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Djibouti Strategic Location

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1 Djibouti Strategic Location
Infrastructures & Investments in Ports, Free Zones and Maritime related Business Activities Aboubaker Omar Hadi Chairman of Djibouti Ports and Free Zones Authority

2 1. Djibouti Overview 2. Existing Infrastructures 3. Infrastructures Expansions 4. Future Infrastructures 5. Summary of Development Projects

3 Djibouti Overview Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 Forecast 2013 USD 1199 1258
Independent since 1977 Area: 23,200 Km² Language : Official languages are Arabic & French English is spoken by Traders & Hoteliers Afar & Somali are spoken locally. Currency: Djibouti Franc has fixed parity with US Dollars since 1949 Main economic sector is the port and port-related activities Gross Domestic Product per capita: Economy based on service sector (82% of GDP); Ports & related activities : 78% of the GDP Member of ACP AGOA COMESA IGAD Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 Forecast 2013 USD 1199 1258 1346 1383 1450

4 Djibouti Macroeconomic Indicators

5 Map of the Coastal & Landlocked African Countries
9 East Africans landlock countries of which 6 countries are in Djibouti Corridor Hinterland Area: 16,374,944 Km² Population: 238,134,156 20 Coastal Countries 8 Coastal Countries

6 The hinterland Port Sudan Djibouti’s Ports Port Mombasa Malakal
Addis Abeba Wau Juba Port Mombasa

7 Existing Infrastructures

8 Facilities: A Performant Logistic Platform
Port of Djibouti SA (4100 m of berth) Multi Purpose Port: 3200m of berth Bulk Terminal: 500m of berth Container Terminal :400m of berth with RoRo berth , 12m berth depth. HDTL Pumping capacity : 2000 T/hour/line Operation : 24 hours Depth : 20m Berths: Two. PORT OF DJIBOUTI SA DCT DFZ No corporate Tax; One Stop Shop; Open a company within 48 hours 163 Free Zone companies registered with DPFZA; 39 Nationalities ; 68% from overseas; Office space, warehouses, Light Industrial Units ,hangar and serviced land. DCT World Class Productivity: 34m/hr/crane average 1050m of berth, 18m berth depth.

9 Infrastructure Expansions

10 DCT:Phase II Phase II Phase I Phase II Phase I 2013-2015
950m quay length to reach a total of 2000m 3 million TEU capacity Phase I 1050m quay length 18m draught 6 Super Post Panamax quay cranes (+2 in September 2013) 16RTG(+8 in September 2013) 1.5 million TEU capacity

11 Storage Tanks Expansion
: Phase II Storage Tanks Expansion LPG Expansion Oil Terminal: second phase of the Oil Terminal Construction phase will start in 4th quarter 2013; Traffic: increase of 30% of the actual capacity

12 Future Infrastructures

13 Future Mega-Projects 1 9 2 8 5 4 3 6 11 10 12 7 13 1.Ship Repair Yard 2.Port of Tadjourah 3.Port of Ghoubet 4.LNG Terminal 5.New Multipurpose Port 6. Crude Oil Terminal 7. Livestock Port of Damergo 8. Business District 9.Tadjourah-Mekele Railway 10.Djibouti-Addis Abeba Railway 11.Khor Ambado Free Zone 12.Jabanas Free Zone 13.Chebelleh International Airport & Cargo Village

14 Pipelines Projects Crude Oil: 6.7 billion barrels
Melut-Djibouti: 1672Km Gallup LNG: 7.5 Trillion m3 Djibouti-Gallup: 805Km

15 Trans-African Railways
Far East/Europe Route: 20.1 M TEU Far East/East Coast of USA Route: 12 M TEU Far East /East Coast of South America Route: 4.6 M TEU Djibouti-Lagos: 4870km Djibouti-Dakar: 6959 km Far East /West Africa route:5.4M TEU

16 Railway Projects 2 Billion Tons of Potash
Tadjourah-Galafi : 124Km ;Total Investment of 600 Million USD Galafi Galilleh Djibouti-Galilleh: 98Km; Total Investment of 500 Million USD

17 Djibouti Shipping Company
Aqaba Ain Sukhna Djibouti Shipping Company Jebel Ali Mumbai Jeddah Salalah Port Sudan Aden DJIBOUTI Monbassa Dar Es Salam Four container carriers Carrying capacity: 3000 TEUS Beira Maputo Durban

18 Summary of Development Projects in Djibouti ports, free zones and maritime related business activities Projects Cost of Studies Start of studies Start of Project Total Cost of Project Finance Ship Repair & Drydocks 350 000 USD 2013 400 millions USD Not yet Secured Development activities  of the fishing port 200 000 USD 20 millions USD Secured Chebelleh Airport & Cargo Village (Phase I) 700 000 USD  1st quarter 2013 320 millions USD JABANAS Free Zone in PK12 600 000 USD 50 millions USD Secured   Doraleh Container Terminal Phase I b Internal study Completed 30 millions USD Phase II 1 000 000 USD In progress 300 millions USD Secured  marine Services-tug boats 1th quarter 2013 300 000 USD New Multi-Purpose Port ( Port of Djibouti) 1 000 000 USD 3rd quarter 2013 300 million USD Business District Under study Djibouti-Galilleh Railway 2 000 000 USD 500 million USD Tadjourah-Galafi Railway 4th quarter 2012 600 million USD

19 Summary of Development Projects in Djibouti ports and free zones maritime related business activities Projects Cost of Studies Start of studies Start of Project Total Cost of Project Finance Livestock Port of  Damerjog 700 000 USD 3rd quarter 2013 70 millions USD Not yet Secured Port of Ghoubet Export of salt from Lake Assal 250 000 USD Completed 1th quarter 64 millions USD Secured Port of Tadjoura  (Potash / Mineral) 820 000 USD Phase I 80 millions USD Phase II Oil Port Storage tanks / Refined products 500 000 USD 2nd quarter 2012 4 th quarter 2013 60 millions USD   LPG 300 000 USD 1st quarter 2012 7 millions USD LNG 1 500 000 USD End of 2013 2014 2.6 billion USD Crude Oil Terminal 1 000 000 USD 4th quarter 2013 200 million USD Secured   Khor Ambado Free Zone To be determined To be developed in several phases Djibouti Shipping Company 4th quarter 2012 2nd quarter 2013 TOTAL PROJECT  USD 43.03 % of the total amount are already been secured

20 Total Investments The coming 3 years, we are going to invest over Billion USD on the development of ports and maritime related business activities. 43.03% of the total amount of Billion USD are already been secured.

21 Thank you

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