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U.S. General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Services GSA Auctions : Selling Federal Property Deone McMillan Sales Program Manager Property.

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1 U.S. General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Services GSA Auctions : Selling Federal Property Deone McMillan Sales Program Manager Property Mgmt. Div. Atlanta, GA

2 2 Federal Asset Sales Approved Personal Property Sales Centers Sales CenterCommodity/TypeSales MethodsLocation USDAPersonal PropertyLiveDC Metro DOIAircraftLive/onlineNationwide DODDOD SurplusLive/onlineNationwide TreasuryIRS ForfeitureLive/onlineNationwide TreasuryVehiclesLive/onlineNationwide USMSForfeitedLive/onlineNationwide GSAAll CommoditiesOnline/OfflineNationwide

3 3 Federal Asset Sales Implementation All Executive Branch agencies –Must use an approved Sales Center as their sales provider

4 4 Federal Asset Sales GSA Auctions US General Services Administration, Federal Acquisition Service, Property Sales approved Sales Center –Full Service Provider –Online/Offline Sales –All Commodities –Nationwide Services –Value Added Services

5 5 GSA Auctions…a partner The GSA Auctions Sales Center represents the entire breadth of the GSA personal property sales program including sales services for all commodities of personal property, through all authorized methods of sale such as: GSA Auctions ® Sales Center Internet Auctions Negotiated Fixed Price Live Auctions Drop By Sealed Bid Spot Bid

6 6 Preferred Sale Method GSA Auctions Registration & verification online Featured items Flat or Proxy bidding Overtime features Bid deposit option Online Payment

7 - Single Point of Entry for Citizens Displays all government assets available for sale Sales Portal Through Includes Real Property Personal Property Surplus Exchange sale Seized and Forfeited Federal Asset Sales

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14 Methods of sale may include: Fixed Price Auctions Internet Auction Live Auction (Value Added Service) Negotiated Sealed Bid Term Contract Methods of Sale

15 15 Goals: Maximize the value received from the sale of government assets Provide a single point of entry for citizens to find and purchase government assets Objectives: Maximize net proceeds from asset sales Make it easier for citizens and businesses to find and buy government assets Accelerate asset disposal cycle time Decrease agencies expenses related to sales Improve the personal property sales process Federal Asset Sales

16 What is a Fixed Price Sale? Fixed Price (Cash and Carry) - At fixed-price sales (also referred to as "Retail"), we post the selling prices on the property and sell the items on a first- come basis. Methods of Sale

17 102-38.125May we sell personal property at fixed prices to State agencies? Yes, before offering to the public, you may offer the property at fixed prices (through the State Agencies for Surplus Property) to any States, territories, possessions, political subdivisions thereof, or tax supported agencies therein. Methods of Sale

18 What is a term contract? A term contract is used when an the item to be sold is generated on a continuous basis. Property is usually sold as scrap Property may include electronics, iron & steel, or aluminum. The sale is much like a sealed bid sale but includes a term length of time the contract will be in force. Methods of Sale

19 What is a negotiated sale? While it is the policy to sell property after publicly advertising for bids, when circumstances dictate, personal property may be sold by negotiation, subject to obtaining such competition as is feasible. Invitations to bid are sent to a limited number of bidders. Bids are evaluated SCO requests best and final offer Awards are usually made to the high bidder? Payment and removal requirements are similar to internet sales Methods of Sale

20 20 Negotiated Sales 41 CFR Ch. 101-45.304-2 Fair market value not in excess of $15,000 Justification submitted to and approved by head of owning agency Justification submitted to GSA for approval Criteria for sales –Re-advertising would serve no useful purpose –Time does not permit sale by advertised methods

21 Fair Market Value Fair Market Value to Federal Agencies Exchange sale property is acquired from one federal agency to another federal agency. Money usually is transferred from agency to agency by IPAC FMVs are done on SF122s. Memo to Finance with copy of SF122 with all signatures. ALCs for both agencies, acquiring and disposing agency

22 22 Federal Asset Sales We want to remain your Sales Center… GSA SALES

23 U.S. General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Services GSA Auctions : Types of Sales Phar`is Allen PhD., DRM Sales Contracting Officer Property Mgmt. Div. Atlanta, GA

24 24 Categories of Property for Sale Surplus Property –FMR Part 102-38 - Sale of Personal Property Exchange/Sale Property –FMR Part 102-39 - Replacement of Personal Property Pursuant to the Exchange/sale Authority Forfeited Property –FMR Part 102-41- Disposition of Seized, Forfeited, Voluntarily Abandoned, and Unclaimed Personal Property Governing authority – 40 U.S.C. 503, 541 through 548, 571, 573 and 574 ALE

25 25 Surplus Property – FMR Part 102-38 – Sale of Personal Property Property that survives utilization and donation Opportunity for the taxpayer to purchase surplus property Optimize return to the US Government

26 26 Exchange/Sale Property – FMR Part 102-39 – Replacement of Personal Property Pursuant to the Exchange/sale Authority A separate category of federal property Its not excess…… –Its functionality –is still required for use, but its….. Worn out Obsolete

27 27 Exchange/Sale Property – FMR Part 102-39 – Replacement of Personal Property Pursuant to the Exchange/sale Authority Exchange/sale authority allows agencies to…. exchange or sell non-excess, non- surplus personal property and apply the exchange allowance or proceeds of sale in whole or in part payment for the acquisition of similar property

28 28 Agency Requirements Completes SF126 for exchange/sale property not required for screening through GSAXcess®

29 29 Agency Requirements Provide digital picture and detail description Provide Custodian for inspection and pickup Coordinate with GSA on reserve/upsetprices

30 30 Upset Prices/Time Frames Upset price is the lowest price the agency is willing to accept Revive Bid -If upset is not met (GSA will contact you with highest bid) Our time frames for online sales are usually 7 or 15 days

31 31 Custodial Duties Provides the following: Contact information Property location Inspection dates and times Special requirements for removal Available during inspection and removal periods Accountable for the care and handling of property prior to its removal GSA does the rest!!

32 32 GSA Does the Rest Basic Services Offered – Asset lotting guidance Sales preparation Channel management and selection Asset description and listing preparation assistance Preparation of award documents Contract awards Financial and property line item accountability Contract administration Collection and processing of bid deposits Collection and deposit of proceeds Distribution of proceeds On-line Sales Secure internet site Posting of items Posting of photos Featured itemslisting and homepage Maintenance of registered bidders Electronic payment Automated closing Bid period extension Registration verification engine Collection of bid deposits Off-line Sales Advertising of sale event Maintenance of specialized mailing lists Printing and distribution of IFBs Bid opening Registration of bidders Auctioneer On-site Sales Contracting Officer On-site collection of payments Follow up collection of defaults/late payments

33 33 Savings to the Agency No cashier No on-site Contracting Officer No additional cost for sale site location Reduces time and labor cost Reduces storage fees

34 34 Preferred Sale Method Registration & verification online Featured items Flat or Proxy bidding Overtime features Bid deposit option Online Payment

35 What Can We Sell? 35 Aircraft and Aircraft Parts ( 5) Boats and Marine Equipment ( 7) Communication Equipment ( 25) Computer Equipment and Accessories ( 119) Construction Equipment ( 8) Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Components ( 47) Agricultural Equipment and Supplies ( 23) Fire Trucks and Fire Fighting Equipment ( 3) Furniture ( 62) Hand Tools & Shop Equipment ( 16) Household/Personal ( 21) Industrial Machinery ( 30) Jewelry & Exotic Collectibles ( 17) Lab Equipment ( 25) Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Equipment and Supplies ( 63) Miscellaneous ( 78) Motorcycles & Bicycles ( 7) NASA Shuttle/Hubble ( 2) Office Equipment and Supplies ( 25) Photographic Equipment ( 12) Trailers, Tractors and Manufactured Housing ( 58) Real Estate ( 101) Vehicles ( 124)

36 Property Roll over into GSA Sales Contracting Officer Request Confirmation Agency Confirm Property Availability Contracting Officer Place Property on Sale 36

37 Sale runs for 7 to 15 days Sale closes and CO sends successful bidder list to custodian with removal information 2 Days to pay 10 days to remove property Default for non-payment/removal/reoffer 37 Continue

38 38 Preparing to Report Property You must determine… The Condition and Value of the Property: Abandonment and Destruction Report for Disposal The Property Type: Non-Reimbursable/Excess Surplus Reimbursable/Exchange Sale Shuttle or Non-Shuttle items The Federal Supply Class (FSC): User Guide

39 39 Condition Codes 1 New - Property which is in new condition or unused condition and can be used immediately without modifications or repairs. 4 Usable - Property which shows some wear, but can be used without significant repair. 7 Repairable - Property which is unusable in its current condition but can be economically repaired. X Salvage - Property which has value in excess of its basic material content, but repair or rehabilitation is impractical and/or uneconomical. S Scrap - Property which has no value except for its basic material content.

40 40 Federal Supply Class (FSC) The Federal Supply Classification System permits the classification of all items used by the Federal Government. Items are classified in a four-digit class First two digits: group or major category of commodities Last two digits: the class or the subdivision within a group Groups cover a broad range of categories and are further broken down by classes.

41 41 Describing Property Standardization Template for Property Descriptions Vehicles Miscellaneous Property Generators Heavy Equipment Boats & Boat Motors Trailers

42 42 Describing Vehicles When reporting vehicles for disposal you must provide the: Year of manufacture Make – Name of manufacture Model – Name of vehicle Body Style - Sedan (4 door), Coupe (2 door), Pickup, Truck, Cab/Chassis

43 43 Describing Vehicles Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Mileage (can be estimated) Number of Cylinders Fuel Type – Gasoline or Diesel Color

44 44 Describing Vehicles Your description should also include: Number of Doors Transmission Type – Automatic (AT), Standard (ST) (can include 4 or 5 speed) Options List - Air Conditioning (AC), Power Steering (PS), Power Brakes (PB), Etc. Driveline – 4X2, 4X4, 6X6 Tonnage – ¾ Ton, 2 Ton, 5 Ton License or ID Number

45 45 Describing Vehicles Condition codes 7, S and X should include as much information as possible. All repairs and deficiencies should be listed. Is the vehicle operable or inoperable. Repairs list should include problems with: Mechanical – Engine, Transmission, Drive Train Electrical - Heat and Air, Power Options Cosmetic - Cracked Windshield, Paint, Interior Accident/Frame Damage (may require salvage title) Flood Damage (must be disclosed on title)

46 46 Describing Vehicles Example: 2000 Ford F150 Regular Cab Pickup, VIN: 1F456123H12345687, Mi: 87,000, V8, Gasoline, Dark Blue, 2-DR, AT/AC/PS/PB/PDL/PW/CC. Repairs required but not limited to oil leak, air conditioner, flat tire, operable

47 47 Describing Miscellaneous Property Descriptions for miscellaneous property should include: Manufactures name Model number Serial Number/Part Number Quantity Other details such as color and size Condition of property should indicate any known repairs or deficiencies such as parts that are missing or broken.

48 48 Describing Miscellaneous Property Example: One lot consisting of: Computer, Laptop, Dell, Mdl: 456, est 5; Fax Machines, Brother, Mdl: 678, est 3; and Cell Phones, Nokia, Mdl: 6140, est 10. Repairs Required

49 49 Describing Generators Generator descriptions should include all the information required for miscellaneous property… Manufacture Name Model Number Serial Number Quantity They will also include: Fuel Type – Gasoline, Diesel Kilowatts Hours

50 50 Describing Generators Example: One lot consisting of: Generators, Onan, mdl: 45G628,45KW, 23 hrs, Gasoline. Repairs Required, parts missing, battery missing, weathered stored outdoors

51 51 Describing Heavy Equipment Descriptions include: Manufacture Model Engine Type and Size Serial Number Hours Fuel Type Tonnage Condition should indicate if the equipment is operational.

52 52 Describing Heavy Equipment Example: One lot consisting of: Backhoe Loader, 1989 Caterpillar, mdl: 426, Perkins diesel engine, shuttle shift w/ manual transmission, 4x4, 10,226 hrs., SN: 7BC04169. Used/Operable

53 53 Describing Boats and Boat Motors When reporting boats for disposal you will be required to provide: Hull ID Number Year Manufacture/Make Model Body Style (such as pontoon or runabout) Fuel Type Number of Cylinders This information is necessary for the Certificate to Obtain Title (SF97).

54 54 Describing Boats and Boat Motors Your property descriptions should also include the: Engine type (inboard or outboard) Engine size Length Horse power Number of hours on the engine And trailer information if necessary Some states require outboard boat motors to be titled.

55 55 Describing Boats and Boat Motors Example: 1979, Monark, Seville, 26 ft SportBoat, SN: MAK353030379, Gasoline Sterndrive. Repairs required but not limited to cracked hull, engine needs repairs.

56 56 Describing Trailers A Certificate to Obtain Title is provided for all trailers sold by GSA, therefore you must provide: VIN/ID Number Year Manufacture/Make Model Body Style (such as flatbed, utility, boat) Length Number of Axles and Wheels

57 57 Describing Trailers Example: 1967 LaCrosse DF6C 20, 40 ft, 2 axel-dual tandem, flatbed trailer, BC:74100, S/N 1043919, good tires. Repairs required, needs decking

58 58 Pictures Providing pictures with your property report can make a big difference in the final selling price. Your pictures should be detailed and clearly display… only items included in the disposal report any damage to property Pictures can be edited before the sale if necessary. Pictures entered in GSAXcess® are forwarded to sales.

59 59 Descriptions and Photos Providing accurate and complete descriptions along with clear detailed pictures of your excess and surplus property will…. Ensure Maximum Return on Investment Save you time Limits Rejection/Claims

60 60 Pictures Type: digital Format:.jpg Size: rectangular Quantity: no more than 12 Why should the picture be rectangular?

61 61 Picture Size GSAXcess® automatically resizes the pictures to 600 X 400 pixels. A square picture will show some distortion when resized to the shape of a rectangle.

62 62 Picture Quality Lighting – Sufficient to show color and details. Avoid shadows. Detail Fill the entire frame with the detail. Show the entire item plus sectional views. Clutter Avoid background distractions. Use a plain colored fabric backdrop if possible.

63 Federal Acquisition Services Personal Property Sales Training MySales

64 What does MySales Do? Provides status of property for sale Withdraw property from sale Helps with inventory management

65 Gaining Access to MySales You Need Access code & password Access code same as GSAXcess user code Complete Access Request Form & submit

66 66

67 67 MySales Access Request Form PLEASE PRINT: Agency Name: ____________________________________________________ Agency/Bureau Code: (2-Digit Agency Code) (2-Digit Bureau Code) Activity Address Code (6-Digits): REQUESTING ACCESS FOR: Name: ____________________________________________________ Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________ City _______________________________ State ______________ Zip Code _____________ Telephone Number (Including Area Code): _________________________________________ Fax Number (Including Area Code): _____________________________________________ Email Address: ______________________________________________________________ If you have an access code for GSAXcess and would like to use the same access code for MySales, please enter it here: _________,otherwise, you will be issued a new access code for MySales. Select Screens to Access: Review Your Sale Items Withdraw Your Property Items From The Sales Process Update Your User Information Authorizing Officials Name: ____________________________________________________ Title (Area Property Officer or National Utilization Officer): ____________________________ _______________________________________ Authorizing Officials Signature Please send your form to: Deborah Leith MySales Coordinator 2200 Crystal Drive Crystal Plaza 4, Room 706 Arlington, VA 20406 Telephone Number: (703) 605-2913 or (703) 605-5610 Fax Number: (703) 605-9833 Email Address:

68 Use Default Password 12345678 2 Enter Your Access Code 1 Hit Login or Enter 3 Change Your Password 4

69 Basic functions for Property Custodian

70 Only Available to Persons Designated By Agency

71 Only Available to Fleet Personnel

72 Update Your User Information

73 You will Need to Change the Activity Address Code Each Time you Need to View a Different One Hit Menu or Back Button to Return to Main Menu

74 74

75 75

76 76

77 77

78 78

79 79

80 80

81 81

82 82

83 83

84 84 Confirm withdraw.

85 85

86 If Status shows Withdrawn on (Date) the item was withdrawn by the Owning Agency Property Withdrawn Successful

87 Property Withdrawn by Regional Office If Status shows Withdrawn on (Date) and a Status Message the Item was Withdrawn by the Regional Office

88 Most Common Status Messages Used by the Regions for Withdrawn/Return Withdrawn on (date) because Item is Not Available Withdrawn on (date) for Agency Use Returned on (date) due to No Bids received

89 89


91 What Can I Expect to Receive if the Item Sells? When an item sells a copy of the Purchasers Receipt will be sent via email at the time of payment to the owning agency.

92 What Happens if an Item Doesnt Sell? When an item doesnt sell, the Sales Contracting Officer (SCO) will contact the owning agencys Point of Contact (POC) and coordinate a second attempt. If the item doesnt sell after agreed attempts by the owning agency and SCO, a return letter or an email from the Sales Contracting Officer will be sent to the owning agency POC.

93 Questions???

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