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About company Limited liability company for manufacturing, domestic and foreign trade, mediation and Services "EMA" doo Knić was founded in 1991 as a privately owned company. 22 years of experience in the development and manufacture of special truck bodies and tipper bodies is a guarantee of our quality and reliability. 2006 "EMA" d.o.o. Knić,the leading body building company in the region, became the exclusive representative for South East Europe for assembly and distribution of French trailers and semi-trailers of the brand "Samro“, of the Italian tippers "Cantoni & C.“, "Menci" and "Tecnokar" and is their official service center. We set focus on the sale and distribution of products, beside the domestic market, to export to the neighboring countries and countries of the European Union and Russia, which is for our company of great importance. In addition to the sale, we have a well-stocked repair shop and a very good mobile team that can respond at any moment in all situations. With rich experience of our partners, continuous development of our products and market adjustment, "EMA" doo company is now able to produce quality and reliable products for the transportation and distribution of various types of goods according to European standards. April 2014 2 2 2

Advantages of „EMA“ d.o.o. Knić : A quality product - a modern technology in combination with high- quality materials; A wide range of products enables to meet the market needs; A young and perspektives engineering team that responds quickly to market needs; An experienced sales team that is able to place the product on the market. Skilled workers in manufacturing line who are competent to revitalize the old and to produce new products. The owner with the vision that can allow the growth of the company through the development and export. April 2014 3 3 3

Production facility Approx. 100 trained and specialized expert staff; sophisticated project and applied technology; Modern administrative building of 450 m²; Modern production facilities of 5000 sqm with the most advanced production equipment, where special attention was paid to the final processing; Preparation station and painting cabin (18m x5m x 5m); Production line hall for the manufacture of thermally insulated panels; Sandblasting cabin (18mx5mx5m); The plan of the company is to built a new hall of 4,000 m² on the site of a total 40,000 m². 2000 m² of production facility in Pushkino, Russia April 2014 4 4 4

April 2014 5 5 5

April 2014 6 6 6

Production program Bodies with tarpaulin Reefer bodies for pallet-floor loading Insulated bodies for meat transport Insulated bodies for ice transport Bodies for bread transport Closed box bodies for variaty of products Van thermal insulation Bodies for drink transport Aluminium bodies Bodies for transport of cars Two-axle tandem trailers 18t Two-axle tandem trailers 7t Special vehicles April 2014 7 7 7

8 In 2003, the company EMA d.o.o. Knić got an international certificate
       ISO 9001: 2008 from the accredited institution Swiss SGS, which is responsible for certification. April 2014 8 8 8

Materials for refrigerated semi-trailer Materials are from the world-renowned manufacturers; Materials have all necessary certificates (From the aspect of the law on the transport of food resources), which were obtained from the German and Dutch institutes of nutrition and food research; LAMINATES 1.INSTITUT NEHRING GmbH, Braunschweig, DE (2001) STGMO5-041 Expertise auf dem flachen Paneel Pecolit PE-GE 2 mm 2.INSTITUT NEHRING GmbH, Braunschweig, DE (2001) STGMO6-041 Expertise auf dem flachen Paneel Pecolit PE-NT2 2 mm 3.INSTITUT NEHRING GmbH, Braunschweig, DE (2001) STGMO2-121 Expertise auf dem flachen Paneel Pecolit PE-SP 2 mm FLOORING 1.TNO FÜR INSTITUT FÜR ERNÄHRUNG UND NAHRUNGSMITTELUNTERSUCHUNGEN, AJ Zeist , ND DAS 4100VIR-DIA (2003) April 2010 9 9 9

Manufacturers of the panels components Laminate top layer - PECOLIT Germany Kunststoffe GmbH & Co.KG - LAMILUX Germany HEINRICH STRUNZ GMBH Insulation core - DOW Germany GmbH & Co. OHG 65824 Schwalbach Adhesives - glue - BOSTIK FINDLEY B.V. DE VOERMAN 8 'S-HERTOGENBOSCH Netherlands - HENKEL-TEROSON April 2014 10 10 10

Technical characteristics of refrigerated semi-trailer Sidewalls: Thickness 62mm 5-layered sandwich panel, gelcoated with hight gloss Insulation core of extruded polystyrene; Composite profiles are additionally reinforced in order to decrease the possibility of damaging on that places, also they are easy for repair by using polyester method of repair. Insulation – extruded polyester Multilayered plywood Laminat (Polyester) April 2010 11 11 11

Technical characteristics of refrigerated semi-trailer Front panel: thickness 75mm 5-layered sandwich panel, gelcoated with high gloss; Construction of partition wall is the same like the construction of lateral panels. Reinforcing frame for mounting the refrigerator unit is built on the front wall. Insulation – extruded polyester Multilayered plywood Laminat (Poliester) April 2014 12 12 12

Technical characteristics of refrigerated semi-trailer Roof panel: thickness 75mm Isolated, three layer GFR sandwich panel, final processing with colour gelcoat of high gloss. The system of thin pipes for distribution of electrical installations for lighting is also built in the roof Laminat (Polyester) Laminat (Polyester) Insulation – extruded polyester April 2010 13 13 13

Technical characteristics of refrigerated semi-trailer Boden Cover Floor panel: thickness 112mm 6-layered sandwich panel; Composite traverses are reinforced, for mounting the body on the additional chassis with connecting bolts and they are placed closer to each other in the rear part. On the lower part, below external GFR layer, a layer of plywood is built in, so that the resistance to rock hitting from road surface is increased. In the rear part in the very floor, there are reinforcing cross traverses made of hard wood, at the back lower opening. Internal surface of the floor is coated with antislip laminate "ANTISLIP", wear-resistant, water- proof and resistant to chemicals and temperature (-30 to 40 C), which is certified for food transportation Isolation – extrudierter Polistiren Multilayered Waterproof plywood April 2010 14 14 14

Technical characteristics of refrigerated semi-trailer Rear doors: thickness: 85mm 3-layered sandwich panel; 2-winged doors with polysterine core and with reinforcements for hinges, mounted with gaskets. Laminat (Polyester) Laminat (Polyester) Insulation – extruded polyester April 2010 15 15 15

Technical characteristics of refrigerated semi-trailer Rear door portal: Opening made of stainless steel, with sandblasting final processing, with internal corner reinforcements and drainpipe on the top (for water draining) . Each door has 4 hinges made of stainless steel and 1 handle for locking also made of stainless steel and they open to the angle of 270°. Back door frame Locks and hinges - INOX April 2014 16 16 16

April 2014 17 17 17

April 2014 18 18 18

19 Thermoinsulated body (TI)
April 2014 19 19 19

20 Bodies with tarpaulin 20 20 20

21 Bodies for drinks 21 21 21




Thank you for your attention! April 2014 25 25 25


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