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Gordon Masterton OBE Chairman of CIC UK Construction Safety-the UK Experience 11 th March 2011.

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1 Gordon Masterton OBE Chairman of CIC UK Construction Safety-the UK Experience 11 th March 2011

2 The way we were

3 Trends in Fatal Injuries

4 % Change in Reported Injury Rates Since 1999/2000

5 Fatal Injuries by Kind of Accident

6 Major Injuries

7 Over-3-day Injuries

8 CIC and Health & Safety CDM Regulations 2007

9 CIC and Health & Safety Client Leadership on Health & Safety

10 CIC and Health & Safety Professionally Qualified Persons (PQP) card

11 CIC and Health & Safety 2012 Construction Commitments


13 CROSSRAIL Delivering a world-class affordable railway safely through effective partnerships

14 Pre-Award – Pre-Qualification Key elements of Pre-qualification –Health & Safety Policies, Management System Framework and Record assessed –Industry H&S Accreditations sought and assessed – eg Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme –Provision for Competent H&S Advice arrangements examined and assessed – naming of specific individuals and CVs –Example Construction Phase Plans for works of a similar nature required and assessed –CRL retains right to exclude Applicants low-scoring in H&S category, regardless of overall scoring –H&S Competency Questionnaire – to validate and evidence Corporate competency of the Applicant to provide works of the type being procured - a pre-requisite to being formally invited to tender.

15 Pre-Award – Tender and Evaluation Approach to contract-specific Health & Safety risks evaluated in detail:- –Contractor asked to explain approach to managing specified key contract-specific Hazards –Appropriate example risk assessments provided –Proposed implementation of Industry best practices to overcome the norms Detailed evaluation of competence and suitability of the proposed H&S managers and advisors (specified as a Key Person in NEC) Supply Chain selection processes – H&S performance

16 Post-Award – Contract requirements Set of General H&S requirements apply to all CRL contracts Contract-specific requirements that may augment requirements Target Zero – rejects the idea that all work place accidents cannot be prevented Emphasis on risk-based approach to H&S Management Recognition and reward for exceptional performance Emphasis on Occupational Health arrangements through Client Occupational Health Standard Contractors selected occupational health service provider must be Client approved Behavioural safety programme requirement to change unsafe behaviours Client facilitated forums for Managing Directors, H&S Professionals, contractors and designers league tables of H&S statistics and performance, collaborative sharing of issues, successes, best practice's) and lessons learned

17 SCOSS and CROSS Institution of Civil Engineers Institution of Structural Engineers Health & Safety Executive UK Bridges Board Highways Agency British Parking Association Department of Communities and Local Government Local Authority Building Control Scottish Government Building Standards Division

18 Milford Haven 1970

19 SCOSS and CROSS Detect trends that may lead to structural failures Encourage learning from the experiences of others Promote good practice Influence corrective action

20 Confidential Reporting

21 Ronan Point 1968 CROSS report 2010

22 25 January 2011 - At least 35 killed, several injured in Riyadh University building collapse A section of worlds largest women universitys central library caved in, and a mound of debris fell on labourers working at the site, killing at least 35 and injuring many others.

23 CROSS Operating System analysis and comments Reports newsletters and data base influence and change

24 CROSS Website

25 Pyramid of Risk normal operations incidents injury fatal incidents precursors Diagram courtesy of ASRS Health & Safety Executive or other authorities CROSS Precursors should be reported internally and can be reported to CROSS

26 Reports by Sector

27 Pre-stressed tanks Cable Corrosion

28 Acoustic Ceiling Collapses Fixings

29 Duct Falls on Classroom HSE investigation under way

30 Disproportionate collapse Inherent weakness

31 Public Art Not enough engineering

32 CROSS International Scheme should start in Australia Scheme being encouraged in Singapore Malaysian authorities are interested Independent scheme started in Holland Concept is for an International Group of organisations who run similar programmes to share information and have a common database.

33 Constraints to Reporting US patient safety program

34 Delhi September 2010 Hanger gusset castings

35 Benefits from CROSS Learning lessons from published concerns Safety of the public and the workforce Help with the avoidance of risk Avoidance of reputational damage to firms and clients Cost savings on retrofit and repair work Giving help to fellow engineers Obtaining help from fellow engineers Ethically sound Peace of mind

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