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Welcome CLASS of 2016.

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1 Welcome CLASS of 2016

2 Welcome to the Monte ahuja College of Business
Dean Steve Percy Associate Dean Benoy Joseph Who is Monte Ahuja?

3 Monte ahuja Monte Ahuja is founding chairman, president & CEO of Transtar Industries, Inc. He earned his MBA at Cleveland State University while he worked various jobs. As part of his coursework at CSU, he developed the business plan for Transtar in Today, Transtar is the leading worldwide distributor of OE quality transmission parts to the motor vehicle repair industry, with annual revenues of more than $250 million. Through his generous support, The College of Business moved into its new home in Ahuja served on the Cleveland State University Board of Trustees from and served as its chairman for six years. In 2011, Monte Ahuja donated $10 million dollars to CSU to fund scholarships for business students. Will you become the next famous Business alumni?

4 BBA Degree: studying business
Business Ethics & Leadership Our Majors: Accounting, Business Administration (General Business), Business Economics, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Management/Labor Relations and Operations Supply Chain Management Management & Human Resources Financial Study Money Management Communication Information & Technology Global Awareness Economic Development Operations Supply Management All BBA students complete the following courses in order to develop basic business skills. Business Lower Divisional core BUS 151 The World of Business IST 203 Software Tools for Personal MTH 148: Business Math I MTH 149: Business Math II OSM 201 Business Statistics I OSM 202 Business Statistics II ECN 201 Macroeconomics ECN 202 Microeconomics ACT 221 Intro to Accounting I ACT 222 Intro to Accounting II GAD 250 Business Communications (W) functional areas of business

5 BSCIS Degree: Studying Computer Information science
The Bachelor Science, Computer Information Science program provides the student with a strong foundation in computer science. The curriculum reflects current computing trends and incorporates current topics to enable a CIS graduate to be competitive in the marketplace. BSCIS entry level requirements A grade of C or better in Calculus I & II - MTH 181/182, C+ in Business Math I & II - MTH A grade of C+ or better in CIS 260 Introduction to Programming CIS 265 Data Structures and Algorithms Studying

6 Honors for Academic Standards
All undergraduate students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 2.0 to remain in good standing. If a student's cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, the student may be placed on academic probation or face academic dismissal. Almost all majors in the College require a grade of “C” or higher among courses within the major MTH 148/149 & OSM 201/202 courses must be complete with a grade of “C” or higher Honors for Academic Standards (Semester GPA is 3.9 or above) (Semester GPA is 3.25 or above) (Cumulative GPA is 3.3 or above at graduation)

7 Mandatory Advising Program
Business Student Services: Preparing for Graduation Academic Advising Business Scholarships Student Organizations Career Services Tutoring Computer Labs New Service Mandatory Advising Program For all first year students accepted into the College of Business • Each student assigned a specific Professional Advisor from the College of Business • Meet and Greet sessions with Major faculty/department staff • Develop a Graduation Degree Completion Personal Plan

8 Business undergraduate advising
Location: College of Business Building: BU 219, Second floor Advising Teams: Ron Mickler & Eric Hinkle Majors: Accounting, Finance & Business Economics Sarah Trask & Sarah Hyde Majors: Computer Information Science, Information System & Business Undecided Jennifer Redmon & Maria Barone Majors: Marketing, International Business & Management/LR Anne Nelson & Randy Garcia Majors: Business Administration (General Business), Operations Supply Chain Mgmt. Advising is a partnership between student & advisor

9 CLASS of 2016 May 14, 2016 - Celebrating Graduation

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