain gauge – rain fall amount Wind sock/vane – wind direction

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