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RFA 14-198 501(c)(3) at time of application Physical location in Alachua County IRS.

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2 RFA 14-198

3 501(c)(3) at time of application Physical location in Alachua County IRS

4 1. Alachua County Tax Payer - Funded 2. ~ $1 million 3. Oct 1, 2013 – Sept 30, 2014 4. REIMBURSEMENT

5 6. Category-Fit 7. Alachua County Residents, ONLY!

6 NO Economic Development NO Economic Opportunity NO Recreational NO Arts/Cultural NO Historical NO Environmental

7 1. Food 2. Health Care 3. Housing/Utilities 4. Child Education 5. Child Abuse/Neglect Safety

8 100 - 150% FPL Participants own consumption Can be Food-growing or Food Preservation

9 100 – 150% FPL Preference: 60 yrs of age or older, OR Household with 18 y/o or under, OR Rural or Transport Disadv. Diagnostics and medicine incl. NO mental health, substance abuse tx, vision care or lenses

10 100 - 150% poverty level Preference: 60 yrs of age or older, OR Households with 18 y/o or under Can be Weatherization, Home Repair (critical- need), Legal Assistance

11 Newborn – 18 y/o Abused or at-risk, thereof; &/or Neglected or at-risk, thereof; &/or Domestic Violence Exposure Intervention = Safety Qualified personnel

12 A. School-Readiness Newborn – 5 y/o Educational child care for school preparation Employed Poor = < 150% FPL, min. 20 hours/week Supplemental Family Services

13 B. Basic/Core Subjects 100% - 150% FPL Enrolled in school REINFORCES REINFORCES students current school curricula: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies Next Generation Sunshine State Standards

14 Cost of doing business Capital $1,000 or more Land or building improvements Lawn maintenance *Building maintenance Rent/mortgage payments - Non-shelter, non- participant housing Utilities - Non-participant Vehicle purchase, vehicle payments

15 Vehicle Maintenance – non-essential Gasoline – non-essential vehicle Fundraising expenses Storage – non-essential Insurance – vehicle, facility Membership fees/dues Recognition-related CAPP grant Office equipment and furniture Computers Staff – indirect

16 Marketing or Volunteer Recruitment Office Equipment – No rental, purchase or maintenance Communications – Staff Internet, office phones Read Attachment A; submit any ?s

17 Effectiveness & Accountability Clarifies program purpose Documents results Financial Accountability

18 Improves Planning and Performance by having to: Clarify program premise Define and clarify goals Identify key elements to track Communicate program value



21 Staff (Social Worker, Volunteer Coordinator, Admin Asst) Volunteers Facility Equipment Materials Supplies Partners

22 If we have these Inputs, then we can conduct these Activities.


24 If we conduct these Activities, then we will produce/deliver these Outputs.

25 Number of participants served? Number of meals served? How many pounds of food? Number of classes taught? Unduplicated: Varied Svcs = 1; Same Svc Multiple Times = 1

26 If we produce these Outputs, then we will achieve these Outcomes.

27 New knowledge? Increased skill? Changed attitude? Improved condition? Maintenance of current status?

28 Realistic Measurable

29 1. 85% will reduce ER visits 2. 100% will increase nutritional intake 3. 80% will maintain in-home status 4. 95% will improve reading skills 5. 95% will read at least one book a month

30 Include Outcome that pertains to the increase, such as: Increase # of available family visitation hours from 480 to 520 # of clients served will increase from 38 to 45 # of classes will increase from 15 to 30

31 Many variables affect school grades Report cards are difficult to obtain School Involvement Family Involvement

32 We will be able to know how a participant is doing on an Outcome by… Grooming and hygiene level Physical activity level # of job interviews Employment status Housing status Score on written assessment

33 We will track our Indicators by… Housing lease Landlord report Staff Observation Form Client Self-Assessment Pay stubs

34 Survey v. Test What do you need to know? Will the respondent understand the question? Will the wording skew the answer? Is participant literate?

35 We will apply our Measurement Tools to …

36 # Measured = Quality of Info Make Generalizations Case Management or Training – must evaluate all participants

37 Larger populations Equal opportunity of selection Pure chance

38 Applied formula Large populations Every nth person

39 We will utilize our Measurement Tools… 1. Pre & Post Class 2. Monthly 3. Quarterly 4. Weekly

40 Food-Growing ProgramINPUTSACTIVITIESOUTPUTSOUTCOMES P/T Family & Consumer Sciences Agent P/T Environmental Horticulture Agent USDA Funding Instructional literature Materials for raised bed gardens Storage Nutrition classes Building raised-bed gardens Instruction on planting and maintaining vegetable gardens Planting vegetable gardens 10 nutrition classes for 65 people Vegetable garden planting and maintenance classes for 30 households 30 household raised- bed vegetable gardens 5 community vegetable gardens 1. 95% of participants increase their knowledge of nutrition 2. 90% of participants increase frequency of vegetables eaten 3. 90% participants will grow and consume their own food

41 OUTCOMEINDICATORMEASUREMENT TOOL SAMPLING SIZE & STRATEGY DATA COLLECTION 1. 95% of participants will increase their knowledge of nutrition Pre and post scores Written assessmentAll householdsTwice – pre and post training

42 Program Planning Collaborations Sound Performance Measurement Budget

43 This: Not this:

44 Planned out Clearly stated Justified

45 Evaluators may have never heard of your agency or program. Asked to describe thoroughly in Detailed Program Description. Follow application instructions Narrative length does not equal quality Compile the application binders according to instruction

46 1.25 – 1.5 Binders w/Agency, Program Name & CAPP RFA 14-198 on covers and spines Separate apps for each program Named Tabs

47 May 8 by 5:00 pm 1 Original, 9 Copies Mark Original Sealed box or envelope Labeled 14-198:CAPP RFA Purchasing Office

48 All Questions in Writing All Questions Answered in Addendum No questions accepted past midnight, Sunday, April 28 Final addendum will be issued and posted online by Wednesday, May 1

49 Contains answers to all questions Any changes or corrections Any Additions Print, sign and date Include in application packet Final addendum will be issued and posted online by Wednesday, May 1

50 CAPP Manager screening/review Advisory Board Evaluation of Written Advisory Board Evaluation Oral Presentation (presentations begin Monday, July 22) Funding Recommendation % max Recommendations by Consensus Presentation to BoCC TBA

51 By consensus < 78.4, no recommendation can be made No guarantee recommendation will be made, regardless of % category

52 CAPP RFA Questions: Darryl Kight, Purchasing Agent Email: Fax: 491-4569 Address: Purchasing Office, 12 SE 1 st Street, 3 rd floor eCivis: John Johnson, Contracts Administrator 338-7392 Annette Perez, Financial Mgt Analyst 337-6109

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