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Guilsborough School Netbooks for students.

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1 Guilsborough School Netbooks for students

2 Why Netbooks? Compact (fit easily in a school bag)
Light weight (less than 1.5 Kg) Very long battery life (up to 9.5 hours) Same interface and software as the school machines Support for a multitude of parental control software Cheaper than more powerful laptops Much easier and cheaper to repair than tablets or pads

3 Why not iPads? Cost Lack of compatibility with existing student workstations Lack of compatibility with school software Limited expansion ports Cost of alternative software Our trials have suggested though they are excellent for viewing information they are much less useful for producing school work without costly augmentations.

4 Why not Android based pads?
Has limited educational software available Network capability is limited and specifically struggles with educational filtering and security systems Guilsborough has in place for online safety Security and parental control software is almost nonexistent This type of device is still very new and relatively untested in educational environments

5 Why not laptops? Good value laptops tend to be
heavier have much shorter battery life produce much more heat be more cumbersome Laptops that are compact, fast and have a long battery life are prohibitively expensive and are very likely to get damaged in a school environment

6 Why purchase through us?
Installation and configuration provided, tailored to the school’s environment including software for the duration of the scheme Continued support from the Guilsborough School technical department Access to loan units while repairs, virus clearances and insurance or warranty claims take place (There will 75 available ) Use of the school’s software at no extra cost during your participation in the scheme

7 Toshiba NB510-11U Intel® Atom™ processor N2600
Toshiba TruBrite® WSVGA TFT High Brightness display with LED backlighting and 16 : 9 aspect ratio 320 GB 2,048 (1x) MB DDR3 RAM (800 MHz) Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3650 maximum life : up to 9h00min (Mobile Mark™ 2007) weight : 1.41 kg W x D x H : x x 13.6 (front) / 34.7 (rear) mm

8 Why this model? Toshiba has probably the best reliability record and build quality of any netbook manufacturer at the moment This model has an access panel for the hard drive, memory and wireless card to make repairs, diagnostics, backups and cloning easier We are a certified Toshiba self-maintainer allowing us to affect repairs onsite in a timely efficient fashion This will be the third year we have run a derivative of this series of netbook and we are confident it runs the applications needed to support our syllabus Our technicians are familiar with the units and can solve common issues faster

9 What is the minimum spec of an alternative?
It is hard to define because performance is not simply about hardware specification, but as a guide: 1024 X 600 resolution 1.5GHz dual core processor or equivalent 1GB RAM 50GB free hard drive space 8 hour battery life

10 If I buy my own netbook what software do I need?
Essentially you can achieve much of the work in most subjects with Microsoft Office 2010 or above only, but we would strongly recommend you invest in antivirus and antimalware software and a suitable online safety tool such as Netintelligence to keep your child safe. We do use allot more software than this, but the full software suite would be very expensive and incredibly difficult to obtain outside of the main scheme and much of the software wouldn’t be used once your child leaves us.

11 What other considerations are there if I buy my own netbook?
Insurance - full accidental damage cover is advised Software compatibility Configuration and support – We will still try and assist, but we won’t be able to go far with hardware issues or software licensing problems

12 What other than the netbook is included in the price?
provisioning adequate protection from repair costs through both insurance and extended warranty cover at RRP these would cost £50 and £40 respectively Configuring the netbook to keep your child safe online through the Netintelligence suite that would normally retail at £50 this enables you to control your child’s access to the internet selecting the types of websites they can access, files they can download and times they can go online.  Further to that the units are configured so you can control what software your child can install.  This is done by controlling the account permissions and pre-installing the majority of the educational software, antivirus and spyware protection, security updates and patches and also configuring the units to automatically maintain and update that protection.

13 What other than the netbook is included in the price? (continued…)
 As the units are pre-prepared with everything your child needs for learning here at Guilsborough they won’t have delays and difficulties changing settings and installing software to get going.   This uniformity also allows us to provide loan units on the spot when your child’s netbook has issues that will take time to resolve. Units they will be familiar with and able to keep working on as seamlessly as possible. Support from staff recruited to support you with any issues arising during the scheme.

14 How did we reach our price?
Unit £237.01 Warranty £12.63 Repair scheme contribution £50 (Additional £32 contribution from school and staff time included free of charge.) Parental control software £27 Total Ex Vat £326.64 Total inc VAT £391.97 Final total cost for Toshiba machine to parents/carers £391.97 For those of you that wish to keep the netbooks at the end of the scheme will have an additional charge of £10 for transfer of ownership.

15 What Are Our Plans Going Forward?
We are researching heavily down two avenues to try and reduce costs, increase compatibility and enhance freedom of choice with regard to devices used for school work concentrating on two areas: Tablets, browser compatibility and online or ‘cloud based’ software Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

16 Tablets and Online Software
We are currently trialling a number of Mac, Android, Linux and Windows tablets and browsers in an effort to improve support and identify potential future devices for the scheme In conjunction to this we’re exploring changes to our VLE and web based software to support the emerging HTML5 content which is much more supportive of tablet browser technologies.

17 VDI and Virtual Applications
Principally VDIs are frameworks to enable remote devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, phones) to connect to a virtual desktop where software can be run using the resources of host servers and in turn enabling the remote devices to be both diverse (varied operating systems, manufacturers and architectures) and lower performance and therefore hopefully cheaper. Virtual Applications are much the same, but involve running a particular program remotely rather than the whole desktop.

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