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Performing pre-sales activities to facilitate sales presentation

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1 Performing pre-sales activities to facilitate sales presentation
Unit 4 Objective


3 Full sales process used to generate revenue
SALES METHODOLOGIES Full sales process used to generate revenue ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Initial cost is fairly cheap Can use the internet Customers can ask questions Very time consuming Highly competitive Get quite a bit of rejection

4 PERSONAL SELLING Direct communication to inform and persuade customers to make purchase decisions Determines client needs and responds through planned, personalized communication Face to face or… TELEMARKETING Solicit customers to buy products over the phone

5 ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIP with clients/customers/fans

WHY? Customers/fans have LONG-TERM LOYALTY Supportive even with controversy or a losing season HOW? BUILD EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONS with customers Spectators driven by the emotions and experiences Influenced by tradition, attitude, and team performance Provide customers/fans with what they want and expect Treat them fairly

You only have 1 chance to make a first impression! KNOW your customer before initial contact RESEARCH their company website Have a PLANED AGENDA to discuss DON’T call without preparing what to say CUSTOMIZE the sales script Don’t read a general script for each customer ASK OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS Find out what customer needs/wants CLOSING LINE: Ask for the SALE! Be a GOOD LISTENER

8 Quiz Preview #35 The W-S Dash set up a kiosk in Hanes Mall to meet and sell game tickets to interested shoppers. What sales method was used? Telemarketing Personal Selling Direct Mail Sales Promotion #37 Ryan believes that establishing a relationship with customers is a key sales success. What is most likely to be Ryan’s goal when meeting a potential customer? To identify how his sport/event product can meet the customer’s needs To get the names and phone numbers of three of the customer’s friends To set an appointment to meet with the customer at another time To pressure the customer to purchase his sport/event product

9 Unit 4 Project Part 8 As the Marketing Coordinator of a NC Venue, it is your responsibility to establish a method for personal selling and creating long-term customer satisfaction for your upcoming event. Slide 9: Personal Selling Method How are you going to establish personal contact? (In person or over the phone?) Write a script of what you would typically say to customers during your sales pitch Slide 10: Customer Relationships How will you develop long-term loyalty even through controversy or sub par performance? How will your event/s help create an emotional connection with customers? How will you provide customers with what they expect? How will you make customers feel as though they are treated fairly? Continue along with Unit 4 Project Part 7. Complete and submit to Edmodo by the end of class.


There are four questions to be answered before you can begin to prepare: Why are you saying it? - PURPOSE To whom are you saying it? CUSTOMER PROFILE What are you going to say? CONTENT WRITE A SCRIPT How are you going to say it? - FORM

12 PURPOSE Communicate Information
Make a Proposition/Sell a product or idea To Inspire and Motivate Generate enthusiasm

CUSTOMER PROFILE DETERMINES A PROSPECT'S NEEDS Consider how much they know already Establish the Characteristics DEMOGRAPHICS

14 CONTENT Decide on your APPROACH
CUSTOMER-BENEFIT Use questioning to exemplify product benefits Ex: Asking if customer would like to save money on office supplies Introductory approach Simply state name and reason for presenting Summarize the objectives of your presentation List and prioritize points you need to cover Collect information to support your points

15 WRITE A SCRIPT Use to: Make sure language is
JOG MEMORY DURING PRESENTATION Help to remember key points that they want to cover Plan presentation length Practice before presentation Make sure language is POSITIVE PRECISE (short) PERTINENT (Meaningful to the customer) Help the customer understand what you are saying in a brief, simple way


GOAL: Sell-Out your event to make MONEY If you don’t make up the costs of the event-LOSE MONEY LOTTERY: Use: DEMAND IS HIGHER THAN THE AVAILABLE SUPPLY A drawing in which people are given equal chance to win Word of Mouth “EARLY BIRD PRICING” Earlier you buy the ticket, the lower the price Sell ONLINE

18 Quiz Preview #1 Which of the following sport venues is most likely to use and sell advertising on its dasher boards? College indoor swimming Disc-Golf course at a state park Professional figure skating venue Local youth outdoor soccer field #29 Which of the following would most likely increase sales for a professional hockey team? Offering attendees their money back if they are unsatisfied with the game Achieving an absolute advantage over other US professional hockey teams Developing a contingency plan in case an emergency occurs Maintaining and periodically reviewing team performance records #37 Crystal is preparing to visit local businesses about purchasing advertising space in the program for her high school’s basketball tournament. What should Crystal take with her when she goes to the businesses? Explain the charges Team captain’s contact info Advertising rate card Basketball player’s bios

19 “You Do” Prepare a sales presentation for a sports event or good…you choose! Make sure to follow the below procedures and write them as you go to turn in for a grade: Identify the Purpose Identify your Customer Profile List your Content Write the Sales Script Be ready to present in class!

20 “You Do” With a partner, you will create two scripts for building a good relationship with a customer on the first contact using the steps from the notes for the following two scenarios: Get a celebrity to endorse your product Selling season tickets for a professional team Write the two scripts to be turned in for a grade One person is the customer, the other is the salesperson Perform your role play in class

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