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Mission: Contribute to and support the local and international civil aviation industry, with Prima's advancing MRO capabilities.

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2 Mission: Contribute to and support the local and international civil aviation industry, with Prima's advancing MRO capabilities.

3 Vision : Maintain competency with and attain the advancement level of ever- improving World Aviation Rules, Regulations and Standards. Pioneer MRO (Maintenance Repair Organisation) industry in the region to encompass European, Asian and African operators.

4 PRIMA was established in 1994, with the vision of approaching outsourcing in aviation industry.

5 Erdal Döker, the Founder and CEO, with his past experience in Turkish Airlines and the local charter market, is a strong defender of outsourcing which, he believes, shall cut MRO costs of the operators, who can thus divert their full energy and resources to operations for enhanced customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

6 PRIMA executive staff, engineers and mechanics are selected with their past experience and skills in aviation, and with their applicable licenses. Prima employs, within its staff, dedicated Level-II non-destructive testing personnel. Level III- requirement has been outsourced per the applicable rule.

7 PRIMA operates in its 2500 facilities located on the ramp of Istanbul Atatürk Airport, which is practically the center of civil aviation industry in Turkey. Prima for Coming Short period are in the position to built New Facilities in Atatürk Airport with the area of 3500 sq. mt.

8 In addition to that Prima will be preparing new facility in AYT for customers who need; Battery Service for Repair Overhaul Oxygen Filling Station Shop for Tire Built Up Store which content Ready to use; Water Boiler Coffee Maker Oven Battery Main Wheel Assy + Nose Wheel Assy Brake Unit Evacuation Slide Life Vest Several Line Maintenance Support Service + Required tool & Equipment Logistic +Handling+Material Movement Service Customs Clearance

9 PRIMA has earned its SHY-145 repair station" certificate after a hard work and is dedicated to further develop within the dynamic structure of SHY-145, which is now continued with EASA Part- 145 authorization acquired in April 2009.

10 PRIMA, being a young organization, is basicly willing to maintain an energetic approach to every feasible need of the customer. Therefore, you are more than welcome to relay any demand of yours in aviation business.

11 PRIMA carries out its maintenance functions with total of 80 employees including 15 graduated from university level and MS degreed engineers from different skills and 42 technicians including Certifying Staffs and Qualified Technicians, in two seperate buildings at the same location of Ataturk Airport, in Istanbul-Turkey.

12 PRIMA, Building-1 Facility Lay-out: Field Area : 500 M2 Building Set up Area:210 M2 (x2 )(Two Floors) First Floor: Parts Cleaning; Paint Removal/Grid Blasting; Brake Unit; Overhaul/Test; Stores (98 M2) WC-Shower Second Floor :Accounting;Planning;Operation Departments. Basement:Boiler; Back-up compressor ; Facility Suport Equipment ;Heating Units.

13 Electric Power Available 39 KW Uniterrupted Power Supply 2 KVA Shop Air Available 10 Bars (Supplied by Compressor at Prima Building-2 Office Air Conditioning available Company Intranet / Internet By Servers at Prima Building-1; Wireless(Security Enabled) Between two buildings there are pressurized air, Fiber Optic and Network connections are available.

14 PRIMA, Building 2 Facility Lay-out: Field Area: 700 M2 Building Area: 1600 M2 First Floor: NDT Shop; Wheel Overhaul Shop Tire Build-Up Shop; Parts Cleaning; Painting Shop; Bearing Greasing;

15 Slide/Raft Overhaul Shop; Stores; Personel's Locker Room; WC-Shower Hydrostatic Test Shop

16 Intermediate Floor Stores; Quarantine Area; Office Mat'l Back-up Stores; Personnel's Locker Room; Life-Vest Overhaul Shop. Second Floor: Administrative Offices; Engineering; Kitchen; WC; Center Boiler;

17 Compressor; Electrical Components and Battery Shops; Terrace for Social Affairs; Management Offices

18 Giving fully repair and maintenance support to aircraft components In acording to Turkish DGCA,EASA and customer regualitons. This security culture has been implemented by accepting the human factor principals and also includes fault and error reporting of the personel.

19 Prima management is responsible from effectiveness of quality system and also responsible for making necessary changes to keep it alive. On the other hand all personel of the company is responsible to take action and share responsbility of observing to quality procedures and regulations. This is the main goal of quality system. Prima personel accepts and observes to co-operate with Quality Staff and Auditors.They are fully commited to the principles of quality policy.

20 Steel Brakes Carbon Brakes Competent with required corrosion control, NDT, Test and repairs of all OEM's Products. BRAKE UNIT SHOP OVERHAUL AREA


22 Automatic, Computer Controlled Spring Tension Testing Unit for aircraft brakes piston springs. COMPUTER & SYSTEM

23 OEM Zwick/Roel German Company Spring Test Machine detail

24 Automised hot water washing machine is used for cleaning brake parts. The new robotic sand blasting machine has PLC unit which allows it to work without any operator.

25 The new robotic sand blasting machine has PLC unit which allows it to work without any operator.

26 Automated Sand Blasting Machine PLC Control Unit This Unit and All Mechanical accessories has been designed by Prima Management and Engineering and Manufactured Locally in Turkey, By the guidance of Prima Engineering.

27 SECURITY CAM VIEW OF BRAKE UNIT WORKSHOP This is One of the Camera view which is already setup for the security reason of Company for 24/7/365

28 Prima has TIG Welding Shop which is only available in AHL We apply TIG Welding on nose cowls and fan cowls and any other permitted places on aircraft and components. WELDING MACHINE

29 Wheel Bearing Greasing Machine Automatic greasing for full penetration and coverage of the grease to the all detailed bearing area


31 Competent with required corrosion control, NDT and repairs of all OEM's Secured room for tire inflation. EDDY CURRENT Secure Room For tire Inflation View from Florescent Penetrant Inspection


33 Parts from other workshops of Prima cleaned, paintied and dried by oven.

34 Our Invertor Unit Designed by Our Technical Staff

35 Slides / Slide Rafts, overhauled with hard-time checks and replacements. EVACUATION SLIDE WORKSHOP AREA



38 Hose Test Machine Prima Design Slide Curing Oven and Chiller Which designed by Prima Engineers

39 Life Vests, Baby Cots overhauled with hard- time checks and replacements LIFE VEST TEST, INSPECTION AND REPAIR AREA

40 Aircraft Main Batteries Emergency Power Units IRS / INU Batteries Battery shop has the standard of one of the biggest manufacturer SAFTs guidance book.

41 INTELLIGENT CHARGER /ANALYZER Constant Current Charge Constant Voltage Charge Capacity Test & Cell Monitoring System Inteligent Control System & High Technology and High Capacity SUPER SEEDER TEST MACHINES

42 Coffee makers, ovens galley equipments repairs carried out in this workshop.

43 Landing light, strobe light,elektromechanical components Aircraft brake cooling fans.

44 Universal Fan Test Bench for All Types of Aircraft Cooling, Blowing, Circulation Fans

45 Magnetic Particle Inspection Liquid Penetrant Eddy-Current testing and evaluation authorized per EASA standards

46 Prima obtained RIN (Cylinder Requilifier Identification Number) from D.O.T. Re-certification of cylinders taken care in our new shop.

47 COMPUTERIZED AUTOMATED HYDROSTATIC TEST MACHINE FOR D.O.T. CYLINDERS TESTS Including 3AA 3HT 3AL Special Permit Carbon types For Oxygen Reservoir In the Cabin Fire Extinguishers Oxygen Main Reservoir in the Airframe Reservoir which is In the Slide

48 We support our worldwide customers for their parts, repair requirement services. In the light of the maximum customer satisfaction purpose. We support all our customers 7/24

49 Production Planning and Control Resource Planning and Evaluation Maintenance Data Control Quality Auditing and Monitoring Customer Relations

50 Prima Train by Many Different Training Organisations and Companies Including Lloyds, AEM, Kalder,Satair.


52 ERP software is being used in all business processes. Online backup is provided by Acronis and 7/24 backup works on all servers on a daily basis. Disaster recovery center located in different locations. The backup data is stored for a period of 10 years in private rental safes. The servers at least 1 day in the image of disaster re-established All locations provide wireless connectivity

53 Advanced file servers based on Microsoft Active Directory services and their users while maintaining security levels are provided. Advanced controls are done online with a FreeBSD- based firewall servers Offering broadband internet output is provided by three separate these lines from the line load balancing, failover works as the same time. Mail servers to avoid problems in the backup servers in the datacenter is activated within 10 seconds.


55 24 Hour Security System Supported via 27 Cameras

56 Microsoft SQL Server Quantum Control Microsoft Exchange Server Microsoft Fore Front Security Microsoft WSUS Windows 2008 Server Windows 2003 Server CentOS 5.3 Squid Server Squid Guard VPN Server

57 Microsoft Office 2010 Firebird Server Microsoft Active Directory FreeBSD Karspersky Security Software IBM X Series Servers HP Gigabit Swich XDSL Microsoft Share Point Server IIS 6.0 PrimaNET (internal portal) Samba Server Acronis True İmage Server

58 All locations are measured in real time temperature and humidity levels are reported in real time all the data and reported to authorized personnel with e-mails any abnormal result. 10 each Sensing Elements are available in all facility.


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