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1 ATIB Drilling Presentation

2 GENERAL INFORMATION ATIB Drilling company was established for Uzbekistan Oil and Gas industry. KTB is one of ATIB’s division which provides all mentioned in this presentation supply and service for Azerbaijan Oil and Gas sector.

3 ATIB POLICY Health Safety Security and Environmental policies
ATIB has drawn up and published a Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy which is appropriate to the Organisation and which demonstrates Management’s commitment to meeting requirements and continual improvement. This Statement is signed by the Managing Director. The Objectives are to enhance the Customer’s needs and expectations, health and safety of the employees and other interested parties and environmental protection. Quality Control/Quality Assurance policies and procedures The QHSE Management System covers all the Activities defined in the Scope and Field of Application of ATIB. The System has been documented to describe the way things are done in a controlled manner; and provides evidence of compliance with the requirements of the Standard(s).

4 Fiberglass tubes ATIB Drilling specializes in producing of fiberglass tubes that can be used during coring activity, for transportation of oil, chemicals, potable water, edible oil, and plumbing/ sewage systems in households and elsewhere. These pipes are environmentally safe. Currently we supply fiberglass pipes to Binagadi Oil Company and BP in Azerbaijan, Ada Oil and Halliburton in Kazakhstan and Burren Recourses Petroleum Limited in Turkmenistan.

5 Pipes fiberglass of the mark ТСПМ, ТСПО, ТСПС
(maintenance and installation) The cylinders tantalite marks ЦТФ, ЦТЭФ. Glasstextolit marks СТЭФ -1, СТЭФ, and СТЭФ - НТ. The tubes paper – bakelite. Fiberglass markets СПП-ЭК for strengthening element of the optical cables Fiberglass and other different profiles with configurations marks СПП - ЭИ, СПП – ЭВ Glass fabrics is imbrued marks ПС-ИФ, ПС-ИФ/ЭП. The covering electro insulating. Pivots of tantalite. The cylinders and tubes of the mark ЦСЭФ, ТСЭФ. Different appointed tantalite layer. Pipes, connecting parts and elements of polymer materials (fittings).

ATIB is official distributor of Resato International B. V. in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. We provide maintenance of high pressure equipment, adjustment and calibration of gages and chart recorder. Our engineer passes the trainings in Netherlands. ATIB is providing right now selling and rent: high pressure units wellhead control units hydraulic test units gas test units chemical injection units gas booster chart recorder gages

7 Gauges ATIB offers pressure and temperature instruments in mechanical
as well as electronic design. These products are used in the following industries: Chemical and petro-chemical industry; Shipping industry; Food and dairy industry; Pharmaceutical industry. Besides pressure and temperature gauges we also supply the following products: Pressure transmitters; PT100 transmitters; PT100 sensors; Electronic thermometers; Pressure- and temperature recorders; Subsea gauges; Square and rectangular gauges; Chemical seal gauges with hygienic; Other special connections.


9 ATIB’s new product to generate and
store pressure testing certificates. The basic benefits of this system are: - immediate availability of complete A4 size pressure testing certificate within 30 seconds after the test; - immediate and automatic storage of the certificate; - certificate includes graph pressure against time, pressure change during testing, graph temperature against time, temperature change during testing, test object specifications, customer or project name, third party signature space, reference number and more; - logo of your choice can be put on every individual certificate; - simple and clear operation. Many users of this system experience less errors in generating the certificates, time saving and easy recovering of stored certificates. Enclosed documentation show the system available ranges and specifications.

GBE S.p.A. produce oil filled, cast resin and dry type transformers for any kind of application from a few VA up to 25 MVA  for LV and HV up to insulating class 45kV. GBE S.p.A. produce also dry type and magnetic core reactors from a few VAR to 10 MVAR. GBE experience in the field has enabled us to solve a wide range of requirements even for special units, i.e. shunt, current limiting, damping, tuning (filter), arc-suppression, smoothing reactors and earthing transformers, transformers for pulse converters, HV-HV transformers, three-monophase transformers, triple windings transformers, Scott type transformers, start motor transformers and autotransformers. GBE S.p.A. are present in the national and international market and count on a 25-year technical experience in the field.

11 Diesel generators Founded in 1982, HIMOINSA, located in San Javier, Murcia, is a multinational focused on the manufacture and sales of energy generation systems capable of satisfying any needs that require continous, clean, efficient and guaranteed energy supply. Loyal to a line that has created standards in the market, HIMOINSA presents its new range of products that include generating sets, lighting towers, power units, motorized pumps, tractor power take-off groups, welders, marine and industrial motors, fire-proof equipment, control and protection switchboards and special projects. The great variety of powers and versions allow us to offer complete solutions to the concept of energy generation. To be on the cutting-edge of the market demands the use of the latest technologies; design software and structural calculations, specialized robotics and a totally automated production system that culminates in the serial manufacture of any new line of products which always complies with the strict requirements of the ISO quality standards.

12 METAL FABRICATION Metal fabrication from design to prototype
Sandblasting, Water-blasting Bolts/Nuts structure Tightening (Manual, Automatic) Hard facing Shelves

13 WELDING & CUTTING ATIB carries out all types of welding, e.g. gas-welding, argon arc welding and electro-welding using all types of electrodes. We weld al kinds of materials from carbon to stainless steel. We carry out cutting of the following items: Channels; Corners; Beams; Metal sheets of all sizes and calibres; Metal pipes of all wall gages; Fittings; Metal bars; Large metal constructions. We also cut holes in all kinds of metallic items. Cutting is carried out with a grinding machine and special flame cutoff equipment.

14 Training stand for BP – Casing Stuck pipe stand

15 Drilling accessories & tools Bit breaker Gage rings Crossovers
Lifting sub Clamps Wellhead protractor Training stands Drill pipe back valve Junk Baskets 90 deg Bull Subs Kock valve 3 Bladed vertical Stabilizers Fishtail bit Fishing tools Fibber glass manufacturing Fiberglass tubes Bit cover High pressure equipment

16 Fibber Glass Bit protective box
These bit covers are using on BP platforms. Premakes aloud BP to save operating (assembling ) time on Rig.

17 The purpose of this note is to bring clarity on forming onshore bit pre-make price. The price that ATIB charges BP is not only for provision (on the rental basis) of bit covers but also includes make up/break out of the bit at the Sperry base and several other steps and activities described below. ATIB provides 4 handling unit tools (see attached pictures) which are used for MU and BO the bit. It is 4 different types of units (for 17 ½’’-16’’; 14 ¾’’; 12 ¼’’; 8 ½’’-6’’) which includes ‘’bit rotary table BOX copy’’ and 7 sizes of bit breaker for it. All this equipment was mobilized from Norway. The portion of price includes the accumulative invest for this tool which we will pay for itself after 70 pre-makes (3 years). During this time there will be the cost of inspection (each month)/repair/maybe replacement). Without this equipment you can’t grab the bit with the braking out machine due to jaws can damage the bit. We use our own trucks (and not BP transport) for transferring bits and make up units from Bit Supplier company to Directional Company and back.

18 One make up (from the beginning to the end of activity) usually takes about half a day, therefore we need to cover the cost of our personal who co-ordinates all of this. We have 12 different types of bit covers – 17 ½’’, 16’’, 16 ½’’, 14 ¾’’, 12 ¼’’, 8 ½’’, 6’’, 6 ½’’, 6 5/8’’, 24-26’’ – for long and Short gage bits. Interior and external profiles of the bit covers are different. Each cover is single peace molded from epoxy + fiberglass which much stronger than standard fiberglass. Every time when we receive bit covers back from the rig we change out stainless steel bit breakers slots and supporting stainless Rop’s. After 3 jobs we scrap bit box due to safety reasons. Bit box covers are manufactured in Azerbaijan.

19 Benefits: Time saving (more than 1hr) on the rig site;
All described above activities are carried by ATIB; No risk of damaging the bit during brake out (due to over-torqued connection) at the rig site. In the past two new bits have been seriously damaged (and eventually scrapped) while attempting to break out from Geo-Pilot at the rig site and at the base. We deliver the Brake Up Unit to Directional Company Base; We are picking up the bits from Bit company and deliver them to Directional Company Base; We are making first installing bit on GP before Directional Company torquing up on Torque machine; We are installing the protective cap on the bits and making sure that the nozzles are not plugged and cover is installed properly.


21 ADDITIONAL SERVICES Elevator (lift) maintenance and inspection;
Electrical maintenance; Plumbing; Container modification; Rent of operation equipment.

22 Elevator maintenance and inspection

Hang light fixtures : * Replace outlets, switches & circuit breakers * Install additional interior and/or exterior lighting * Repair outlets that have stopped working * Find and correct any electrical problem Preventive Maintenance: * Checking and logging elevators, chillers, cooling towers, condensers, circulating pumps, air compressors, and air handlers. * Checking plumbing systems for leaks and stoppages and making necessary repairs. * Checking lighting systems and replacing bulbs and/or ballasts as needed. * Performing oiling, greasing, tightening, painting, and cleaning maintenance on motors and pumps. * Changing belts and/or filters, and cleaning products.

24 PLUMBING SERVICES * Response to emergencies, such as burst pipes. * Periodic cleaning and lubrication of blending valves. * Periodic cleaning of steam traps and water reducing stations. * Periodic maintenance of backflow preventers. sterilizers, autoclaves, dishwashers and the like. * Periodic lubrication and operation of fire hydrants, sprinkler, and hose systems. * Periodic cleaning and maintenance of circulating, condensate return, and sump pumps. * Installation and replacement of restroom fixtures. * Insulation of pipes within buildings * Installation of new or replacement of existing water stills, autoclaves, sterilizers, dishwashers, and the like. * Replacement of large hot water tanks with small instantaneous steam heaters. * Maintenance and repair of natural gas distribution system and pipes and distribution of natural gas within facilities. * Steam distribution system


26 Rent of operation equipment
Equipment for rental: Containers for storage and office; Forklifts; Lifting equipment; Generators; Compressors; High Pressure Testing Equipment.

27 Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems
ATIB installs split and centralized air conditioning (A/C) systems and carries out their inspection as frequently as it may be required (per client’s request). Besides installation and inspection of A/C, we also provide the following items: Supply and install spare parts for all types of A/C (split and centralized) present in the Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan market; Carry out gas-filling works for A/C; Carry out cleaning of A/C.

28 Painting ATIB carry out painting of the following items and constructions: Metal frames; Metal baskets; Wooden boxes; Wooden manufactures; Containers; Workshops; Households; Facades.

29 Wooden products Wooden pallets; Wooden boxes;
Special wooden products as per your requirement. ATIB manufactures boxes of any size and load-carrying ability, out of wood and plywood, for transportation of any kind of good (pipes, drilling equipment, electrical equipment and etc.). Besides this, we also manufacture special core boxes used for transportation of core samples intended for core analyses.

30 The ATIB Company specializes in the market of oil-and-gas complex services in the following areas:
1 Sale of chemical reagents for mud solutions; Corrosion inhibitor Dispersants and Deflocculants Filtration Control Agents Lost Circulation Materials Lubricants And Surfactants Shale Control Additives Stuck Pipe Additives Wellbore Clean-Up Chemicals Weighting Agents Oil and Synthetic Based Additives Commercials Chemicals Viscosities Biocides and etc.

31 2. Sale of chemical materials
Mining field in Dash Salahli was been opened in the 70th of the last century. Geological Operating experience has shown, that Dash Salahli mining field contains very high quality bentonite which can be used mud. Water suspensions of Dash Salahli bentonite in low concentration of clay (5-7 %) have high viscosity, and also high gelling maker and water-retaining properties. Bentonite used for mud in oil & gas wells.

Best regards, Abror Yunusov Directror ATIB Tel: ; Fax: Website:

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