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Weather Forecasts Chapter 12, section 3.

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1 Weather Forecasts Chapter 12, section 3

2 I. Weather Observations
Meteorologist – person who studies weather Take measurements & interpret data Use data from Doppler radar, satellites, and weather balloons to make weather predictions Make weather maps to make weather forecasts

3 II. Forecasting Weather
When meteorologists make a forecast, they are using the basic science process skills of prediction & communication a. Station model – shows weather conditions at a specific location on Earth’s surface and are used to forecast weather b. Weather maps have lines that connects equal temperature or pressure 1. Isotherm – lines that connect equal temperature 2. Isobar – lines that connect equal air pressure a. When isobar lines are close together, pressure difference is large between areas b. When isobar lines are far apart, pressure difference is small between areas

4 III. Weather Maps Components of weather maps 1. Fronts
2. Pressure areas 3. Isobars 4. Temperature

5 Weather Map Symbols See page 577 in textbook! Presentation Express!

6 Station Model

7 Surface Charts

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