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2 What is a Barometer? A. a weather instrument* B. a math word
C. a new type of P.E. game D. a type of gumball machine

3 A prediction about the weather is call a weather...
A. Observation B. Gauge C. Forecast* D. Fortune

4 A. Fog B. Evaporation C. Wind* D. Condensation
Moving air is called? A. Fog B. Evaporation C. Wind* D. Condensation

5 Cirrus, stratus, and cumulus are all types of ...
A. Storms B. Clouds* C. Barometers D. Thermometers

6 A person who studies the weather is called...
A. Forecaster B. Fortune teller C. meteorologist* D. Geologist

7 Sleet, rain, hail, and snow are all kinds of …..
A. Condensation B. Evaporation C. Precipitation* D. Temperature

8 What type of cloud is close to the ground?
A. Cumulus B. Nimbostratus C. Altostratus D. Cirrostratus

9 What kind of front brings dropping temperatures and heavy rains?
A. Warm Front B. Cold Front C. Occluded Front D. Stationary Front

10 How do weather and climate differ?
A. Climate is always changing daily, weather is over a long period of time. B. Weather is only on a 5 and 10 at night, climate is the rest of the time. C. Weather can change from hour to hour, climate is a general pattern of the air over a long period of time.* D. Climate can change from hour to hour, weather is a general pattern of the air over a long period of time.

11 B. Salt crystals, dust, smoke* C. Sand, wind, cold
Around what three kinds of particles does water vapor condense when cooled? A. dust, stratus, rain B. Salt crystals, dust, smoke* C. Sand, wind, cold D. Grass, trees, buildings

12 What air mass is moist and warm on a southerly wind?
A. Continental Maritime B. Maritime Tropical* C. Continental Tropical D. Maritime Polar

13 Which air mass is dry and cold brought by Northwest winds?
A. Continental Polar B. Maritime Continental C. Continental Tropical D. Maritime Polar **

14 List these clouds from highest to lowest
A. Cumulus, cirrus, stratus B. Nimbostratus, altocumulus, cirrus C. Cirrus, stratus, cumulus D. Cirrus, cumulus, stratus*

15 What did people use to predict weather before weather instruments?
A. The evening news B. A barometer C. Polar air masses D. Old sayings*

16 What is a line or boundary that separates air masses?
A. Cold mass B. Water Cycle C. vapor D. Front*

17 When the barometer raises what kind of weather do we have?
A. fair weather* B. stormy weather C. fog D. snow

18 A changing barometer is the best way to predict a change in the….
A. clouds B. time C. weather* D. meteorologist

19 Which of the following is not a weather instrument?
A. Barometer B. Anemometer C. Pyranometer D. Meteorologist*

20 What weather instrument are most useful to weather forecasters today?
A. Old sayings B. arthritis in your knee C. Doppler radar* D. cloud formations

21 What does a barometer measure?
A. Temperature B. Air pressure* C. Cloud mass D. Wind speed

22 Which describes an Air Mass
A. Has almost the same temperature thoughout B. Causes changes in the weather C. Masses of air moving slowing across the earth D. All of the above*

23 Wind that affect a small area are called
A. Fronts B. Local winds* C. Air pressure D. Continental winds

24 Heat or warm air A. Raises* B. Settles between cities C. Always goes down D. None of the above

25 Cooling moisture in the air forms around smoke and dust forming
A. Wind patterns B. Dew C. A cloud* D. Tornadoes ****

26 What does a anemometer measure?
A. Wind speed* B. Air pressure C. Temperature D. The sun’s rays

27 What percent of the sun’s rays are reflected by the surface of the earth?
B. 20% D. 5%*

28 A Land breeze occurs when
A. The land is warm and the water is cooler B. The land is cool and the water is warm* C. The land and the water temperature are the same D. The barometer readings are just right

29 An area near the equator without wind is called
A. Polar Easterlies B. Doldrums* C. Prevailing Winds D. Equator calms

30 Condensation, Evaporation, and Precipitation are all part of
A. Air Masses and cold fronts B. The water cycle* C. Continental Maritime Masses D. Cloud descriptions

31 A sea breeze occurs when
A. The warm air rises over the land B. The water is cooler than the land C. Cool air rushes in off the water to land D. All of the above *****

32 What does a pyranometer measure?
A. wind B. Air pressure C. Extreme temperature* D. Solar radiation

33 Another word for precipitation
A. Evaporation B. Clouds C. Prevailing winds D. Rain*

34 What is fog? A. A low cloud B. Water vapor in the air
C. Condensed droplets of water D. All of the above*

35 Water enters the air through
A. Evaporation* B. Condensation C. Air pressure D. Sea Breezes

36 White fluffy cloud that looks like cottonballs
A. Cirrus B. Cumulus* C. Stratus D. Fog

37 A cloud with nimbus in its name will...
A. Produce precipitation B. Last long C. Were named after a Greek god D. All of the above*


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