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W AIĀKEA H IGH S CHOOL W ARRIOR B AND 2011-2012 Aloha mai kākou.

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1 W AIĀKEA H IGH S CHOOL W ARRIOR B AND 2011-2012 Aloha mai kākou.

2 PŪPŪKAHI I HOLOMUA TOGETHER WE WILL UNITE AND PROGRESS Waiākea High Warrior Band Empowerment Vision 2011-2012

3 D AVID (K ĀWIKA ) U RAKAMI 1995 Waiākea High School Alumni Head Coach; Boys Soccer University of Hawaii at Mānoa – Graduate Student Musical background: Waiolama – Reggae, Traditional/Contemporary Trombone – Mr. Hayselden (WIS), Mr. Oshiro (WHS) Violin – Mr. Uyehana, Mr. Sever Traditional Hawaiian – Mauna Lani Resorts

4 B AND M ISSION S TATEMENT To provide its members with musical experiences that are educational as well as memorable; and to teach life skills through band curriculum.

5 E XPECTATIONS The Warrior Band integrates hard work, commitment, determination, fun, and the love of music, to build memories that will last a lifetime. Band is an academic class and students will receive academic credit. All students will be graded/assessed on attendance to rehearsals and performances. Band is an important and diverse part of the curriculum at Waiākea High School. Students will participate in, but not limited to: marching band, pep band, concert band, and various school activities.

6 O PPORTUNISTIC D EVELOPMENT Provide challenging opportunities and experiences for leadership development and character building. Create an environment that supports and promotes passionate growth towards a desired career choice. Graduate students that comply with Waiākea High Schools mission; to graduate students with essential skills of critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration for success in todays world.

7 W AIĀKEA H IGH S CHOOL B AND B OOSTERS An affiliated non-profit organization that supports the Waiākea High School performing band and its musical director throughout the school year. The Boosters provide logistical, event, and equipment repair support to the WHS performing band program. Boosters believe in the benefits that a music program provides to the students, the school, and the community at large. Volunteers and financial support are welcomed.

8 S TRENGTH IN U NIFORM Each band member will need to have two polo shirts, jeans, black dress slacks, and marching shoes. Pep Uniform Black Polo, jeans, black shoes Marching Uniform White Polo, black dress slacks, marching shoes Royal Blue waist sash (Home economics class) Concert Uniform White Polo, black dress slacks, marching shoes Orders will be done through Sportsline, Hilo. Uniform orders during Band Concepts class.

9 B UILDING A L EGACY Organize Resources Instrument repair Workshop s for advancing knowledge Band room = student centered Performing Integrity Practice time is crucial Music comprehension Ownership of Quality Degree of quality and respect we put in, we will get back. Invested Support Community Outreach

10 D AVID U RAKAMI (808) 974-4888 ext 284 M101

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