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Pecos Economic Development Corporation

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1 Pecos Economic Development Corporation
Building Upon Pecos’ Comparative Advantages April 2010 Rediscover Pecos

2 Board of Directors Danny Rodriguez - President
Leo Hung - Vice President Barry Naude - Secretary/Treasurer Directors Venetta Seals Hugh Box Wally Moon Joseph Torres Bill Oglesby- Executive Director Esperanza Garcia – Executive Assistant

3 Executive Summary Pecos is focused on 4 comparative advantages that build upon Pecos’ strengths. Pecos will focus on building upon its logistical/transportation advantages. Pecos will focus on attracting the renewable energy industry (solar/wind/biofuels). Pecos will focus on supporting its TAMU centers of influence via Texas AgriLife and Pecos Research & Testing Center (PRTC). Pecos will focus on creating a Small Business Technology Center to assist existing businesses and offer the community a number of technology services.

4 Pecos is emerging as a logistics center anchored by the 500-acre Montane Logistics rail-served industrial park and the emerging industrial corridor west of Pecos. Pecos will partner with the Pecos Valley Southern Railway shortline to facilitate their growth and expansion. Pecos is emerging as a prime site for the solar power generation industry and algae-based, biofuels research projects. Pecos is realizing significant investments by affiliates of the Texas A&M University System in renewable energy and federal government programs.

5 Pecos’ location at the intersection of IH-20 and US-285, coupled with a Union Pacific main rail line, builds upon our base of existing transportation infrastructure. Reeves County Commissioners Court has approved the creation of a Rural Rail Transportation District (RRTD) that will contribute to developing the transportation infrastructure required to facilitate the development of the 500-acre Montane Logistics Industrial Park and the expansion of Pecos Valley Southern Railway.


7 The creation of a Rural Rail Transportation District (RRTD) will facilitate the development of transportation infrastructure to support emerging industrial corridors throughout the City and County. The creation of a new tax increment financing (TIF) district will entice Developers to invest along our gateways and serve to enhance the aesthetics of IH20. The emerging Comprehensive Plan will facilitate the prioritization of our limited financial resources and outline clear plans for the future of the city. The emerging Historic District Redevelopment Plan and Charrette being coordinated by the UTSA Institute for Rural Development and the Department of Architecture & Planning, should enhance the coordination and uses of HOT tax in this strategic corridor of the City.

8 Logistical/Transportation Advantages
Pecos offers some comparative advantages due to its transportation infrastructure—IH-20, US-285, Union Pacific mainline. TXDOT and Union Pacific are collaborating and investing almost $500,000 on improving the rail crossing at IH-20 and County Road (CR) 408 to begin in June 2010. PEDC contracted with Parkhill Smith Cooper to create preliminary design and cost estimate for proposed diamond interchange at IH- 20 and CR 408. Reeves County is finalizing contract with Raba Kistner Infrastructure to create a Rural Rail Transportation District (RRTD) and to provide counsel on its planning and development. PEDC considering recommending the creation of a Transportation Reinvestment Zone (TRZ) to serve as one of the funding mechanisms for the RRTD operations. Other funding sources for the RRTD will be grants, rail user fees, and loans.

9 IH-20/CR 408 Proposed Interchange

10 Attracting Renewable Energy Industry ~Biofuels
The PEDC is collaborating closely with the Texas A&M University and its affiliates and partners, to attract new research, investments and jobs to Reeves County. Reeves County is the site of ongoing algae-based biofuels research and continues to be considered for federal projects. State leaders are being encouraged to entice Texas corporations to invest into biofuels research in Texas, rather than outside the State (Colorado, California).


12 ~Solar Power Generation
Reeves County is under consideration on a number of solar power generation projects. PEDC collaborating with Public Utilities Commission (PUC), ERCOT and other State agencies, to position Reeves County to compete in attraction of this emerging industry. Existing electric transmission lines will require some enhancements and the extension of the existing grid to move electricity to the urban markets.

13 Enhance TAMU Centers of Influence
TAMU has significant presence in Reeves County in Texas AgriLife campus west of the City and in the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) research being conducted at the Pecos Research & Testing Center (PRTC). TTI has teaming agreement with Applied Research Associates (ARA), a premier research and engineering consultant conducting transportation and US Department of Defense (DOD) research. TTI also encouraged Tubular Rail, a Houston group developing commuter and High Speed Rail systems, to consider 2-mile test track at PRTC. Tubular Rail systems are under consideration by US DOT, TXDOT and other transportation groups. Tubular Rail technology, if proven, could lead to major testing facility at PRTC and be impetus for creating a new transportation industry in US. PEDC is also collaborating with a New York company to conduct some radar research via at the PRTC a Federal earmark. This research could generate some significant activities at the PRTC and would encourage additional research. PEDC will be enhancing partnership with each of these entities to encourage greater coordination and collaborations with TAMU. TAMU centers of influence lay the foundation for greater investments, research and high quality job creation.

14 ~Pecos Research and Testing Center
PRTC Collaborations continue with the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), an affiliate of TAMU, and Applied Research Associates (ARA), to grow high quality, technology jobs at the Pecos Research & Testing Center (PRTC). A number of grants and other funding opportunities are being actively pursued to facilitate the attraction of scientific and engineering jobs to Pecos and the region.


16 Create Small Business Technology Center (SBTC) in Historic District
Pecos was recipient of $98,257 Federal earmark from Congressman Ciro Rodriguez in 2009. Earmark designated funding to increase the presence of the Sul Ross SBDC and the acquisition of office equipment to significantly enhance the scope and quality of technology services available in Pecos. UTSA Institute of Rural Development is also intimately involved in developing and assisting in the implementation of this small business initiative. Sul Ross SBDC in process of recruiting full-time Rural Business Advisor (RBA) to be officed in Pecos to better serve small businesses throughout Reeves County. PEDC is pursuing Federal and State grants to redevelop a property in the Historic District that would house the RBA, Main Street, a FedEx Office style copy/mail center, and possibly a small business incubator at this facility. UTSA Department of Architecture & Planning in process of coordinating a Historic District charrette that will provide further impetus to this SBTC initiative.


18 Accomplishments Over 20 new homes have been completed, adding $3 million to the property tax base. Many existing residences have also made improvements to their homes, adding over $1 million to the tax base. PEDC role in Offers to Purchase realizing greater returns on sales and redevelopment of both residential and commercial properties. Other housing development initiatives are under consideration to include single-family and multi-family housing. Collaborations on the development of the Montane Logistics Industrial Park continue. Reeves County has approved the creation of a Rural Rail Transportation District (RRTD) that will provide impetus to the Montane Logistics Industrial Park, Pecos Valley Southern Railway, and other rail and transportation initiatives throughout Reeves County.

19 Texas Agrilife biofuels research under consideration by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), a Federal agency for DOD research. Pecos under consideration on a number of major renewable energy projects that would attract hundreds of millions of dollars of new capital investment and higher-skilled, higher paying jobs. UTSA Institute of Rural Development investing substantial resources into PEDC and is using City as example of successful rural development. Sul Ross SBDC is serving significantly more clients from Reeves County, that will assist small business growth and development. The PRTC is realizing significantly greater research activities, increasing its presence as a research center.

20 Pecos Economic Development Corporation Sul Ross SBDC Client List
May 2010 # Company Business Type Contact E/S Proj Sales P, UC, Comp # BRE 1 West Texas Dream Homes Residential, commercial contractor Tony Briones E $1,000,000 Completed 2 Start up Commercial laundry Lupe Michaelis S $100,000 P 3 Soda/ice cream shop Gene Pimm $50,000 4 Keller Williams Realty Real estate office Linda Tobias 5 Gym workout center Gabriel Rodriguez * 6 Merle Norman Cosmetics Services Marcia McCormick UC 7 Pecos Marketing Promotional items Toni Tillis 8 Pecos Café Coffee shop/restaurant NA $75,000 9 Donut Shop Restaurant Flores Closed 10 Pecos Arts/Loft Art Gallery Sandra Renteria $250,000 11 Community Ventures Group Community Development $500,000 12 Hair Salon Lorena Estrello 13 Texsand Logistics Farrell Arceneux $15,000,000 14 Gunther Salt Manufacturer Peter Gunther $10,000,000 15 Personal services Jessica Anaya 16 SBTC Business development services Rob Tobias $98,257 17 Crazy Lady Beads Crafts Kerry Santisteban 18 Border Melons Agriculture Darin Borders 19 Budget Inn Hotel restaurant Juliet Tien 20 Retail shop in Historic District 21 Landscaping Santiago Garcia $25,000 22 Crystal Reyes Daycare 23 Eagles Daycare Tammy Ortega 24 Downtown redevelopment Olga Lopez 25 Yolanda Hinojos 26 Emma's Varieties Emma Gonzalez 27 Casas Construction Johnny Casas 28 Dale Finley Public storage facility 29 Steve Valenzuela Sports Bar $1,200,000 30 Jackson Shaw Development GSA Development Jason Nunley $3,000,000 31 Barry Lewis Gas/convenience store $750,000 32 Custom Mufflers Auto services Jason Lopez $200,000 33 Café/bar 34 Rita's Flowers Flower shop Mario Payen 35 Party Things Elisa Lujan 36 Artist Joe Swenson Existing 39% $35,498,257 12 new clients 61% 100%

21 A number of small businesses have purchased and are redeveloping properties in the Historic District. A number of small businesses are considering business locations in the Historic District, but will require assistance in the reparations of the roofs. UTSA Institute of Rural Development and Department of Architecture & Planning should have finalized Historic District Redevelopment Plan and Charrette by years’ end. Greater regional, state and national collaborations and partnerships with Federal, State and regional resources are in place and providing greater resources to Reeves County.

22 Sandra Renteria, Winking Owl Art Gallery
Emma Gonzalez, Emma’s Varieties Weldon Brookshire, Classic Car Museum

23 Accomplishments Pecos Economic Development Corporation May 2010
Projects Under Construction, Completed Jobs # Project Industry Cap Inv Ret/Created Status 1 Best Western, Swiss Chalet Tourism $5,000,000 15 Completed 2 Comfort Suites 10 UC 3 Sandra Renteria Retal/services $50,000 4 Holiday Inn Express 5 Hampton Inns 6 Oak Tree Hotel $1,000,000 7 Single-family housing Housing $3,000,000 8 Rural Health Clinic Healthcare 20 9 Pecos Economy Inn TTI/Applied Research Associates Research 11 TAMU Biofuels grant Renewable Energy 12 Pecos EDC Services $100,000 13 Rural Rail Transportation District Transportation $25,000 * 14 TXDOT/UP Railway Improvements $500,000 Texsand Oil/gas 16 Emma Gonzalez Retail 17 Weldon Brookshire 18 Wal-Mart 25 19 Proposed Capital Investment $33,825,000 120 Existing Tax Base $750,000,000 % Increase 5% Taxing Entity Tax Rate City $ $248,478 County $ $119,487 School District $ $463,403 Hospital District $ $130,571 Other $ $0 Total Tax Rate $ $961,939


25 Short Term Challenges The City’s visual appeal and appearance along the key gateways and Main Street. The lack of shopping, dining options producing significant retail leakage to neighboring communities. The lack of multi-family housing options. The lack of workforce skills in the existing and emerging workforce. The lack of a broad base of community leadership.

26 Long Term Challenges Enhance workforce programs and the skill set of the existing and emerging workforce. Create regional destination venues to complement and build upon our existing and expanding tourism industry. Consider the development of new and innovative financing mechanisms to facilitate the quality growth of the city and region. Develop a business park focused on logistical services. Identify, develop, nurture leadership development opportunities.

27 2008 – 2009 Midyear Budget Adjustments
Budget Amendments As of May 1, 2010 2009 2010 2010 Chgs % of Total Projected Revenue ED sales tax $225,000 $180,000 57% PRTC lease $40,000 13% SBA grant $0 $98,257 31% Increase admin hours from SBA grant Property sales 0% Community Facilities grant Reeves County interlocal Rural Rail District/rail user fee Special projects Other sources of revenue $11,000 3% Sale of PEDC properties, interest, other $265,000 $318,257 $329,257 103% 20% Advertising Local event sponsorships $1,000 $500 Website, CGI video Aerial maps Promotional items $3,000 $1,500 $2,500 Mugs, coasters, other marketing, branding $4,000 Benefits Medical benefits $9,000 $9,688 Increased costs TMRS retirement $7,000 Taxes-payroll $4,500 $6,250 Payroll expenses Sub-total $20,500 $22,250 $22,938 7% Business Retention Expansion SBTC rehab loan $15,000 Business Appreciation Mixer Business Development Community facility $100,757 32%

28 2008 – 2009 Midyear Budget Adjustments cont.
Business Attraction Commercial incentives $7,000 WTNB loan for PHA prop $40,000 $32,000 $25,000 Refi via TLF $47,000 $39,000 13% Car allowance $7,200 2% Dues and subscriptions IEDC $350 $0 ICSC $100 TEDC Other (Lions, Rotary) $1,000 $500 $1,800 $950 $1,300 0% Office supplies $2,000 $2,500 Office furnishings $5,000 Misc office Tile work $13,000 1% Office rent $6,000 Office utilities $12,000 4% Postage $300 $250 Printing & publications Professional services Accounting $4,500 Audit $3,500 Legal $12,500 $7,500 Increased activity Surveying ROW dedications, other Architect/engineering *** Structural assessments Other prof svcs $24,000 $13,500 $26,000

29 2008 – 2009 Midyear Budget Adjustments cont.
Repairs & maintenance $2,000 $200 $1,000 0% Increased activity Telephone $4,800 $4,000 2% Office * Cellular Travel & training IEDC (ED) $0 ICSC (Retail) TEDC (ED) $6,000 $3,000 Other (CDFA, special projects) $5,000 $12,000 $8,000 3% Board meeting expenses Board meetings $1,300 $1,200 Board training $3,763 IEDC conference Board travel $3,656 $8,419 Wages Executive Director $82,000 Admin Asst $15,000 Total Wages $97,000 31% Total Expenses $262,400 $311,357 $326,364 100% Surplus/deficit $2,600 $6,900 $2,893

30 Summary Pecos is emerging as a leader in attracting new capital investment and job growth in the TransPecos region. There are many opportunities for expansion and diversification of the economy. Community must create a vision and prioritize these opportunities, as a broad base of funding sources will be needed for effective implementation and to assure quality. Focus will be on 4 key industry sectors and on creating high quality, high paying jobs, creating community wealth, and on investing into the enhancement of our quality of life. The PEDC is working to create a broad base of business and community leadership.

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