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Vacation Property Management and Marketing Solutions We Create Demand for Your Property Member of Vacation Nation, LLC.

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1 Vacation Property Management and Marketing Solutions We Create Demand for Your Property Member of Vacation Nation, LLC

2 Phone calls any and all times of the day Checking the mail for rental payments Sending keys Having your housekeepers not show up Finding someone to repair and oversee maintenance for your property Returning deposits Filling out the required monthly rental revenue tax forms Problems when you are hundreds of miles away! Its a lot of work!

3 Cant find your property online? Not listening to your needs as the property owner? Low to no occupancy for your property? Wondering why your property isnt rented during PEAK RENTAL periods? You deserve a responsive team!

4 Have you only used your property for personal or family reasons? Looking to generate rental revenue to offset carrying costs for your property? Where do I begin?

5 to create a demand for your property take away the hassle of managing your investment. Vacation Place Rentals is determined to create a demand for your property and take away the hassle of managing your investment.

6 sit back and relax It is time to sit back and relax and let us generate your rental income for your vacation property! Let us do the work for you! Spend more time enjoying the benefits of your additional income As industry leaders, Vacation Place Rentals Management Team will handle all the details for your vacation property.

7 Locally owned and operated in Panama City Beach First hand knowledge of local rental market rates, vacation rental options and your competitive advantages. wisdom knowledge We have the wisdom that comes with time in the marketplace and the knowledge for handling important situations that arise while in management. Directly connected to traveling vacationers and what will (and more importantly will not) be desirable based upon the desires of potential guests. As a matter of fact, our team does over 1,000 reservations per year and we know what rents and why vacationers choose a particular property based upon our tracking software systems.

8 Over 16 years of combined rental property management experience on Panama City Beach Condominium and private vacation home properties. Vacation rental by owner experience with on-site and off-site rental management team of experts maximize your rental income return Our background utilizes every spectrum of rental property experience bringing together a unique and qualified team of experts working hard to successfully to maximize your rental income return!

9 Rental revenues have plunged due to the competitiveness of newer developments on Panama City Beach, Florida. These challenging times require more competency from your management of choice and Vacation Place Rentals delivers on all aspects with our Performance Guarantee. How will you compete?

10 GREATER-THAN-MY- COMPETITORS RENTAL INCOME for your vacation rental property. for high rates of return and occupancy platforms, and marketing channels In todays market you have to operate in many different stages, YouTube Twitter Facebook YouTube Twitter Facebook PanamaBeach (plus 14 pre-negotiated syndication sites) PanamaBeach (plus 14 pre-negotiated syndication sites) ShowVacation ShowVacation This sort of exposure costs several thousands of dollars and many years to accomplish. Our marketing partners and structures are most-superior! Numerous aggressive methods are used to attract guests to your property including this website and highly effective advertising campaigns. We have a large base of repeat vacationers that rent throughout the year.

11 The V.P.R. Team understands that rental income and occupancy are imperative. higher occupancy rates rental revenues Vacation Place Rentals team system results in higher occupancy rates and rental revenues at year end.

12 V.P.R. is able to get these superior results for our clients due to: Our exclusive, innovative consumer and internet marketing programs. Cutting edge technologies and relationships with local and global platforms. Unique team system which allows for a team of professionals working for you. Eight highly effective display websites and relationship marketing. V.P.R. never runs out of time for you! Each of our team members are separately responsible for a specific process in managing your property to success. has generated more net revenue than ANY predecessors Each property owner that has made the decision to employ our management team has generated more net revenue than ANY predecessors prior to Vacation Place Rentals!

13 FREE Premium Listings on the following sites: Binary accounting system with monthly tax service for lodging and sales taxes including year end accounting 1009 reporting. Detailed inventory checks to keep your property protected and up to date for rental condition.

14 – Preferred – Preferred partners – Preferred partners - Preferred partners – Featured advertiser - Company website – Featured advertiser – Global platform Automatic Distribution system for all managed properties to leading marketplaces such as; Oodle, GoogleBase, Ebay and Zillow in addition to 10 other vacation rental sites. We believe in broad syndicated exposure with individuality! Social Media is HERE to STAY and Vacation Place Rentals utilizes all the major players. We will make your vacation property known throughout our several social media outlets with over 17,000 direct fans and friends* including our travel partners and negotiated partners sites. All properties will have a Uniquely Yours property video uploaded to our channels and marketing websites. To see an example, click here:

15 All emergencies regarding your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Professional housekeeping (licensed and insured) with in house laundry services (Two sets of linens must be provided.) Replacing air filters, light bulbs, batteries with no charge to you the owner. All payments and transient rental taxes (State of Florida taxes regarding the sale of rental use) each month as required Late night check-ins and charging for late check- outs All guest entry and unit security Security/damage deposits refunds and any disputes. Working with professional contractors for quick responses to every situation All association, code and fire safety standards will be maintained.

16 Confirmation letters and invoices are sent to each guest after they make a reservation. Upon arrival, guests are provided with an information packet including a comment sheet. They are encouraged to return this to us upon check-out so that any problems with your property We provide local numbers for guests to call with any concerns and take care of any tenant needs that arise during their stay.

17 Our management program allows you to reserve your property for personal or family use after all you are the owner! We maintain the same conformity as we would for paying guests.

18 We are a TEAM and we at Vacation Place Rentals desire to make this the best decision you will make since your property purchase. You will have the direct phone number of the owners at Vacation Place Rentals. We are in this together and between the two of us we can make this the best decision you have made since purchasing your property. Vacation Place Rentals has an open door policy for your suggestions. We listen and take to heart your suggestions and comments. Vacation Place Rentals wants to earn the right to manage your property.

19 Our Executive Staff: Vacation Place Rentals Corporate Office 16790 Panama City Beach Parkway Panama City Beach, FL 32413 Fascimile: 850.387.0768 E-mail Us: Property Owners: Vacation with Us: Nathan Tice – Sales/Marketing.......................850.866.2243 Carrie Delauder – Accounting Department…..850.896.1950 Catherine and Jeannie – Reservations………...850.708.1396

20 While you the owner set the policies for your rental, here are our standard policies: We only rent to tenants that have at least one adult 23 years of age or older (per unit rented). We do not allow guests to have pets, unless you desire otherwise. We do not allow smoking in your property and these rules are strictly adhered to and checked upon departure. Properties are inspected after each rental and go through a detailed checklist which is kept on file for every cleaning.

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