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PSE comprehensive system for on-line continuous

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1 PSE comprehensive system for on-line continuous
monitoring of rotating machinery

2 Predictive Systems Engineering Diagnostics/Prognostics
Predictive Maintenance Phase Angle/current analysis Vibration Acoustic Mitigating risk of production interruptions Automating diagnostics Automating prognostics Automate detection of mechanical and electrical condition Cloud computing Multi-technology approach Integrating diagnostics with CMMS and archive systems Zero unexpected equipment failures objective Reduced operation losses and maintenance expenditures

3 Phase Angle Diagnostics
Voltage Current Small variations in the Phase Angle “t” are analysed by PredictiveOnLine proprietary diagnostics. The results indicate the condition of various components in the drive train as well as the electrical condition of the motor. See next slide for an analysis of the frequencies of Phase Angle “t”. PredictiveOnLine measures the gap or angle between the Voltage and Current curves. The fluctuations between these two curves are analysed to produce the Failure factors and Alerts.

4 Phase Angle Machine Condition Assessment
Mechanical disturbances in rotating equipment causes small fluctuations in the moment on the shaft. The Phase angle of an AC electrical motor is proportional to the moment on the shaft. The analysis of the phase angle fluctuations allows PSE to detect and recognize the mechanical disturbances in the rotating machinery driven by the electrical motor. PSE has developed and patented a method for this diagnostics. Its advantage is that sensors (current transformer) are located in the motor electrical cabinet and not on the monitored machine itself. Phase Angle technology is valuable for machinery which is difficult to access, for low speed machinery, or for machines operating in harsh environments. The most important issue is the technology viability. The testing provided by Mitsui Chemical, Japan, has shown that Phase Angle Diagnostics is much more sensitive than vibration analysis. This makes it valuable for all rotating equipment.

5 Phase Angle Machine Condition Assessment instrumentation (eight machines installation)

6 PAD failure signatures Loose motor foundations
This is an example of a loose foundation which affects all of the mechanical components of this fan.

7 Pre crystallizer. PAD failure signatures
This is an example of a loose foundation which affects all of the mechanical components of this fan.

8 Stirred reactor Failure Factor trend
PAD failure factor signatures Stirred reactor Failure Factor trend This is an example of a loose foundation which affects all of the mechanical components of this fan.

9 Phase Angle Fractal Fractal plots are one of many diagnostic tools utilized in the analysis of failure development.

10 Phase Angle Fractal Phase Angle Fractal a useful diagnostic signature
Motor torque changes in course of shaft revolution. The analysis of these changes is helpful for diagnostics of electromechanical and mechanical failures in rotating equipment. It is done by building Phase Angle Fractals, which are the polar diagrams of motor torque as a function of rotor angle position. It is an accumulated diagrams obtained in the course of a number of shaft revolutions. The form of a fractal signals machine health conditions.

11 Phase Angle Fractal Figure 7 The fractal in Figure 7 has an elliptical form. This form is associated with some initial abnormality in the bearing.

12 Phase Angle Fractal Figure 8 Figure 8 was registered very close to stirrer outage shows the unstable movement of the shaft inside bearings disclosed by an increased value of fractal dispersion.

13 Phase Angle Fractal Figure 10 The disruption of the fan journal bearings was associated with growing fractal asymmetry.

14 Phase Angle Fractal Figure 10 Figure 10 shows the trend of the fractal diameters ratio in the course of bearing disruption.

15 Multi Disciplinary Signal Processing

16 Diagnostics Prognostics Engineering Report
iReporter Diagnostics Prognostics Engineering Report ereporter

17 Prognostics case story

18 iDiagnosticsWare functionality
On Line Trend analysis

19 iReporter Machine Status Report

20 THIS DEVICE WILL FAIL IN 8days ± 1 day!
PSE - Predictive Maintenance - Technology Summary THIS DEVICE WILL FAIL IN 8days ± 1 day! CAN YOU BE THAT PRECISE? Predictive Maintenance Assets PSE Monitor rotating machinery; pumps , compressors, fans, gearboxes, mills, etc Scheduling and Planning made easy and effective with PSE Predictive Maintenance Integrate PSE with CMMS, SCADA, DCS, Pi Historian etc CMMS – Computerised Management Maintenance System DCS – Distributed Control System SCADA - supervisory control and data acquisition

21 PSE - Predictive Maintenance - Technology Summary
PSE 's- CLOUD CONDITION MONITORING SOFTWARE iDiagnosticsWare – automates failure diagnostics Cloud Server Software: eReporter – user friendly web based alerts, reports, analysed data eExpert – online access to remote expert assistance ePredictor – automated failure prediction report SENSOR NETWORK Phase Angle, current and voltage sensors Smart wireless 3D accelerometers Acoustic sensors Zigbee and power line communication Cell phone data connection modems CLOUD ACCESS Diagnostics & prognostics Monitoring reports Remote expert SMS and warnings OTHER CLIENT/ PSE INTERFACES Pi Historian and other archives CMMS, DCS, SCADA

22 Cost Benefit of PSE Cost Benefit Diagnostics - Chemical Plant Israel
US$210,000 annual savings from extending their maintenance cycle from 12 to 14 months Payback time on initial cost of PSE – 1.1 months PSE currently monitors the reactor stirrer Cost Benefit Prognostics - Power Plant NY One day of downtime equals $600,000 revenue loss Payback time on initial cost of PSE preventing one day of downtime – 4.4 hours. PSE is currently monitoring critical pumps and compressors

23 Predictive vs Preventive Maintenance
Benefits of Predictive Maintenance Maintenance costs reduced by 50% Unexpected failures reduced by 50% Repair time reduced by 60% Parts inventory reduced by 30% MTBF increased by 30% Uptime increased by 30% Source: Plant Engineer's Handbook – R Keith Mobley – 2001

24 Diagnostics prognostics software
Principle Functionality: On line signal processing related to steady state and transitive processes System customization by self-learning monitored machine / process behavior at baseline conditions. Aggregation of different tags into Software Diagnostics Sensors indicating the performance of specific electricity generation processes and/or machine failures. Automatic trend tracking and the early discovery of minor disturbances in the monitored processes and/or equipment Prognosis of time when a tag or a Software Sensor value reaches a threshhold value.

25 iReporter PredictiveOnLine employs an Intelligent User Interface
presenting the results of the remote diagnostics & prognostics of the monitored objects. It includes; animated icons symbolizing the status of a monitored object the signatures and trends of key diagnostics indicators related to the detected abnormality, the abnormality root cause, the time remained to reaching a threshold, etc.

26 Disturbance Growth Prognostics:
iDiagnosticsWare- performance analytics tool Disturbance Growth Prognostics: iDiagnosticsWare statistically analyzes the Diagnostics Software Sensor Trends and detects small changes related to machine health or process abnormalities Afterwards, it builds a statistical model of the trend and forecasts when the trend reaches the thresholds related to “ALERT” or “SEVERE” conditions

27 Power Station Management Assistant
Operation Schedule

28 Direct link to emergency shutdown PLC through RS485
Compressor protection Direct link to emergency shutdown PLC through RS485 bus or dry contacts

29 Failures detected compressors
Compressor valve flutter: spectral analysis of motor current and phase angle. Compressor valve leakage: ultra sound probes installed on the cylinder heads. O-rings wear: thermodynamic analysis of temperatures before and after cylinders. Shaft bearings malfunctions: ultra sound probes Loose foundation: vibration analysis. Rod wear: spectrum analysis of motor current & phase angle and vibration analysis Short windings in electrical motors: Unbalance of motor current VFD improper performance: spectral analysis of voltage SINEs in three phases Rotor-stator gap problems: Phase Angle fractals

30 Failures detected pumps
Impeller imbalance Blocked impeller Cavitations Misalignment Bearing abnormalities, Loose foundation Resonance problem Sub-optimal operation and others..

31 Process Plant Equipment monitored
Steam and Gas Turbines Boilers Feed Pumps Air and gas compressors Electrical motors Generators Mills Condensers Heat exchangers Vacuum Pumps, etc.

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