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Cassia County Jt. School District #151 Plant Facility Levy Renewal March 12, 2013.

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1 Cassia County Jt. School District #151 Plant Facility Levy Renewal March 12, 2013

2 Plant Facility Levy 10 Year Levy – Cassia School District has proposed and the community has supported a Plant Facility Levy for over 60 years. Plant Facility funds cover the cost of major repairs and improvements along with additions to school sites and facilities over $5,000. Can be used for technology equipment and infrastructure. Cannot be used for operating expenses, supplies, materials, textbooks, or salaries.

3 What are the Different School Levies? Plant Facility Levy (Renewal) March 12, 2013. Every 10 years a Plant Facility Levy comes up for voter approval. These funds are used for major repairs, improvements and additions to school facilities & sites; purchase of equipment, school buses; technology equipment & infrastructure. These funds cannot be used for operating expenses, supplies, materials, textbooks, or salaries. Our current Plant Facilities Levy EXPIRES this year2013!

4 District Levies (continued) Supplemental Levy This is a 2-year levy for school operating expenditures. This levy has been approved by our communities for over 35 years and is not used for salaries but defrays a portion of the districts expenses for building/program budgets for textbooks, supplies, services and equipment; insurance, transportation, technology (including Internet), and utility costs.

5 District Levies (continued) Bond Levy – The March 12, 2013 election IS NOT for a School Construction Bond. Bond Levies are generally for a period of 20 years and are used for school construction, renovations, facility acquisition and expansions. The current bond levy that built the 3 newest high schools, circa 1998, will be paid off in 2016. Upon voter approval, new bonds are purchased providing money up-front for major building construction to be repaid over 20 years.

6 District Facilities Consist of 59 buildings Albion, Almo, Burley, Declo, Oakley and Malta: 12 Built 1905-1959 5 Built 1960-1968 7 Built 1974-1977 8 Built 1980-1989 15 Built 1990-1998 12 Additions/Portables Built 2000-2011

7 District Facilities (continued) 907,500 sq ft of buildings to maintain 120 acres of grass to irrigate and maintain 39 acres of parking lots to maintain 436,000 sq ft of carpeting 230,200 sq ft tile flooring 103,400 sq ft hard wood floors Over 20 acres roofing Fleet of 62 school buses traveling more than 580,000 mile a year!

8 District Plant Facility Projects 2004 - 2013 Land and Land Improvements $1,283,879.00 Buildings $ 755,602.00 Asphalt Paving & Concrete $ 334,193.00 Building Modification – flooring, etc. $ 664,489.00 Equipment $3,372,974.00 Technology $1,326,210.00 Current Reserve $ 197,402.00 Total Projects $7,934,849.00

9 Proposed Plant Facility Projects 2014 – 2023 Plant Facility Levy funds are used for general maintenance. Other than emergency expenditures, the school board has prioritized the following projects throughout the district. Improving School Safety & Security Automated External Defibrillator Installation & Training Communication & Alarm System Upgrades Surveillance System Installation & Upgrades School Access Control Expand Agriculture Facilities in Oakley and Malta

10 Proposed Plant Facility Projects (cont.) Student drop-off installation at Dworshak and White Pine Schools Replace outdoor bleachers at Burley Jr. High, along with Oakley, and Raft River High Schools to address identified safety issues Fencing and approaches along Highway 77 in Declo Other projects will include but not be limited to: Repair & Replace Outdated Heating, Ventilation, & Mechanical Systems Asphalt Paving & Concrete

11 Proposed Plant Facility Projects Purchase School Buses Sewer & Drainage Systems Heating Control Upgrades Building & Site Improvements including roofs Replace Carpet, Tile, Wood Flooring American with Disabilities Act & Code Compliance Classroom Additions as Needed Structural Repairs and Electrical Upgrades Technology, Computers, Servers & Infrastructure Energy Efficiency Projects

12 Proposed Plant Facility Projects (cont.) The 2007 Engineer Estimates totaled $11,744,972 to complete the following partial list of projects: Classroom Additions Electrical Upgrades Fire Alarm System Upgrades Fire Suppression System Upgrades Heating System Upgrades Mechanical Upgrades Safety and Security Systems Structural and Masonry Repairs Student Safety (student drop-off areas) Upgrade Gym Floors

13 2014 Plant Facility Levy The 2014-2023 Plant Facility Levy provides an opportunity for the school district to address immediate and deferred maintenance needs. As the 1996 Construction Bond pays down, and is paid in full during 2016, the Plant Facility Levy will increase by a portion of the decreasing bond levy amount providing additional funds to increase maintenance and improvement efforts. The Plant Facility Levy does not build new schools – it is used to maintain or improve current facilities.

14 2014-2023 Plant Facility Levy 2014$ 850,000Bond Levy $1,711,920 2015$2,155,000 Bond Levy $ 156,000 2016$2,337,000Bond Levy $ - 0 - 2017$2,382,000 2018$2,429,250 2019$2,478,863 2020$2,530,956 2021$2,585,653 2022$2,643,086 2023$2,703,390

15 Estimated Tax Impact on $100,000 Taxable Value Home Year PlantBondTotalDiff 2011$ 60.65$169.82$230.47---- 2012$ 59.38$166.28$225.66$-4.81 2013$ 62.35$159.76$222.11 $- 3.54 2014$ 66.36$133.64$200.00$-22.11 2015$186.10$ 13.47 $199.57$-0.43 2016$201.82$ ----- $201.82$ 2.25 2017$205.70$ ----- $205.70$ 3.89 2018$209.78$ ----- $209.78$ 4.08 2023$233.46$ ----- $233.46Final The final estimated levy in 2023 is only $2.99 more than the 2011 levy! From 2015-2023 the levy increases an average of 2.9% per year while the current levy increased 5% per year All levies calculated on 2012 Assessed Taxable Value All amounts are estimates only

16 The School District and its Board of Trustees realize that our Community and Patrons value conservative spending and expect responsible care in maintaining our facilities. This renewal of the Plant Facility Levy allows the district to carry out these expectations.

17 Cassia School District 151 Mission Statement Cassia County Schools, in a cooperative effort with family and community, will vigorously challenge and prepare students to reach their highest potential to become productive and responsible citizens.


19 Plant Facility Levy Renewal Election Vote March 12, 2013 at your local precinct or by Absentee Ballot Precincts open 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. For More Information Gaylen Smyer, Superintendent 878-6600 Pam Wade, Business Manager878-6600

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