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Weather Research & Forecasting: A General Overview

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1 Weather Research & Forecasting: A General Overview
HPC Symposium 2014, IIT Madras Tabish U Ansari MS – Environmental Engineering Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras

2 The WRF Model State of the art atmospheric simulation system- portable and efficient on available parallel computing platforms Broad range of applications across scales: Idealized simulations (LES, baroclinic waves) Parameterization research Data Assimilation research Forecast research/ Realtime NWP Hurricane research Regional climate research Coupled model applications Teaching

3 Components of the WRF modelling system
The WRF preprocessing system WRF-Var ARW solver Post-processing & vizualization tools


5 WPS Defining simulation domains
Interpolating terrestrial data (terrain, landuse, soil categories etc.) Degribbing and interpolating meteorological data from another model to this simulation domain



8 WRF Solver Several initialization programs for idealized and real data simulations and the numerical integration program Fully compressible non hydrostatic equations Regional and global applications Map projection terms Arakawa C-grid staggering Runge kutta 2nd and 3rd order time integration options Scalar conserving flux form for prognostic variables 2nd to 6th order advection options (horizontal and vertical) Lateral boundary conditions Full Physics options for Land surface, PBL, radiation, microphysics and cumulus convection A single layer ocean mixed model

9 Post Processing

10 Supported combinations of hardware and software

11 The WRF model may be built to run on:
A single-processor machine A shared-memory machine (that uses the OpenMP API) A distributed memory machine (with the appropriate MPI libraries), or on a distributed cluster (utilizing both OpenMP and MPI) The WRFDA and WPS packages run on the above-listed systems

12 Required compilers and scripting languages
The majority of the WRF model, WPS, and WRFDA codes are written in Fortran90 The software layer, RSL, which sits between WRF and WRFDA, and the MPI interface is written in C WPS makes direct calls to the MPI libraries for distributed memory message passing There are also ancillary programs that are written in C to perform file parsing and file construction, which are required for default building of the WRF modeling code Additionally, the WRF build mechanism uses several scripting languages: including perl, Cshell and Bourne shell The traditional UNIX text/file processing utilities are used: make, m4, sed, and awk

13 It’s free, check it out today!

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