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Connecting world trade Connecting World Trade Corporate Presentation.

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1 connecting world trade Connecting World Trade Corporate Presentation

2 connecting world trade CWT Group Overview Slide 2 6% Integrated Logistics & SCM Solutions Provider Founded in 1970. Singapore HQ. Listed on SGX in 1993. 600.3 million issued shares Global Logistics Infrastructure Network enables supply chain synergies and enhances distribution capabilities Commodity Logistics Note: Percentage of FY2011 revenue mix Commodity SCM Contract Logistics Freight Logistics Engineering Maintenance 69%9%13%3%

3 connecting world trade Global Logistics Infrastructure Slide 3 10 million sq ft of global warehouse space Europe Africa Asia Middle East America NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam CWT Soft Commodities warehouse 596,644 sq ft BELGIUM, Antwerp CWT LME warehouse 495,140 sq ft UK, Liverpool CWT Soft Commodities warehouse 80,000 sq ft GHANA, Tema CWT Soft Commodities warehouse 107,639 sq ft CHINA, Shanghai Jinshan Chemical Warehouse 157,000 sq ft CHINA, Tianjin CWT Tianjin Logistics Hub 86,000 sq ft UAE, Dubai Jebel Ali Districentre 1 & 2 340,000 sq ft UAE, Dubai Globelink Weststar warehouses 232,589 sq ft SINGAPORE CWTs warehouse facilities: 7,854,690 sq ft

4 connecting world trade Singapore – No. 1 in Warehousing *CWT Distripark @ Jurong Port Road 812,809 sq ft *Jurong Districentre @ Pioneer Sector 412,471 sq ft *CWT Tuas Warehouse @ Tuas Ave 3 308,645 sq ft *CWT Logistics Hub 2 @ Tanjong Penjuru 523,609 sq ft *CWT Commodity Hub @ Penjuru Road 2,295,994 sq ft *CWT Cold Hub @ Fishery Port Road 341,946 sq ft CWT Logistics Hub 1 @ Tanjong Penjuru 375,233 sq ft CWT Logistics Hub 3 @ Tanjong Penjuru 835,000 sq ft CWT Distripark @ Jalan Buroh 739,243 sq ft Pandan Logistics Hub @ Pandan Road 325,000 sq ft Trident Districentre @ Toh Guan Rd East 336,050 sq ft Pioneer Log Hub 2 @ Pioneer Sector 1 52,713 sq ft * Securitised to REITs Slide 4

5 connecting world trade List of Integrated Logistics Facilities Warehouses OWNED by the CWT Group Warehouses SECURITISED TO REITs CWT Logistics Hub 3 @ 52 Tanjong Penjuru Pandan Logistics Hub @ 49 Pandan Road CWT Commodity Hub @ 24 Penjuru Road CWT Cold Hub @ 2 Fishery Port Road CWT Logistics Hub 2 @ 46A Tanjong Penjuru CWT Distripark @ 24 Jurong Port Road Jurong Districentre @ Pioneer Sector Distripark @ Tuas Avenue 3 CWT Logistics Hub 1 @ 38 Tanjong Penjuru CWT Tianjin Logistics Hub @ Tianjin, China Jebel Ali Free Zone Area Districentre 1 @ Dubai, UAE CWT LME Warehouse Facilities @ Antwerp, Belgium CWT Soft Commodities Warehouse Facilities @ Amsterdam, Netherlands Jinshan Districentre @ Shanghai, China CWT Soft Commodities Warehouse @ Tema Free Zone, Ghana CWT Soft Commodities Warehouse @ Liverpool, UK Globelink Weststar @ Jebel Ali North, Dubai, UAE Globelink Weststar @ Jebel Ali South, Dubai, UAE CWT Distripark @ 47A Jalan Buroh Pioneer Logistics Hub 3 @ 31 Pioneer Sector Pioneer Logistics Hub 2 @ 33 Pioneer Sector 1 Pioneer Logistics Hub 1 @ 22 Pioneer Sector 2 Trident Districentre @ Toh Guan Road East SingaporeOverseas Legend 325,000 sq ft 835,000 sq ft 375,233 sq ft 86,000 sq ft 157,000 sq ft 138,000 sq ft 739,243 sq ft 336,050 sq ft 495,140 sq ft 596,644 sq ft 80,000 sq ft 107,639 sq ft 76,139 sq ft 156,450 sq ft 2,295,994 sq ft 341,946 sq ft 523,609 sq ft 812,809 sq ft 412,471 sq ft 308,645 sq ft Year 2011 Year 2007 Year 2010 Year 2007 Year 2003 Year 1972 Year 2007 Year 2008 Year 2005 Year 2010 Year 2008 Year 2007 Year 2006 Total warehouse space owned & REITed by CWT by 2013: 10,809,250 sq ft Slide 5 73,709 sq ft 52,713 sq ft 65,367 sq ft Year 2007 Jebel Ali Free Zone Area Districentre 2 @ Dubai, UAEYear 2007202,000 sq ft 5,956,776 sq ft 4,852,474 sq ft Jalan Buroh Warehouse @ 47 Jalan Buroh356,901 sq ft Year 1989 * scheduled for completion CWT Cold Hub 2 @ Fishery Port Road725,000 sq ft*1Q2013 Dubai Logistics City Districentre 3 @ Dubai, UAE134,548 sq ftYear 2012

6 connecting world trade Commodity Logistics CWT Commodities Handle 80,000 metric tons of coffee beans per annum Manage 2 million metric tons of cargoes in China Slide 6 LME and LIFFE/SICOM warehouse provider Collateral management services 20 LME warehouses MetalsCoffee beans

7 connecting world trade Commodity Supply Chain Management Slide 7 Coal supply chain management Base metals (Copper, Lead, Zinc) commodity SCM MRI Trading AG Core competence in commodity marketing and risk management Scale and critical mass in base metals concentrates, esp. copper Longstanding supplier and client relationships through spot and frame agreements Coal Copper concentratesZinc concentrates Lead concentrates

8 connecting world trade Contract Logistics Petrochemical and Chemical LogisticsContainer Logistics Cold Chain LogisticsSteel Logistics Bonded/Dutiable Cargo LogisticsDefence Logistics Container depot capacity: 1.8 million sq ft across Spore, Msia and China Yearly throughput: >500,000 TEUs Service all types of containers Recognised ISO tank cleaning and repair depot 300,000 sq ft of licensed warehouse space for storing liquor, wine and tobacco Largest multi-temperature controlled facility in Singapore with cold storage capacity of 12,000 pallets and expandable One-stop metal surface preparation service to major shipyards Regional Distribution Hub and supply chain solutions for world leading petrochemical and chemical companies Slide 8 CWT Engineering OCWS LogisticsCWT Logistics CWT Limited & Force 21 Equipment Forwarding and logistics services for defence troops training overseas Design & delivery of defence, security and rescue gear and equipment Agent of specialised military equipment Supply and procurement services

9 connecting world trade Slide 9 Freight Logistics CWT Globelink is a neutral, leading consolidator of LCL cargoes for sea freight Global Network 102 Global Offices China (22) India (21) Others (59) 102 offices across 26 countries

10 connecting world trade Engineering Services Facilities management and maintenance Vehicles and equipment fleet management and maintenance Supply and installation of engineering products Design & Build for logistics facilities Maintain numerous facilities with a built-up GFA of >26 million sq ft Manage the maintenance of >16,000 fleet of vehicles and equipment Slide 10 Indeco Engineers is Top 3 in Singapore

11 connecting world trade Our Solutions At A Glance Slide 11 Commodity SCM Logistics EngineeringFinancial Services Freight Logistics LCL consolidation CFS operations DG cargo handling Sea-Air services Buyers consolidation General freight forwarding Commodity Logistics LME warehousing LIFFE/SICOM warehousing Collateral management Stock monitoring Freight forwarding and shipping Trade credit facilitation Contract & SCM Logistics Regional distribution hub operations Onsite logistics Supply chain solutions Petrochemical & Chemical logistics Cold Chain logistics Bonded/Dutiable cargo logistics Container Logistics Bonded yard and warehousing facilities 3PL management Transportation and distribution Container storage, maintenance and repair ISO tank cleaning and repair Reefer structural and machinery repair Steel Logistics Integrated steel logistics solution Corrosion protection of ferrous/ non-ferrous materials Transportation of metal materials Defence Logistics & Equipment Defence logistics Defence, security and rescue gear & equipment Agent of specialised military equipment Supply and procurement Coal Supply Chain Management Coal sourcing and fulfillment and end-to- end supply chain management Base Metal Supply Chain Management Commodity marketing for base metals non- ferrous concentrates (Copper, Lead and Zinc) Engineering Maintenance Facilities management & maintenance Vehicles and equipment fleet management & maintenance Supply & installation of engineering products Design & Build for logistics facilities Management of Cache Logistics Trust Trust Management Property Management Brokering Services Brokerage, clearing, settlement and post- trade support for futures and derivatives trade

12 connecting world trade Consistent Record of Profitability Slide 12 Note: Results for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010 included profit from the sale and leaseback of properties. PATMI (in S$ mil)

13 connecting world trade N.A. Key Financial Ratios Slide 13 N.A. Note: Results for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010 included profit from the sale and leaseback of properties.

14 connecting world trade 2011 Strong Balance Sheet Slide 14 (13)(88) 200520062007200820092010 Note: Results for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010 included profit from the sale and leaseback of properties.

15 connecting world trade FY2011 Revenue By Segment Slide 15 % of revenue by Business segment % of revenue by Geographical segment Note: Others include Rest of Asia, Oceania and North America

16 connecting world trade Connecting World Trade Corporate Presentation

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