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Photographs for Parliamentary Enquiry on Maternal Morbidity.

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1 Photographs for Parliamentary Enquiry on Maternal Morbidity

2 Unwanted Pregnancies

3 Pregnancy in early adolescence is often unwanted

4 Unsafe abortions

5 Unsafe abortion accounts for 13% of all maternal deaths

6 Prolonged and Obstructed Labours

7 Barriers to Accessing Professional Care Ethiopian MoH Survey[1] showed most commonly reported deterrent to accessing maternity care is fear there will be no health worker present at the health centre[1] Labour and delivery wards are set up with very little attention to womens dignity and needs Often not hygienic or welcoming places for women to deliver [1][1] Central Statistical Agency Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and ORC Macro, Calverton USA, Ethiopia, Demographic and Health Survey 2005

8 No privacy as delivery beds close together, facing outwards to corridor into labour wards

9 Delivery beds like these require the mother to deliver in supine position, instead of more natural and comfortable positions

10 With long and difficult journeys, it can take days for women facing prolonged and obstructed labours to reach hospital. This delay contributes to obstetric fistula.

11 Case Study – Fistula Ethiopia

12 Achuwaches Story Achuwache was married at fifteen, and soon afterwards had a difficult pregnancy and prolonged labour. The long labour caused a fistula – a hole between the vagina and the bladder, which causes incontinence. Achuwache: After twelve days labour I went to the health centre. They couldnt do anything. They said take her to Gonder (six hours away) and that was it. They took me back home. They thought they were taking my corpse home, but when its not your time, its not your time. I survived and had the baby at home. It was dead. Then I had this problem. I got damaged. As far as my family was concerned, I didnt exist, but here I am, alive. My husband divorced me straight away before the year was out. People only like you when youre healthy. It was six years before Achuwache heard that her problem could be cured and underwent a successful operation to repair her fistula.

13 Eclampsia and pre eclampsia

14 Edema, or swelling, of the feet and ankles, if severe, is associated with pre eclampsia

15 Haemorrhage and anaemia


17 Infections including HIV

18 Filthy conditions like these spread infections

19 Postnatal depression


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