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Canada Task Force 2 Team Meeting Jan 10, 2012 - Sherwood Park Jan 16, 2012 - Calgary Jan 19, 2012 - Calgary.

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1 Canada Task Force 2 Team Meeting Jan 10, 2012 - Sherwood Park Jan 16, 2012 - Calgary Jan 19, 2012 - Calgary

2 Agenda Introductions Where we have been Where we are now Where we are going Questions/Comments

3 Introductions Scott Cowan – Task Force Leader –(aka Task Force Manager) Toby Meyer – Program Administrator –(aka Task Force Guru)

4 2011 Highlights NASA Structural Collapse SC Train the Trainer – Manitoba Disaster Medical Course – (TEEX) Spring K-9 Search Specialist – (TEEX) – Nov Rope Rescue Technician Boot Camp 18 New Medics from AHS ICS 200 ICS Train the Trainer K-9 Train the Trainer Course Disaster Medical Course – (TEEX) Fall New equipment including 2 nd Semi-Trailer Deployments

5 Past Year Deployments Slave Lake (via AEMA & AHS) Stampede Parade (via AHS & CPS) –EMAT Trailer (AHS) and Rescue Standby (CPS) CFD Station #9 Evac. (via CEMA)

6 National Org. Chart

7 National Deployment Based on 68 member team (2x34 member operational periods = 24hr operations) Each position requires 2-3 members deep for on-call coverage 136-204 team members total (plus Rear Party, TF Management etc.) Currently have 90 members with an additional 35 members in process

8 8

9 National Working Groups Medical –Chair + member Communications –Chair + member Equipment –Member Operations –Member K-9 –Member (2) Training –Member

10 New Equipment List / Gear Bags Need for standardization and full kit for all members Many members do not have all the gear needed for a deployment In consultation with John Cherweniuk, (with input from Chris Bentley, Graham Peers, Graham Busch, Jamie Hannaford) Reviewed our needs along with the experience of other Task Forces (Toronto TF3, Virginia TF1, etc.)

11 New Equipment List / Gear Bags Home Go Kit HQ Go Kit Day Bag Long Duration Bag Cold Weather Bag

12 New Equipment List / Gear Bags Home Go Kit –At home (passport, immunization records, etc.) HQ Go Kit –Uniform at HQ ready to be put on for deployment, training, events, etc.

13 New Equipment List / Gear Bags Day Bag –12 hour duration –PPE –Basic survival –Bring to the site

14 New Equipment List / Gear Bags Long Duration Kit –Base Camp Bag –Toiletries –Extra Clothes –Bedding

15 New Equipment List / Gear Bags Cold Weather Kit –Taken as weather dictates –Gloves, Boots, Parka, etc.

16 New Equipment List / Gear Bags Full Kit –Standardized –All members responsible for their kit to be in order –No line ups at the uniform cache during a deployment

17 Warehouse Changes Main Floor

18 Warehouse Changes Upstairs – members gear storage

19 Safety Item Upstairs – warehouse overhead door Under no circumstances will members be allowed in the hazard area (orange lines) while the overhead door is open Leave door closed unless you are actively loading/unloading

20 Upcoming Training We would like to schedule courses ASAP In order to know what Training Courses are required: – we need to know - who has what already –you need to know - what is required for your position

21 Minimum Qualifications Required training before being deployable Differs for all positions Time limit will be in place to become a Deployable Member Grace period for current members

22 Minimum Qualifications

23 D4H Updates Required Please update your info Look at qualifications and send us your certificates

24 Training NFPA 1006 – Technical Rescue –Structural Collapse, Rope Rescue, Awareness Operations Technician

25 Working Groups Get as many people involved as possible Meeting in person or via Skype, etc. Your opportunity to have input and to drive the program forward Can sign up for any group if interested 2 year commitment

26 Working Groups Training –Course Development/Course Calendar/Instructor Organizing Health & Safety –P&P/Safety Equipment/Training Rescue –Equipment Maintenance/Training/Equipment Testing & Research K9 –Training/Recruitment Medical –Equipment Requirements/EMAT/Medical Cache Maintenance/Protocols/Training IT & Comms –Needs & Purchasing Plan/Training & Testing/Maintenance Exercises/INSARAG –Exercise Development/Planning/INSARAG Logistics –Equipment Maintenance & Repair/Maint. Schedules/Encasement/Cache Management/Training/Vehicles Search –Equipment Maintenance/Training/Equipment Testing & Research Planning (Engineers/HAZMAT/Info Techs) –Equipment Needs/Procedures Events –Marketing/Event Planning/Roadshows/Disaster Alley/etc

27 2012-2013 Funding Capital - $373,000 ($280,000 + $93,000) Operating - $187,000 ($140,000 + $47,000) Total = $560,000 –JEPP – $420,000 –Calgary Fire - $140,000

28 3-5 Year Purchasing Plan Creating a 3-5 year plan for purchasing –New Equipment forecasting –Replacement equipment life-cycling –Training plan, etc.

29 Disaster Medical Specialist Course Currently being developed for all of Canada –Russ Bubenko, Rob McKinley, Dave Bain, Tyler Semmens –in consultation with the TF2 Physicians and the National HUSAR Medical Group

30 Air Deployment Certification – by April 30, 2012

31 INSARAG Certification - 2013 National Certification Exercise led by CAN-TF2 September 2013 Gives us the ability to deploy internationally

32 Questions / Comments

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