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TRD\MVD Point-of-Sale Project Close 03/23/2011 1.

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1 TRD\MVD Point-of-Sale Project Close 03/23/2011 1

2 Purpose of the Project Implement modern financial processes for $380 million in annual MVD revenues. Provide Point-of-Sale technology to all MVD Field Offices, enabling MVD to accept cash, credit cards, and checks in the Field Offices. Integrate POS with the existing MVD 2.0 system which creates the transactions for the Shopping Cart process in POS. 2

3 Previous Processes Use cigar box method of collection and tracking revenue: manual cash drawers not linked to any system; faxed paper reports Lack of standardization; use of hand-held calculators to make change and reconcile money collected Manual paper reconciliation and daily close forms; use of 40 Excel spreadsheets to account for and distribute (e.g. to local governments) the collected revenue 3

4 Process Implemented Automated cash drawers capable of accepting checks, cash and credit cards Cash drawer functionality is integrated with MVD2.0 which creates the transactions and identifies the cost of each transaction. Standardized processes in cash collection and collections reconciliation. Electronic calculation of EOD closing per clerk. 4

5 Project Accomplishments Statewide Implementation and Rollout of 289 POS workstations in Seventy (70) offices completed December 15, 2010. Final IV&V December 31, 2010. This was on schedule for the revised delivery estimated in summer of 2010. Exceptions: White Sands Office PRAs ACD 5

6 Certification History 6 DateAmountFunding Sources 10/24/2008$300,000Laws 2007, Chapter 290, Section 6, Subsection C, Paragraph 12 02/06/2009$2,153,000Laws 2007, Chapter 290, Section 6, Subsection C, Paragraph 12

7 Appropriation History 7 A PPROPRIATION H ISTORY (I NCLUDE ALL F UNDING SOURCES, E. G. F EDERAL, S TATE, C OUNTY, M UNICIPAL LAWS OR GRANTS ) Fiscal Year AmountFunding Source and Appropriation language FY09$ 2,752,500Laws of 2008:Chapter 3, Section 7, Item 9. To implement point-of-sale at all motor vehicle offices. The appropriation is from motor vehicle division cash balances. This appropriation was valid through June 30, 2010. FY11$ 2,752,500Laws of 2010; Chapter 6, Section 7, Item 4. The period of time for expending the two million seven hundred fifty-two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,752,500) appropriated from the motor vehicle cash balances contained in Subsection 9 of Section 7 of Chapter 3 of Laws 2008 to implement point-of-sale at all motor vehicle offices is granted a final extension through fiscal year 2012.

8 Budget 8 Schedule and Budget Planned Start Date 09/01/08Actual Start Date10/20/2008 Planned End Date 12/31/10Actual End Date12/13/2010 Planned Cost: (Budget) $2,452,500 Actual Cost: (Total)$2,445,129.19 State Personnel0 $345,497.12 Professional Services $ 276,000 Professional Services$577,336.66 Hardware$ 1,000,000 Hardware/Software/ Network $1,443,000.38 Software$ 1,176,500 Travel$79,295.03

9 Business Objectives 9 N UMBER Business Objective 1Improve delivery of service to the citizens of state of New Mexico: A new COTS application would result in lower wait times at MVD field offices, a decrease in the number of errors, and an increase in the accuracy of fee distributions. Business Objective 2Reduce cost and complexity of Information Technology operations: A new COTS motor vehicle system will streamline and integrate processes that cross business units, multiple applications, and agency boundaries. Migrating current MVD Revenue System (MVRO) off of mainframe would result in a 15 - 20% cost savings for TRD/ITD. The business objectives published in the Project Charter 2008 included:

10 Business Performance Measures No baseline exists that can be used for either Business Objective. However the MVD Field Offices have experienced the following improvements: BO1: Clients can now pay for services with credit cards. Previously cash was the only available payment method. BO1: Fees charged are more accurate BO1: The process to reconcile and audit clerk activity is more accurate and less susceptible to fraud. BO1: Previous to implementing POS, some offices used a cardboard box to collect funds. The current POS system uses a secure cash drawer. BO2: Dot Matrix printers in the offices have been replaced with laser printers. BO2: The introduction of laser printers has reduced the service call load to geographically dispersed MVD offices. 10

11 Customer Feedback Each weekly session polled the group on line as to their satisfaction with – POS application – Installation – Training Results averaged 4 on a five point scale 11

12 Final Feedback A final feedback session was held February 17, 2011. Field Managers agreed to the Project Close. 12

13 Lessons Learned Training Code Distribution 13

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