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In the year 2525 If man is still alive If woman can survive They may find…… Zager & Evans 1969.

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4 In the year 2525 If man is still alive If woman can survive They may find…… Zager & Evans 1969

5 Glimpse of what the future desktop will be Many factors determine the selections, settings and configurations Dont run out and install any of this today! Be aware that change is on the horizon

6 Microsoft Windows 7 Better Performance Enhanced User Interface More Secure Manage Multiple Windows easier Windows XP Extended Support ending… Stronger Licensing Controls

7 Office 2010 (released 6/15/2010) Added features include new video and editing options in PowerPoint, updated text effects and table formatting in Word, advanced e-mail management and calendaring options in Outlook, co-authoring options in Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote, and a Web-based option via Office Web Apps. (Sharepoint designer no longer included) Stronger Licensing Controls

8 Open Office …. The leading open-source office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, presentations and more. Writer (Word) Calc (Excel) Impress (Powerpoint) Base (Access) Draw (Graphics Editor) Math In computer labs for fall 2010 along WITH MS Office.

9 Cisco Network Authentication Client Implementation recently completed Requires authentication to properly identify which network resources a user should have access to Restricts unauthorized access to network and provides a more secure environment Periodic authentication will be required for network access

10 Standard User Account Limits what you can do with your desktop Installation of applications, screen savers, malware, viruses, trojans, etc. prohibited More secure Reduces probability of malware infection Roll out of Windows 7 and Standard Accounts to ITS & IR starting in October 2010 Campus roll out to begin in November 2010

11 User Account will be provisioned and managed by Active Directory Log in once to get access to Windows PC and any LAN or mapped drives Password Synchronization Operating System & Security Policies will be monitored and updated via Active Directory Mass deployment of security fixes & templates

12 Internet Explorer 8.0 (version 9 on the horizon) Firefox (default browser) Chrome (?) Opera (?)

13 First…. What kind of data do I have?

14 PII Data Data that is specific to personally identifiable information SSN, DOB, Drivers License, Credit Card, etc. Removal of PII data is necessary Protect identities Reduce liability Legislative Compliance

15 Identity Finder Product rollout to help users identify PII Locates potential PII on the desktop Users will be required to remediate PII data from systems (delete, shred, encrypt, move to secure location) Will be periodically monitored Rollout slated for December 2010

16 RoyalDrive Xythos can provide security, encryption, access control, sharing, and remote accessibility User Data Migrated to RoyalDrive New or recycled systems being rolled out now System rebuilds after CSIRT Upon request

17 McAfee Antivirus application to be replaced with a more efficient product……

18 IT Services Antivirus Evaluation Taskforce Fall 2009 through Spring 2010 Protection is not 100% with any one desktop product and requires a layered approach Product needed to be less intrusive and still effective in identifying and removing viruses

19 ITS Antivirus Evaluation Taskforce Research & Evaluated numerous AV Products Narrowed list to top three: ESET, Kaspersky, MS Forefront Used & evaluated each of the three products in office setting and lab environment

20 Taskforce recommendation is Microsoft Forefront Client Security ITS is working with Infrastructure Group & PMO to begin deployment in Fall 2010 McAfee has been renewed for one final year to provide sufficient time for the switch to Forefront

21 Into the cloud !!!!! Whats a cloud????

22 Into the cloud !!!!! Web based interface for accessing email Local email clients will eventually go away! Server based application Calendar will be there too…. Web based interface for new calendar system that will be integrated with email Google vs. Microsoft Live

23 What does this mean??? Email & calendar services will move into a clouded provider to be more efficient and to provide a more robust environment Thunderbird will go away CorpTime will go away New services via web interface More information and announcements will be coming concerning the future of email & calendar

24 KBOX Network appliance that provides remote management of desktops Continued use of KBOX for the managed deployment, configuration and removal of applications from the desktop

25 KBOX Watch for changes on startup and prompts from KBOX…. Look for familiar KBOX popup boxes

26 KBOX UPDATE: Third Party Application Push Adobe Reader 9.3.4 onto 677 systems Adobe Flash ActiveX onto 687 systems Adobe Flash Plugin onto 698 systems JRE6u21 onto 691 systems Shockwave onto 648 systems

27 KBOX Third party updates continue as vendors look to enhance plug-ins and patch security vulnerabilities Next Step …. Web interface to allow users to select licensed applications

28 IT Services Staff, ITDA Staff and TSC Staff will have the ability to remotely connect to your desktop to: View problems Walk users through solutions Provide end user assistance Resolve problems

29 Well, maybe sooner than 3535 …..

30 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Desktop is in the cloud….. Thin Client (similar to dumb terminal) replacement Full access to applications on an image stored and managed in the data center Access to data continues via RoyalDrive Eventually accessible from anywhere on campus


32 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Thin clients received VM servers prepared Testing slated for later this month Prototype lab to be developed in Intersession and tested through Spring 2011

33 If desktops are virtualized, what could possibly be next ?????

34 In the cloud…. Virtual Applications Run applications in a self-contained module regardless of your environment Provides access from any client Beneficial to students with personal laptops Equivalent to web based applications

35 Office 2011 is now available for Macintosh Systems Antivirus application evaluation currently in progress RoyalDrive is also accessible Kbox client will help with necessary updates

36 Apple Authorized Repair Center Glen Pace first apple certified technician On site warranty repairs Additional technicians to be authorized Coverage provided for: All University owned Macintosh systems Service is extended to student owned systems

37 Watch for Email from IT Services The preceding email is for informational purposes only. Please be advised that representatives from IT Services, the Technology Support Center and/or Information Resources will never ask for user login or password information via phone or email. Additionally, communication of secure information or hyperlinks will only be provided to Faculty, Staff and Students via the my.scranton portal.

38 Read the Desktop Notices Channel

39 Clean up email inbox and sent folders Remediate all PII from your desktop Delete unnecessary files Utilize RoyalDrive for file storage Be prepared for change….

40 Now it's been 10,000 years Man has cried a billion tears For what he never knew Now man's reign is through But through the eternal night The twinkling of starlight So very far away Maybe it's only yesterday

41 Now it's been 10,000 years Man has cried a billion tears For what he never knew Now man's reign is through But through the eternal night The twinkling of starlight So very far away Maybe it's only yesterday




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