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You Are Here… The New York State Department of Labor CNY 13-N grant Regional Transformation Strategies through the Energy & Environmental Systems Cluster:

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1 You Are Here… The New York State Department of Labor CNY 13-N grant Regional Transformation Strategies through the Energy & Environmental Systems Cluster: A J2J Initiative To contact Hanah: (315) 477-6915 direct Lenore Sealy, Executive Director, Onondaga County WIB Gail Sandle, Project Manager, CNY Works Lisa Cleckner, Assistant Director of Operations for Quality Assurance & Research, Syracuse Center of Excellence Hanah Ehrenreich, Project Manager, CNY Works

2 The color of collaboration… NYS DOL 13-N Central New York

3 Collaboration The Partnership: Journey 2 Jobs (J2J) is an association of workforce development groups, including: Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) and One Stop directors for 5 counties, business and industry associations, institutes of higher education, government agencies, human resources associations, the trades, community development, community groups, economic development agencies… This partnership includes over 24 different groups.

4 Green Economy …the major barriers to a more rapid adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency in America are insufficient skills and training. According to the National Renewable Energy Lab

5 Central New York A 5-county region: Onondaga, Cayuga, Cortland, Oswego, and Madison. Our partnership involves: public workforce development, business associations and development agencies, prominent & pre-eminent higher educational institutions, private/educational non-profits. New York Times Syracuse location map

6 The New York State Department of Labor 13-N grant is intended to create a talent pipeline in Energy & Environmental Systems fields.

7 Partners… The Manufacturers Association of Central New York (MACNY) Partnering with Partners for Education & Business (PEB) for teacher training workshops on EES Career Ladder maps Teacher in the Workplace training Professional development in EES fields for regional high school teachers Partnering with the WorkKeys Center to maintain the Energy & Environmental Systems Career Ladder maps at 2008: WorkKeys credentialed a combined total of 40+ BOCES HVAC trainees and dislocated workers in Cortland 2008: Completed EES Career Ladder maps and launched site 2008: Trained 50 Teachers in Career Ladder maps from 13 schools/11 districts and BOCES. Projected impact of 1,000 students exposed to green manufacturing and building careers

8 Partners… State University of New York College of Environmental Science & Forestry (SUNY ESF) Advanced Certificate in Bioprocessing for professionals Solar Power as Renewable Energy (SPARE) solar installer training Sustainably Energizing New Yorks Creative Core (SURE) seminar series on Climate Change & Renewable Energy Sustainability And Green Entrepreneurship (SAGE) Emerging Enterprise competition for young entrepreneurs Intro to Green Entrepreneurship, the summer science program for rising high school seniors on sustainability & entrepreneurship Green-E/ship will be held at ESF, Tompkins-Cortland Community College, Cayuga Community College, and SUNY Morrisville Green Infrastructure training for 20 community residents/students

9 Partners… Syracuse Center of Excellence Near West Side Green Jobs Community forum on job training Community job training in EES fields Internships in Green Workforce Video project on green/LEED building 2008: 30+ internships in EES fields completed by college/graduate students 2008: US Green Building Councils Green Build conference exhibition

10 Partners… The Metropolitan Development Association Creative Core regional marketing campaign to boost the visibility of our areas interesting and vibrant businesses Attraction and retention of sustainable business in Central New York through: CEO familiarization tours Green Build 2008 & 2009 Outreach to businesses from Battelle report

11 Partners… The Workforce Investment Boards- CNY Internships and work experience for both youths & adults in EES Cluster businesses. Onondaga WIB CNY Works Madison County One Stop Working Solutions Cayuga-Cortland WIB Cayuga Works! Career Center Cortland Works! Career Center Oswego WIB Oswego County Works

12 Partners… SUNY Oswego Energy Institute: Teacher training in renewable and sustainable energy technologies, including career ladder and scientific information.

13 Close to home… Auburn City Hall Saves Energy with Geothermal System CNY Business Journal Nov. 3, 2006. Paige Palmateer AUBURN - A three-year-old geothermal project at Auburn City Hall has resulted in significant energy savings for the 77-year-old building. It has also boosted growth in the geothermal division at McQuay International, the project developer.

14 Close to home… Area Counties Receive $15,000 Grant to Promote Organic Tourism Efforts Cortland County Visitors & Convention Bureau, Vol. 1:2 August 2007 CORTLAND - "Natural Choices: An Organic and Eco-friendly Tourism Trail in the eastern Finger Lakes Region". The interest in pursuing a grant that would promote organic options for visitors was based on the dramatic increase in organic food consumption and organic lifestyles that has taken place in recent years. According to the Institute of Food Technologies, between 1990 and 2005 there was a 20% increase in organic product purchases with sales reaching $13.8 billion worldwide.

15 Must Reads All the news thats green to print Green For All green Central New York Manufacturing Case Study: Mondragon Cooperative Corp., Spain NY Creative Core Sustainable South Bronx The Apollo Alliance Power Naturally/NYSERDA Green Living Ideas

16 energy efficiency & renewable energy industries the energy-efficient building, construction, & retrofits industries; the renewable electric power industry; the energy efficient and advanced drive train vehicle industry; the biofuels industry; the deconstruction and materials use industries; the energy efficiency assessment industry serving the –residential, commercial, or industrial sectors; and –manufacturers that produce sustainable products using environmentally sustainable processes and materials.

17 career paths 1.Bicycle repair and bike delivery services 2.Car and truck mechanic jobs, production jobs, and gas-station jobs related to bio-diesel, vegetable oil and other alternative fuels 3.Food production using organic and/or sustainably grown agricultural products 4.Green building 5.Green waste composting on a large scale 6.Hauling and reuse of construction and demolition materials and debris (C&D) 7.Hazardous materials clean up 8.Green (sustainable) landscaping 9.Manufacturing jobs related to large scale production of a wide range of technologies (i.e. solar panels, bike cargo systems, green waste bins, etc.) 10.Materials reuse/producing products made from recycled, non-toxic materials 11.Non-toxic household cleaning in residential and commercial buildings 12.Parks and open space maintenance and expansion 13.Printing with non-toxic inks and dyes and recycled papers 14.Public transit jobs 15.Recycling 16.Solar installation and maintenance 17.Tree cutting and pruning 18.Peri-urban and urban agriculture 19.Whole home performance (i.e: HVAC, attic insulation, weatherization, etc.) ---excerpt from Pinderhughes (2007)

18 Most jobs are middle-skill jobs requiring more education than high school but less than a four-year degree. Most green collar jobs are middle-skill jobs requiring more education than high school but less than a four-year green collar

19 Green collar jobs are located in large and small for-profit businesses, non-profits, social enterprises, and public sector… They are relatively high quality jobs, with relatively low barriers to entry, in sectors poised for dramatic growth. According to Raquel Pinderhughes, PhD (2007)

20 Green Job Resources Direct Upstate Job Listings: –New Yorks Creative Core –Project Ion Internships – – – –Green for New York Times Syracuse location map

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