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BUSINESS PRESENTATION Revision Date: 2012/01/19 1

2 OUTLINE Company Overview:
Vision, Mission, Culture, Cause Profile Corporate Governance Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality Our People: Structure Community Involvement Business Opportunities at TOSL

3 Company Overview

4 Vision & Mission Vision:
To be the ‘best in class’ Engineering Company in Trinidad & Tobago and for us to be able to hold this position amongst other companies operating in a First World Environment. Mission: To become the Preferred Supplier of Innovative Engineered Solutions to our customers. We will utilize highly energized and competent Team Members working in a challenging and rewarding environment.

5 Culture & Cause Our Culture is defined by our: Value Creation Efficiency Quality Teamwork Technological Improvement Our Cause: To develop people to be leaders in their community, homes & personal lives.

6 Company Profile 30 years in Business (1982, March 01 – 2012)
100% Trinidadian Owned Registered Limited Liability Company Established provider of Engineering Services, Products and equipment serving the Energy, Petrochemicals Utility, Steel, Cement and Manufacturing Sectors of Trinidad & Tobago Head Office is strategically located in the Heart of the Industrial Capital in the Southern part of the Island Our Business Operations occupy 108,000 sq. ft. comprising of Offices, Engineering & Service Workshops, Wire Rope Manufacturing Facilities, Warehousing, State of the Art Conference Rooms and Gym

7 Our Values As a company we are honest and open, responsive and flexible. We have designed our Company to be a value-adding partner to our customers. We have empowered all our Staff Members to succeed through use of state of the art technology and by focused training and development programs. We are committed to providing a challenging and rewarding Environment. We will operate in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in order to enhance our reputation as a good corporate citizen. We will commit to the highest Health, Safety and Environmental standards. As a means of ensuring compliance to the above values, policies and procedures are implemented and audited regularly. Negative results are acted upon quickly and corrective action immediately taken.

8 Corporate Governance Policies: Member of TRACE
Fraud Policy Code of Business and Ethics Conduct Report IT Whistle Blowing Hotline Member of TRACE (Transparent Agents & Contracting Entities) Program rolled out to Management & Staff In the process of informing Suppliers, Alliance Partners & Customers All Suppliers and Sub-Contractors (foreign and Trinidadian) must sign agreeing to uphold these policies as a condition for doing business with TOSL


10 Health, Safety, Security,
Environment & Quality (HSSEQ)

11 HSSEQ ISO 9001: 2008 Certified ISO 14001: 2004 Compliant
STOW Certified effective January 14, 2011 Our Goals: Consistent Customer Satisfaction Safeguarding the Health and Safety of Our: - Employees, Customers, Contractors, The Community Protection of the Environment Providing the Highest Quality of Products and Services Exceeding our Customers Expectations

12 HSSEQ Policy The organization commits to achieving its HSSEQ Policy through the following fundamental objectives: Establishment and maintenance of a Management System that complies with the OSH Act of T&T, ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 Standards and other relevant health, safety, security and environmental legislations and regulations to which TOSL subscribers. Commitment to operating in a manner to prevent pollution and to continuous improvement. Empowering employees by ensuring the necessary resources and training are available for the attainment of the required key performance objectives as per the stipulated standards and regulations. Contractors’ awareness of and compliance with TOSL’s HSSEQ Policies and Procedures.

13 HSSEQ HSSEQ System driven by our Management and the HSSEQ Department.
HSSEQ Team strives to ensure compliance via: Safety Meetings/Talks Daily Tailgate/Tool Box Meetings Quality Awareness Sessions Environmental Awareness Sessions Health Hazard Awareness Sessions Monitoring of Activities in Their Respective Division On-Site safety is ensured via our HSSE personnel who possess a wealth of experience in HSSEQ.

14 HSSEQ Loss Time Accident Statistics: Year Loss Time Accidents 2007 – 2
2007 – 2 2008 – 0 2009 – 1 2010 – 0 2011 – 0

15 HSSEQ We employ preventative measures such as: Hazard Assessments
Site Specific Plans, Programs & Procedures Environmental Management Programs & Procedures Contractor HSSEQ Programs Safety Incentives Compliance Audits Near Miss Reporting Employee Training & Communication Programs Emergency Response Procedures

16 HSSEQ Awards 2005 Excellence in Business Award
Category – Excellence in Quality Hosts – Republic Bank and Business Development Co. Ltd. 2006 – one of six finalists March 2006 – Organizational Development & Support Award Host – The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (Caribbean Region Section) Nov 2006 – Medium Company of the Year Award Category – Services Host – Couva/Pt. Lisas Chamber of Commerce June 2007 – Energy Sector Services Achiever Award Host – South Trinidad Chamber of Industry &Commerce (STCIC) Six-Star Status Award For our contribution to the 250,000 safe work hours at the Petrotrin C5 / C6 Isomerisation Complex for June 2006 – April 2007 Host – Fluor Daniel South America Limited Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF) award Recognition of the Wire Rope and Rigging Department’s outstanding safety record.

17 Our People

18 Our People Permanent Staff complement of 180 personnel:
Skilled Management Team Engineers Technical Specialists Experienced Sales Representatives Administrative, Finance, Supply Chain Experts Emphasis on continuous Staff training to facilitate dynamic changes in the Industry. Continuous Staff Developmental initiatives; Building Employee Morale. Maintains Staff information via HR Information System Software.

19 Manager – Business Development / Projects
Our Structure C.E.O. Shazan Ali Chief Financial Officer Peter Sirju Manager – Industrial Sales Partap Resaulsingh EIA (Acting) Paul Samlalsingh Engineering Services Dave Ragoonath Corporate Lisa Mohammed Logistics & Procurement Dianne Balwah- Frontin Safety Sales Darryl Ali Upstream Energy Azam Edan Petrochemcials & Process Lennox Oudit Inspection & Testing Jason Sawh Secretary – Judy Pereira Manager – Business Development / Projects Navendra Dass Non-Operating Divisions Operating Divisions

20 Community Involvement

21 Community Involvement
TOSL Community Outreach Committee: Formed in 2005 Donations to Operation Smile Home (Gasparillo) & others less fortunate in our Community Participate in BGTT Challenge for the past four (4) years. Funds raised are distributed to charity. On-the-Job-Training

22 Business Opportunities @ TOSL

23 Financial Management Accounting System Banking Facilities
Operates under the umbrella of a computerized system integrating inventory, sales and finance which allows for efficient and timely reporting. Our SAP Business One System is operational. Expertise in negotiation skills permits the collection of receivables without having to write off bad debts. Banking Facilities 28 year relationship with our Bankers. Secured short and long term projects based on TOSL’s satisfactory operating results, projections & asset base.

24 Financial Management Contracts / Projects Financials
Expertise to successfully plan & execute. Financials Net worth $TT121 million. Total Assets $TT231 million. Rated by Dun & Bradstreet as 4A2. Rated by CariCRIS as CariA+ Sustainable Development. Established partnership and joint venture relationships with 2 foreign-based companies. Expect to continue establishing strategic alliances with local and foreign-based companies.

25 Logistics & Procurement
Alliances with International Freight Forwarding Suppliers. Procurement and Expediting Expertise. Computerized Inventory Management System, fully integrated with Finance and Management Information Reporting. Over 10,000 Line Items of Inventory. Centralized Local Purchasing System. Centralized On-Line Invoicing.

26 Logistics & Procurement
Bill of Sight Customs Clearance Facility. Current Covered warehouse space of approximately 30,000 SQ. FT. Fleet of Delivery Vehicles. Delivery Service available on a 24-Hour basis.

27 Information Technology
Network that facilitates 300 users. Dedicated and redundant 1Mbps internet service. A Windows 2008 compliant network. A team focused on network security. Network linked via a fiber backbone.

28 Our Business Vendor Engineering.
Fast-paced, success-driven and customer-oriented work environment fueled by the talent, skill and expertise of its employees who operate within 10 business divisions. Key business areas are in "the provision of Project Management, Engineering Services, Products and Equipment ….to the Energy Sector, Utility, Mining and Manufacturing Industries."

29 Our Business We currently Operate ten (10) Business Divisions and all of our activities are guided by our commitment and adherence to the following governing principles: HSSEQ System Policies and Procedures. ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Standard Certification. Compliance with ISO Environment Standard. Corporate Value System.

30 Engineering Services

31 Engineering Services Supply of Engineered Products, Services and Solutions to our customer ensuring adherence to standard codes of engineering practices (API, ASME, ANSI, etc) and providing all technical support in our full range of services. TECHNOLOGIES INCLUDE: Petrochemicals / Water & Waste Water / Oilfield Exploration / Chemical & Pharmaceutical / Food & Beverage / Marine / Mining / Mineral Processing Rotating Equipment Pumps Generator Sets Compressors PUMP TYPES: Air Operated Diaphragm / End Suction / Split Case / Submersible / Sewage / Metering / Chemical Inspection / Hydraulic / API 610 / Multi-Stage / Fire pumps / Axial Screw / Duplex Piston / Plunger Diesel engine driven Natural Gas engine driven Air compressors Gas compressors Safety devices & peripheral equipment

32 Reliability & Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Engineering Services
Using in-house engineering expertise in conjunction with internationally recognized consultancy organizations, we offer a full range of technologies. Software Vibration Monitoring and Analysis Infrared Thermography Airborne Ultrasonic Testing Electrical Signature Analysis Laser Alignment Risk-Based Inspection Rotating Equipment Trouble-Shooting and Root Cause Failure Analysis Reliability & Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Engineering Services

33 Electrical Instrumentation and Automation

34 Electrical, Instrumentation &
Automation Services Project Management Estimating Scope Development CPM Schedule Control Budget and Man-Hour Control

35 Electrical, Instrumentation &
Automation Services Product Expertise Siemens CCI Valves Metso Valves Mc Crometer Krohne ABB Faure Herman Ashcroft

36 Control System Engineering
Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation Services Control System Engineering System Conceptual Design Control Philosophy Development Wiring Philosophy Development System Architecture Hardware Specification and Procurement Instrumentation system design and specification PLC/DCS/HMI/VFD programming/ configuration Graphics design Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

37 Electrical, Instrumentation &
Automation Services Capabilities Detailed Engineering for customer Applications Training Consultancy for projects Cost benefit analysis for effective solutions Premium equipment meeting or exceeding customer expectations 24 hour Reliable Service and Preventative Maintenance programs Professional installations abiding with related codes and practices Commissioning Services and QA/QC

38 Electrical, Instrumentation &
Automation Services Capabilities A modern E&I Workshop equipped with state of the art certified test equipment. An Automation Workshop equipped with programming equipment and all necessary software/hardware. A Training Facility for PLC and HMI products. Personnel with Expertise in Electrical Instrumentation and Automation for industry. Engineering, Procurement, Construction capabilities.

39 Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation Services
Capabilities in Design, Consultancy, Equipment Supply, Project Execution and Commissioning to the Oil & Gas (Offshore & Onshore), Petrochemical, Utilities, Manufacturing & Food Processing Industries. PLC HMI DCS SCADA Applications Engineering & Design EI&A Services & Equipment Supply Siemens Electrical & Automation Technology Programming Software Maintenance Interfacing Upgrades & Design Consultancy & Training

40 Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation Services
Calibration Pneumatic Electronic EI&A Services & Equipment Supply Products Control Valves, Solenoid Valves & Actuators Motors VFD Transmitter, Controllers, Regulators, Recorders, …Sensors, Switches, Electronic Boards, Motors & Gen Sets

41 Control System Applications
Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation Services Control System Applications Distillation Off Shore Process Controls ESD Systems Advanced Process Control Steam & Gas Turbine Controls HRSG Controls Compressor Controls Burner Management Systems Asset Storage and Monitoring Fire & Gas Controls Motion and VFD Systems SCADA Systems

42 Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation Services
TOSL is poised to provide turnkey design, engineering, automation and electrical solutions to our customers.

43 Benefits To Our Clients
Increased efficiency, throughput and energy savings through APC and process optimization. Proactive approach with early involvement to reduce capital costs. Responsive and timely engineering solutions for all your plant needs. One stop shopping for all your Electrical/Instrumentation needs. Engineering assistance on an as needed basis. Impressive buying power with savings passed on to you. Total System Integration Solutions using state of the art technologies.

44 Upstream Services

45 Upstream Services This group is involved in the implementation of new Technology into the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector while also providing specialized products, services, training and consultancy services for: 3-Phase Separator Technology Oil Treating Systems Gas Conditioning Systems Produced Water Treatment Systems Gas and Liquid Metering systems and skids Production Chemical Providers and Chemical Management System Piping Solution (HDPE), Hot tapping services, Pigging, Hydro testing Other Upstream activities

46 Upstream Products And Services
Supply of all type of equipment for the upstream sector Oil & Gas Capabilities Design Procure Commission FRP, Polyethylene & Polypropylene Piping Systems Plastic Piping – Industrial and High …Purity Systems Hot Tapping/Stoppling Construction

47 Production Chemicals – Multi Chem
TOSL ENGINEERING LIMITED and MULTI-CHEM, a leading international supplier of Production Chemicals, have entered into a Strategic Alliance. MULTI-CHEM offers leading edge technology in formulations of Chemicals for the Exploration, Drilling and Production sectors of the Energy Industry. MULTI-CHEM is among the leaders in oil and gas production treatment Chemicals and enhancement programs. Consequently, TOSL has extended its portfolio to include the provision of upstream production chemicals combined with relevant Engineering support to design, build and install Chemical Injection and Monitoring systems. Our Chemical Department is manned by a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel. TOSL now has the capability to provide a comprehensive Chemical Management System suitable to the needs of our valued customers.

48 Production Chemicals – Multi Chem
MULTI-CHEM’s line of Production treating Chemicals include : Liquid Foaming Agents Asphaltene Control Products H2S Scavengers Emulsion Breakers Corrosion Control Products Water Clarifiers Scale Control Products Defoamers Surfactants Biocides Paraffin Control Products Low Dose Hydrate Inhibitors Cleaners & Inhibitors Specialty Products

49 Production Chemicals – Multi Chem
Our Mission is to provide unparalleled technical expertise and superior local service to our customers, through cost-effective applications of customized specialty chemicals

50 Production Chemicals – Multi Chem
Specialty production chemicals Foamers, Scavengers, Corrosion Control, Scale Control, Surfactants, Paraffin Products, Asphaltene Products, Demulsifiers, Water Clarifiers, Defoamers, Biocides, Cleaners, Low Dose Hydrate Inhibitors Commodity chemicals Methanol, Glycols, Soaps, Degreasers, Oils Lab analysis Complete Water, Coupons, Bacteria Cultures, Solids Identification, Oil in Water, Chemical Residuals, Paraffin Content, Asphaltene Content, Cold Finger, Viscometry Program management Field Service, Compile Analytical Results, Communicate Findings, Design Surveillance Programs, Information Access Systems, Track Costs, Inventory Control, Coordinate Technical Reviews

51 Upstream Services Mechanical Solutions GAS CONDITIONING SOLUTION
TOSL/NATCO gas processing systems recover and collect salable hydrocarbons from wellhead or process streams. They can also be used to control hydrocarbon and water dew points of natural gas streams. Most systems in this group are multi-purpose, removing hydrocarbon liquids, sulfur, carbon dioxide and water from a gas stream . OIL TREATING SOLUTIONS TOSL/NATCO provides advanced technological solutions for treatment of oil – Electrostatic Dehydration (Dual Frequency, Dual Polarity, Tri Volt), Desalting, Mechanical alternatives to defoaming (Revolution Internals).

52 Upstream Services Mechanical Solutions H2S REMOVAL
TOSL/NATCO offer H2S removal from the following: Natural Gas, Amine Unit Regenerator, Acid Gas, Claus Tail Gas, Debottle neck Sulfur Recovery Units, Replace or Convert Existing Aqueous-Iron Systems.

53 Upstream Services Mechanical Solutions
VESSEL AND EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION Over the past 8 years, TOSL has installed a number of vessels and equipment ranging from Scrubbers, separators, generators, compressors, blowers to name a few. We have a diverse staff capable Of handling all of your vessel and equipment needs from procurement to commissioning. MASS TANK GAUGING SYSTEMS Technologies include: MTG Multi-function Tank Gauge (Level, Mass, Multi-point Temperature, Multi-density strata, Free Water, Vapor Pressure, Vapor Temperature, Leak Detection, etc.), Radar, Servo, Capacitance, Ultrasonic, Magnetostrictive, Magnetic, TDR, RF, Hydrostatic, DP, etc. Communications topologies; Ethernet, Fiber Optics, Hardwire, Radio (Speed Spectrum, a/b and Bluetooth), Cellular, Satellite, and WEB enabled. Remote vendor managed inventory solutions. Upgrades and integration of existing tank gauging topologies. Retrofit of existing tank gauging systems, integration with any manufacturers tank gauging equipment. Full (Turn-Key) service company; Engineering design, through field service and bench repair.

54 Upstream Services Mechanical Solutions REMOVAL OF HYDROCARBONS
We offer a solution to clean all piping system using the following: Mechanical Cleaning, Degreasing, Descaling, Passivation and Neutralization, Oil Flushing and Other systems. ROBOTIC INSPECTIONS OF LINES/VESSEL INTERNALS Pipes are vulnerable to attack by internal and external corrosion, cracking, third party damage and manufacturing flaws. If a pipeline carrying water springs a leak bursts, it can be a problem but it usually doesn't harm the environment. However, if a petroleum or chemical pipeline leaks, it can be a environmental disaster. Apart from the varying non destructive and destructive methods of testing pipelines we offer Robotic inspections as it may be easier to use remote visual inspection equipment to assess the condition of the pipe. Robotic crawlers of all shapes and sizes have been developed to navigate the pipe. The video signal is typically fed to a truck where an operator reviews the images and controls the robot.

55 Upstream Services Mechanical Solutions CLEARING AND PIGGING LINES
TOSL offers pigs that are used for cleaning pipelines in the oil and gas industry. The mechanics behind pigging are quite simple. A pig is inserted into the line to be cleaned by means of a launcher. AIR TESTING AND HYDRO TESTING OF LINES Air testing using an inert gas in addition to hydro testing are two methods used for verifying acceptance of Vessels and pipelines newly constructed or those being re-certified. TOSL offer on site and in house pressure Testing using calibrated equipment/recorders capable of testing up to 15,000 psig.

56 Upstream Services Mechanical Solutions SLIP LINING TECHNOLOGY
Slip lining is a process that is used to repair damaged pipes. Slip lining can be done on sewer lines, force main potable water systems. Slip lining can be performed with several liner materials, including polyvinyl chloride. Slip lining using Polyethylene, polypropylene,polybutylene, and ductile iron is used to correct a variety of structural problems, however, slip lining cannot rehabilitate severely crushed or collapsed lines. The liner is either pushed or pulled into place.

57 Upstream Services Mechanical Solutions TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY
TOSL offers trenchless technology via the use of HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling utilizing Vermeer pierce Arrow and Vermeer HDD equipment. Horizontal Directional Drilling is the process by which utilities may be run underground without having to disturb top soil, building or other above ground activities. The process involves the use of a HDD rig that is used to advance a pilot hole from one location to another.

58 Upstream Services Piping Solutions
LAYING OF 4” LINE With over eight (8) years experience and numerous re-certification programs, TOSL Engineering has the ability to solve all of your piping problems. High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) is a product made possible by the latest manufacturing technology. This technology is being used to manufacture a seamless flexible pipe material with the highest strength to weight ratio available among drainage products.

59 Upstream Services Piping Solutions
BUTT FUSION MACHINE With Certification from Gas Technology Institute (GTI), Central Plastics, McElroy, Friatec and TDW, our Technicians and Support Staff have the expertise to install piping and associated fittings ranging from 2” Diameters to 54” Diameters. Our services include Butt Fusion, Electro Fusion, Socket Fusion and Extrusion Welding. We have and will continue to offer guarantee on all our projects.

60 Inspection and Testing Services

61 Inspection & Testing Provision of complete NDE/NDT Services, Training, Consulting and Supply of NDE equipment based on standard codes of engineering practices (API, ASME, ANSI, AWS, etc). Dye Penetrant Magnetic Particle Ultrasonic Thickness NDT/NDE Radiography Visual Inspection Load Testing Inspection & Testing Coating / Painting Inspection Heat Treatment 510 570 579 653 Cathodic Protection API QA/QC Inspection Tubular/Drill Pipe/Well Head

62 Inspection & Testing Failures can cost a tremendous amount of money to repair or replace the affected part. The additional cost of downtime of plant and equipment in the oil and gas, construction and other sectors can run into hundreds of millions of dollars. It is very prudent to implement timely inspection of plant and equipment before failures occur.

63 Inspection & Testing International codes and standards make it compulsory to have annual inspections performed by competent personnel Written assurance provided on the integrity of the relevant plant or equipment. This will also include calculations for corrosion rates and remaining life, and fracture mechanics application to failed parts. The Inspection and Testing Division has state-of-the-art inspection equipment to satisfy our clients’ needs All our equipment is calibrated according to our specified requirements in the applicable document of the Quality Management System.

64 Inspection & Testing Our core business is grounded in the core skills of the personnel in the Division. These core skills support our core and extended competencies. Our processes are continuously evaluated both by our auditors and customers. Self-assessment is routinely performed by our technicians as a mandatory requirement on the road to improved excellence in service through continuous improvement

65 Inspection & Testing CORE SKILLS Engineering Inspection
Project Management Job and Process Costing Quality Management Quality Auditing Laboratory Assessment

66 Inspection & Testing EXTENDED COMPETENCIES
Topside Integrity, Condition Monitoring and Baseline Surveys of Offshore and Onshore Platforms/Rigs QA/QC Third Party Inspection Inspection for Plant Turnaround Custody Transfer Monitoring Audit of Supplier Chain Developing and Documentation of Systems and Procedures Borescope Inspection Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UT) and development of corresponding management information databases

67 Inspection & Testing Radiography (RT)
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Dye Penetrant Testing (PT) Visual Inspection (VT) Cathodic Protection (CP) – design, supply, installation, testing, maintenance; ER Probes and Corrosion Monitoring Crane Inspection Load Testing (capacity 125 tons) Coating Inspection Weld Inspection Welder Test and Qualifications

68 Inspection & Testing Failure Analysis Noise Monitoring Measurements
Tank Inspection (API 653) and Tank Calibration Pressure Vessel Inspection (API 510) Piping Inspection (API 570) Drill Pipe Inspection Heat Treatment Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) of Welds Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatment Fitness for Service (API 579) Rope Access Inspection Documentation Specialists for Projects

69 Petrochemical and Process Engineering

WOODWARD GOVERNORS Governor Overhaul Services, Supplier of New Governors and spare parts, provider of energy control solutions for industrial engines and turbines, power generation, and process automation equipment. ALFA LAVAL Supplier of Plate Heat Exchangers, Centrifugal Separation Systems, Filtration Systems, Fluid Handling Systems, and Air Exchangers to the Oil, Gas, Food, Distillery, Beverage, Manufacturing, Refining and Petrochemical Industries. TDI STARTERS The TDI TurboTwin line of turbine air starters is the recognized leader in dependable starts for the oil and gas industry. They last longer; require no maintenance and are designed specifically to handle the unique challenges of remote starts. Dirty air and sour gas have no effect on TurboTwin. Our unique aerodynamic speed control regulates the starting process and protects against gear box burnout.

AVIDA AMERICAS For reclamation, recycling and/or reuse of various forms of spent catalyst, stainless steel / alloy tubes and other metal containing by-products from all industries including Ammonia & Methanol Production Plants. YORK REFRIGERATION SYSTEM YORK provides heating, air conditioning, process cooling solutions, equipment maintenance and repair service to a full spectrum of commercial and industrial facilities. MACTRONIC Provider of waste gas solutions to the petroleum, petrochemical, and landfill gas industries.  Specialization and technical innovation for flare systems, pilots, and ignition equipment (including the patented ‘Mac Ignitor’®) ZUNT MONOLITHIC INSULATING JOINTS Supplier of Monolithic Insulating Joints for Gas, Water & Oil pipelines to ISO 9001.

72 Refractory & Insulation
Supply of total Refractory, Insulation Grouting, Fire-Proofing, Engineering Solutions, Procurement and Construction, Inspection and Testing for all Industries.      Brick, Plastics Mortars, Gunnable Castable/Pumpable Ceramic Fiber Aluminum Jacketing Cellular Glass Stainless Steel Bands Epoxy Grouts Refractory Materials Insulation Materials Grouts Supply of Materials Brickwork, Casting & Gunning Ramming / Vibrating Hot Lines & Cold Lines Vessels & Tanks Turnkey Construction Projects Refractory Installation Dryout and Heatup Insulation Services Grouting Services Fireproofing Services Services

73 Valves Supply of valves to meet the needs of the Upstream, Refining, Steel, Petrochemical, Water and Waste water, Fire services and General Industries.      Gate valves, Butterfly valves, Check valves, Hydrants, Couplings & fittings, Accessories Water &Waste Water & Fire AVK Globe valves, Butterfly Valves, Gate valves Plug Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves Crane Floating Ball Valves Metal seated ball valves Trunnion mounted Ball valves Actuators Virgo Upstream, Refining, Steel, Petrochemical & Industrial Forged Steel Valves Cast Steel Valves Forged fittings & Unions Bonney Forge

74 Scaffolding and Maintenance
We provide Scaffolding, Blasting & Painting services tailored to the client’s individual needs should it be commercial to industrial. Suspended scaffolding Mobile Scaffolding Tower Scaffolding Tube & clamp scaffolding Fabrication of scafolds Scaffolding Sand Blasting Water Jetting & Hydro Blasting Cooling Tower de-sludging & washing High Pressure washing Vessel washing inside/ Outside General Maintenance Blasting Industrial & Commercial Painting Specialized Painting Painting

75 Industrial Sales and Services

76 Metal Products Warehousing and Supply of Materials for all industries with an efficient 24-hour delivery service. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals Pipes and pipe fittings S.S. Tubing Fittings Gaskets & Materials Studs, Nuts & Bolts Anti-Corrosion Materials Inventory Products

77 Lifting Equipment Assembling, Testing and Inspecting, Re-certifying of Wire Rope Slings and Shackles according to the BS EN :2003,BS EN :2003,BS EN :2003 Standards and Offering Consultancy Services to all major Industries. Wire Rope – All sizes and Construction Shackles (Crosby) G209, G210, G2310 & G2160 Endless Round Slings Sling:- Wirerope & Chain Lifting Nylon Slings Mooring Ropes: Polypropylene & Nylon Eye Bolts & Hooks Com-A-Longs Manilla Ropes Chain Blocks TurforsStud Link Anchor Chain And all other Rigging Fittings Assembling Testing & Inspection Wire Rope & Rigging Re-Certification Consultancy On Site Inspection

78 Safety Products

79 Safety Products A wide assortment of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and consumables available on a 24-hour basis. All products meet and/or exceed international safety standards. Eye Respiratory Hearing Total Fall Safety Gloves. Fire Extinguishers. Safety Flashlights, Fire …..Blankets. Construction Safety and …..Surveying Accessories. First Aid Kits. Protection Safety Supplies Apparel Footwear   Protective



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