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Enjoy Life with GREENLIFE!

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1 Enjoy Life with GREENLIFE!

EXTREME XCIENCE, INCORPORATED was registered with the SEC on December 20, 2005 primarily to engage in the business of distributing Nutritional products. Backed by over One Hundred (100) years of combined experience in Entrepreneurship and Medical Practice, Xcience is gearing up to position itself as a provider of exceptional nutritional supplements that will be reasonably priced and extend a hand for people who are in need for a highly profitable business that can be built to last. We envision ourselves as a company that will be known for its excellence in the products we promote and the way we do business for the improvement of the lives of people both in health and in wealth.

3 CHAIRPERSON: Purisima A. Bueno, MD, FPCS
THE MANAGEMENT CHAIRPERSON: Purisima A. Bueno, MD, FPCS Chairperson of the board of the Philippine National Red Cross, Ilocos Norte Outstanding Alumnus of UST, College of Medicine, 1968 1996 Gintong Ina Awardee PRESIDENT & CEO: Robert Patrick A. Bueno, MD, FPCS, PAMS Private Medical Practitioner Director, Ilocos Medical and Health Cooperative Chairman, North Luzon Development Corporation MEDICAL CONSULTANT: Jaime Z. Galvez Tan, MD, MPH Former Secretary of Health Philippines’ foremost herbalist 30 years in Herbal Medicine Research University of the Philippines Professor Acts as consultant for WHO, UNICEF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, USAID, among others.

4 GREENLIFE Superfood 3 in 1 TABLET

A single dark green algae World’s richest source of chlorophyll, 10x greater in chlorophyll content versus alfalfa, wherein commercial chlorophyll is extracted. Natural, pure, whole FOOD with all the materials to support life. Brain food Cleanses the blood Protects and cleanses the liver Helps balance blood sugar Cleanses bowel Reduce Catarrhal Conditions Helps heal wounds Normalizes blood pressure Natural chelating effect Helps build immune factors A herb native to India and other tropical countries Also known as Gotu Kola – “Miracle elixirs of life” A rejuvenating herb for brain cells and nerves Benefits those with... A Blue – Green Algae Richest natural source of Vitamin B-12 Highest source of Beta – carotene Highest protein food – 70% amino acids 12 vitamins, 11 minerals, 4 important pigments, 8 essential fatty acids, 8 essential amino acids and 10 non-essential amino acids Vitamins Bowel disorders Chronic venous insufficiency Convulsions Epilepsy Fever Hair Loss Minor Burns Nervous disorders Skin Ulcers Varicose Veins Psoriasis Eczema Rheumatism Scleroderma Hypochondria Senility Scars Wounds Vitamin A B-carotene Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin B12 Pantothenic Acid Vitamin B2 Vitamin B3 Vitamin B6 Vitamin K Vitamin B1 Folate Biotin

6 Greenlife Syrup is Fortified with Amino Acids!
Greenlife Syrup is an orange flavored vitamin preparation with growth promoting and cell enriching substances. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is rich in proteins that stimulates growth, which also supports tissue repair and healing. Centella Asiatica extract, a very popular herb found in some roots of Asia, strengthens the immune system, improves vitality and performance. Bacoside B is a protein found in Centella Asiatica valued for nourishing the brain cells, as it improves mental clarity, confidence, intelligence and memory recall. It increases keratinization, stimulate synthesis of lipids and proteins necessary for healthy skin. Taurine L-lysine Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Vitamin C Zinc

7 Advantage of our product from other existing products in the market.
Ingredients BRAND C GREENLIFE Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) L-Lysine HCL Taurine CGF Zinc Vitamin C Centella Asiatica x 50.0 mg/5 ml x 100.0 mg/5 ml

8 The health benefits of Greenlife 7-in-1 Coffee
Bee Pollen: Natural energizer of the body Rich in anti-oxidants Improves metabolism Richer in protein than any animal source Agaricus Mushrooms: Antioxidant Anti-tumor effect Improves immune system Reduces Blood Glucose Guava Extract: Rich source of Vitamin C Useful source of Calcium, nicotinic acid, Phosphorous, Soluble fiber, beta carotene, Lycopene and potassium Gotu Kola: Brain nerve tonic Strengthens memory Improves mental acuity Enhances nerve tissues Coffee: Antioxidant Has chlorogenic component that improves insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism Soya: Reduce the risk of osteoporosis Low rate of having cardiovascular diseases High protein content Pandan: Anti – Allergen Anti – Inflammatory Anti – Oxidant

9 GREENLIFE Veggie Plus Health Drink
Uray: Is an excellent source of Vitamins A, C and Iron. It is good for the lymphatic, urinary and digestive systems, as well as detoxifications and cleansing. Saluyot: Acts as diuretic, promotes secretion of urine and good for bladder cleanse. It also helps production and secretion of milk. Malunggay: Contains phytochemicals that can prevent development of Cancer cells. It is helpful for those with arthritis, hearing complications and kidney diseases. Talbos ng Kamote: Is good for constipation, improves metabolism and good for the elderly. The health benefits of Greenlife Veggie Plus Health Drink Dahon ng Sili: or what others call Capsicum, is a superior food. They are excellent source of B Vitamins, contains more Vitamin A than any food plant by weight. Recent research shows that chili pepper offers some hope of weight loss for the people suffering from obesity. Stevia: A natural sweet plant that is 300 times sweeter than sugar. It is calorie-free, all natural, and has zero glycemic index. Ponkan Extract: Rich in fiber, Vitamins A and C, calcium, magnesium, phosphate and zinc. Ponkan peel can relieve dehydration, reduce phlegm and stimulate the lungs, assist in reducing constipation. Guyabano Extract: 10,000 times better than Chemotherapy drugs. Rich in carbohydrates and considerable amount of Vitamins C, B1 and B2, Potassium and dietary fiber.

10 GREENLIFE eXcyte Tongkat Ali: It has been used as traditional remedy for restricting fatigue, re-establishing sexual desire and treating impotence. Korean Ginseng: Best herbs for the heart and vascular system, increasing blood flow to the heart and lowering blood pressure. Helps regulate and harmonize the entire body by increasing the entire body’s energy and healing abilities when used regularly. Gotu Kola: Taken on a regular basis, the herb has become known as the “key to longevity” in humans and seems to be able to enhance intelligence and improve of memory, increasing mental and physical power, combating stress and improving reflexes. L-Arginine: A non-prescription treatment for high cholesterol and as an active ingredient in sexual support products. It is required in muscle metabolism and helping with weight control since it facilitates the increase muscle mass while reducing body weight. eXcyte is proven to improve one’s vitality, physical endurance stamina and performance because it contains the purest essence of the miracle herbs. It is a combination of:

11 BUSINESS PLAN Greenlife®

12 WAYS TO EARN: 1. Retail Profit
Product Suggested Retail Price (SRP) Distributor Price Retail Profit Profit (%) Business Volume Greenlife Tablet (80 tablets/box) Greenlife Syrup (120 ml) (250 ml) Greenlife Coffee (20 sachets) Greenlife Juice PONKAN (20 sachets) GUYABANO (20 sachets) eXcyte (60 capsules / 500 mgs) 1,280.00 250.00 475.00 390.00 675.00 750.00 1,250.00 P 950.00 200.00 380.00 310.00 450.00 500.00 1,000.00 330.00 50.00 95.00 80.00 225.00 35.00% 25.00% 50.00% 500 BV 50 BV 100 BV 125 BV

13 2. Direct Sales Commission (DSC)
2 boxes Greenlife Tablet (SRP P 2,560.00) P = P 3,060.00 2 1 box Greenlife Tablet (SRP P 1,280.00) P = P 1,530.00 1

14 EARN P 30,000 / day P 180,000 / week P 720,000 / month
3. Group Sales Override (GSO) 1 PAIR = P 1, to P 1,500.00 Plus product voucher worth P450.00 (Active with 1,000 PSV) LEFT GROUP (LG) RIGHT GROUP (RG) Associate P 400 / pair Distributor to Platinum P 1,500 / pair Every 5th Cycle 1 box of GREENLIFE tablets Plus 1 box of eXcyte capsule EARN (Distributor to Platinum) (20 pairs / day – 2 time zone*) P 30,000 / day P 180,000 / week P 720,000 / month NOTE: NO TOTAL FLUSH OUT (50% BUSINESS VOLUME ON YOUR STRONG LEG WILL BE RETAINED) LG (6,000 BV) & RG (6,000 BV) Sales Volume = 1 pair * First Zone will be from 12:01 AM to 12:00 NN (maximum of 10 pairs) * Second Zone will be from 12:01 PM to 12:00 MN (maximum of 10 pairs)

15 3. Group Sales Override (GSO)
PROJECTED INCOME Sponsor (ED) Cycle Month Income 1,500.00 3,000.00 6,000.00 12,000.00 24,000.00 48,000.00 96,000.00 192,000.00 384,000.00 720,000.00 P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 4096 P 2,926,500.00 / year P243,875.00 / month

16 4. Hybrid Plan (Unilevel & MGS)
Requirements to earn: 1,000 PSV + 10% INFINITY + 20% INFINITY + 40% INFINITY + 50% INFINITY NOTES: 1.) You will earn the difference in infinity bonus until you encounter a distributor with the same rank. However, the 4% is guaranteed up to the 10th level. 2.) Bronze NED = +42.5% Silver NED = +45.0% Gold NED = +47.5% 3.) Platinum Pool = 10% of your own non-platinum group

17 5. Rebates / 6. Leadership Overrides REBATES & LEADERSHIP OVERRIDES
NO DEMOTION (in excess of 500 BV) REQUIREMENTS TO EARN REBATES & OVERRIDES: 1000 PSV Beyond 500 BV Repeat purchase goes to MGS BV for promotion: Repeat purchase BV only 1st 500 BV Repeat purchase credit goes to the binary

NO DEMOTION (in excess of 500 BV)

19 Extreme Xcience will set aside 10% of the total BV sold by his group.
8. Platinum NED Pool Extreme Xcience will set aside 10% of the total BV sold by his group. 30% : (10% x 3M) P 300,000.00 50% : (10% x 5M) P 500,000.00 10,000,000 BV in a year 20% : (10% x 2M) P 200,000.00 Platinum NED pool starts to accumulate upon promotion. Excluding Binary GBV. Payout is every January 20th of the following covered year.

20 Investment Package – Distributor
P 4, (3,000 BV) Four (4) boxes of Greenlife Tablets 4 Add P 1, to receive 2 boxes each of Greenlife Ponkan Juice, Coffee and Syrup (120ml) Total Product Cost at SRP = P 7,750.00 2

21 8 4 4 4 Executive Distributor P 8,800.00 (6,000 BV)
Investment Package – Executive Distributor Executive Distributor P 8, (6,000 BV) P 9, (6,000 BV) 4 2 2 Four (4) boxes of Greenlife Tablets Two (2) bottles of Syrup (120ml) Two (2) boxes eXcyte OR 8 Eight (8) boxes of Greenlife Tablets 2 4 2 Four (4) boxes Coffee Two (2) boxes Ponkan Juice Two (2) boxes Guyabano Juice Add P 2, to receive 4 boxes each of Greenlife Ponkan Juice, Coffee and Syrup (120ml) 4 4 4 Total Product Cost at SRP = P 15, or P 17,790.00

China Bank (Jade Drive) Unit 1010, Antel Global Corp. Center 3 Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City Acct. # 130 – Union Bank (Julia Vargas) Acct. # OFFICE HOURS Bank of the Phil. Islands (J. Vargas) Acct. # 2431 – 0057 – 46 MONDAY - FRIDAY 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM Banco De Oro (J. Vargas) Acct. # SATURDAY 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM Security Bank (Tektite) Acct. # RCBC (Linden) Acct. # Contact 470 – 1426, ; Telefax: 667 – 3053; Fax Local: 115; Mobile: 0920 – Website:

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