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The Weather and the Seasons

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1 The Weather and the Seasons
Mitzy Sepúlveda B.

2 Introduction In this presentation, I will develop different types of activities to be done in a lesson of 6th grade related with “the weather and the seasons. This 90-minute lesson will be divided in 4 sections: Warming-up Pre-activity While-activity Post-activity

3 Greetings (10 minutes) The teacher greets the students and asks them to sit down. The teacher calls the roll. The teacher writes the lesson objectives.

4 Learning Objectives The students will be able to:
Identify through the flashcards shown by the teacher the different types of weather conditions. Identify the 4 seasons a year has. Classify the different types of weather conditions into the corresponding season.

5 Warm-up (10 minutes) The teacher will check how much the students remember about the weather vocabulary they saw last lesson. He/she will ask the students “What’s the weather like today?” or “How’s the weather like today?” If the students do not remember, the teacher will have to help them with mimics. (Adapted vocabulary taken from

6 Pre-activity (10 minutes)
The teacher will show flashcards to reinforce previous learning of weather vocabulary. The teacher will show flashcards with new vocabulary about “the seasons” Aids: Adapted flashcards taken from

7 Flashcard samples:


9 While-activity (10 minutes)
The teacher will divide the whiteboard in 4 columns each with a season. The teacher will ask the students to classify the weather conditions according to the seasons. Aids: Adapted weather vocabulary taken from


11 While-activity 2 (15 minutes)
After the 10 minutes have passed, the teacher will write on the whiteboard: Winter? What’s the weather like in Spring? Summer? Autumn? In Spring/Autumn/Summer/Winter, it’s …………

12 While-activity 2 (15 minutes)
The students will have to pass to the board and classify the weather words on it this time. After they have already put the flashcard on the chosen season column, the teacher will ask them the question written on the board. The students will reply adapting the structure given. Aids: Adapted flashcards already used for the warm-up.

13 Post-activity (15 minutes)
The teacher will give the students 4 worksheets about “seasons”. Each one for a season. The students will work in pairs. Check them after the 15 minutes have passed Aids: Worksheets from



16 Closing (5 minutes) The teacher will ask the students to bring cut outs or pictures of clothing items because that is what they will start working on next lesson. The teacher tells the students they will work creating a famous person’s wardrobe according to the season they are in.

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