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What are they? What do they do?

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1 What are they? What do they do?
Weather Tools What are they? What do they do?

2 Directions 1. Glue the weather instrument sheet into your notebook. 2. Go through the slides to find out what each weather instrument is used for. 3. Watch the weather instrument video and take the quiz using the link on slide Choose ONE instrument that you would like to learn more about. DO NOT choose the same one as anyone at your table. 5. Answer the following questions about the instrument you chose: - What is the name of the weather instrument? -What is it used for? -How does it work? -Does anyone special use this instrument (example: airports, meteorologist, etc.)? -Get 2 pictures of the instrument -Reflection Slide: -Why did you choose this instrument? -Why do you think it is important to use this instrument when studying weather? 6. Open Google Chrome. Log into Google. Make a Google Presentation (slide show) about your instrument.

3 The Most Common Weather Tools Are:
Thermometer Wind Vane Anemometer Barometer Rain Gauge

4 Thermometer A thermometer is a weather tool used to measure the temperature.

5 Weather Balloon Weather balloons are sent into the atmosphere to gather information about air pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed.

6 Wind Vane By observing wind vanes, we can know the direction of the wind. Knowing the direction of the wind is an important part in predicting the weather.

7 Anemometer Wind speed is an important part of weather.
An anemometer is a weather tool that measures wind speed.

8 Barometer Barometers are important to measuring air pressure. Air pressure can help you predict good or bad weather.

9 Wind Sock These are used to measure wind direction and speed. They are used a lot at airports and chemical plants.

10 Rain Gauge A rain gauge is a weather tool used to collect rain.
Using measurements on the side of the rain gauge, you can see how many inches it rained.

11 Hygrometer A hygrometer measures how much moisture is in the air (humidity).

12 Video Go to this website. climate/weather-instruments.htm Watch the video AND test yourself! How did you do?

13 Helpful sites

14 Self – How would you grade yourself? Explain!
Element Possible Self – How would you grade yourself? Explain! Teacher 1. My electronic presentation has an appropriate title. 3 2. My Presentation has readable font, size and color. 3. My spelling is correct. My sentences are correctly punctuated. 5 5. Saved on Google doc and shared with Miss Kelley. 6. I have inserted graphics. 2 pictures 6 7. The information in my presentation is clearly written. I have detailed information. 25 Total Grade 45

15 Questions Topic: What is this instrument used for?
How does it help us learn more about weather? How does this instrument work? How does it help us to predict the weather? 1 picture Any fun facts you can find!

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