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How do Plants and Animals predict weather?

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1 How do Plants and Animals predict weather?
By Sahana Thirumazhusai

2 Fact or Coincidence Some animals and plants can predict the weather.
But sometimes it just might be a coincidence. Animals like the ground hog seeing it’s shadow and magically deciding if the winter is over. No animal or plant could do that 100% every year.

3 The feline way to predict weather
“If cats lick themselves fair weather comes.” When there is fair weather STATIC ELECTRICITY may build up on a cat when it touches other objects Cat fur loses ELECTRONS alot so cats become positive Most cats don’t like being stroked when the air humidity is low because electric charge can build up and cause small sparks which naturally irritates the cat

4 The feline way to predict weather
When a cat licks itself, the moisture makes the fur more conductive so the charge can “leak” off

5 The cricket way to predict weather
Crickets can tell the temperatures just by chirping Cricket Temperature Formula Count the cricket’s chirps for fourteen seconds Then add forty That is the temperature of wherever the cricket is

6 The cow way to predict weather
“A cow with it’s tail to the west makes weather the best; A cow with it’s tail to the east makes weather the least” When cows graze it’s their instinct to face away from the wind When a predator tries to attack from the back the wind sends the smell to the animal in danger

7 The cow way to predict weather
East winds usually bring rain in the northern hemisphere and West winds usually bring fair weather in the north hemisphere . If you see a cow lying down on a field it may mean that rain is on the way because cows can sense the rain and lie down to make sure they have a dry place to lie on

8 The seagull way to predict weather
Seagulls roost more during low pressure conditions than high pressure Since rain usually comes during low pressure seagulls turn into weather signs Before a hurricane, large flocks of Seagulls are seen roosting

9 The pinecone way to predict weather
A pinecone can be a useful weather tool In dry weather the scales shrivel up and stand out stiffly When they close up it means that rain is on the way

10 The flower way to predict weather
"Pimpernel, pimpernel, tell me true.  Whether the weather be fine or no. No heart can think, no tongue can tell. The virtues of the pimpernel." Chickweed, dandelions, bindweeds, wild indigo, clovers, morning glories, scarlet pimpernels and tulips all fold their petals up during rain.

11 The fungi way to predict weather
Rain star, mushrooms and mosses open up when there is rain and they close when there is dry weather

12 The woolen way to predict weather
Wool can also predict weather in a way similar to the pinecones and the flowers When the air is dry the wool shrinks and curls up and if the rain is on the way it swells and straightens out

13 The kelp way to predict weather
Kelp or seaweed or weather weed predict weather These weather indicators predicts weather by shriveling when dry and swells up and feels damp if rain threatens Kelp can grow to be as tall as 200 feet

14 Fact and cool stuff Animals and Plants use the sun as a calendar to know when to hibernate, migrate etc. Temperatures and weather help them to decide. Did you know that harvested kelp algin is used in the manufacturing of ice cream, salad dressing, beer, paper and cosmetics among other things Kelp is grown in china and Japan for food

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