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ANS & Airport, how to have a collaborate approach to expansion and safety? Jan Blyckert General Manager Global Aerospace Logistics GAL – Air Navigation.

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1 ANS & Airport, how to have a collaborate approach to expansion and safety? Jan Blyckert General Manager Global Aerospace Logistics GAL – Air Navigation Services Good morning, my name is Jan Blyckert General Manager of GAL Air Navigation Services and responsible for Abu Dhabi Airports ANS Operation. My background is Air Traffic Controller and Manager of Air Side Operations at Stockohlm Airport.

2 Short introduction of GAL Air Navigation SERVICE provider
Expansion – Airport unique solution Collaborate approach – what do we mean ? I will take the opportunity to give a short presentations of GAL. Talk a bit of the framework that regulates the provision of services for ANS, then move into the discussion of expansion and how we can have a collaborate approach for the service delivery to our end costuners – the Airlines.

3 What I am going to talk about is not rocket siense and I know that most of you have a knowlednge of what I am going to talk about. What I will do is just take the available knowledge and pack it in a different way like….

GAL has teamed with: LFV – Sweden’s Air Navigation Provider Abu Dhabi Polytechnic – Emirati Graduates in Air Traffic Management Degree GAL awarded major contracts to provide Civil Air Navigation Services for : RAK Airport ADAC – Abu Dhabi International, Al Bateen, Al Ain & Delma Airports – 5+2 Year Contract

Operating all military airfields and 6 civilian Airport Currently employs over 200 Air Traffic Controllers, 66 Air Traffic Controllers Assistants, 12 Air Traffic Services Instructors, Admin staff, Management Trained over 500 students in a variety of different ATC courses to date, The ATS Training Center is approved by the UAE regulator (GCAA) to provide all ATS Courses, and English language training & testing in accordance with ICAO requirements. ATS Services include operations, training, engineering, simulation, ATC tower and radar approach management, UAE National ATS Program Management training & execution

Airport & Air Base Services Airfield Equip Support Air Traffic Mgmt ATS Airfield Equipment Maintenance Air Base Upgrades & Modernization Troubleshooting & Repair of all NAVAIDs & Communications Equipment Arresting Gear & Airfield Lighting Maint. Air Traffic Services (ATS) Air Traffic Controllers Engineering Specialists ATC Instructors GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority approvals and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) compliance SMS (Safety Management System) ATS, CNS, Met at Ras Al Khaimah GAL ATS Training Centre Operational approval for ADAC Air Traffic Management Leadership, Safety, and Regulation Airspace Management Communications, Navigation & Surveillance Equip Management

7 SERVICE PROVIDER Government Department:
Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana, Brunei, Chad, Chile, Cook Island, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guatemala, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Laos, Liberia, China, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Syria, France, Greece, Japan, Luxembourg, KSA (GACA) , UAE Government Agency Nigeria (NAMA), USA (FAA) State Enterprise Australia (Airservice Aus.), Belgium (Belgocontrol), Bulgaria (ATSA), Czech Republic (ANS CR), Denmark (Naviair), Egypt (NANSC), Finland (Finnish CAA), Hungary (Hungarocontrol), Malta (MATS), Netherlands (LVNL), Portugal (NAV EP), Poland (PL), Romania (ROMANTSA), Russia, Slovakia (LPS), Spain (AENA), Sweden (LFV), Thailand (AEROTHAI) Corporatized Entity Austria (Austro Control), Croatia (Croatia Control), Estonia (EANS), Germany (DFS), Ireland (IAA), Italy (ENAV), New Zealand (Airways Corp), Norway (Avinor), GAL Partly Private Entity ATC at selected airports in UK, Canada (Nav Canada), United Kingdom (NATS), Switzerland (Skyguide), The structure of ANS Providers in different all over the world from

8 SERVICE PROVIDER Service delivery Company/ Government requirements
Civil Aviation Regulations UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Service delivery Company/ Government requirements Regulatory requirements So, the framework for the ans Provision is Regulatory requirements, company or govrement requirements – here is where the model and terms change. When you operate a Company wheather it is a private or govreemnt own you have to have a substantial buisiness model that can cope with the quick changes in the aviation industry and meet the expacations of the Airspec Users. If you operate under a Govrent entety you will allways be limited on your provision of services dependenp on the allocated govrement budget. This will limit the possibility to meet the end users and airport requirements as it have to be adressed through a govrement body. Airport requirements

9 Streamlined ANS & Airport Operations
WHAT IS DRIVING THE EXPANSION – The collaboration Cost efficient and environment friendly Airline operation Airport & ANS collaboration Service Provision Define Service levels Define bottle necks Investment plans Capacity enhancement – Increased Safety performance Reduced emission Efficient manpower planning – Provide requested service Cross use of manpower – Safety Management/Airside Operations Streamlined ANS & Airport Operations


ATC services are provided H24 from the airport. At present, Radar services are provided from Sunday - Thursday local. An Approach Procedural service is provided outside of the radar hours of availability. – Cost efficient solution – provision of required service to passenger & cargo flight


13 SAFETY – The collaboration Integrated Safety management System
Local Runway Safety Team Wildlife Management Airside Safety Campaigns Airside Driving Training – English Language Proficiency Airside Safety and ANS Safety – define Accountability and responsibility

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