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Introduction to Computerized Point-of-sale (POS)

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1 Introduction to Computerized Point-of-sale (POS)
Workforce Training W. Mike Tyler

2 Introduction to Computerized POS
Definition of POS History of POS Types of POS Benefits of POS Is a POS System for you? Components of a POS

3 Definition of POS Point Of Sale. The physical location at which goods are sold to customers Point Of Sale. The physical location of a transaction but usually refers to any device or system used to record the transaction for the retailer. CPOS: A computer-based POS which employs software to implement the POS functionality

4 History of POS 1981 First Restaurant POS 1979 A POS scanning system was developed. 1971 The first electronic cash register (NCR). 1970 The first POS terminal (NCR). 1884 NCR founded in the U.S. 1878 The cash register was invented by James Ritty. Computerized POS development is tied to development of computers.

5 Benefits of POS POS System Cash Register Yes No Z-Out Limited
Inventory Control Yes No Invoicing and Receiving Interfacing with Accounting Reports Z-Out Enforced accuracy Integrated CC handling Limited General Ledger Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Preferred by tax consultants

6 Is a POS system for you? Your accounting tools Accounting
Software program Pencil and ledger book Your Computer Literacy Home computer, user, Shop online Installed software Don’t use one, Bill Gates? Business discipline Aspire to do it the right way. A maverick, free thinker, hate rules How big is your business? Use tax consultant Do your own taxes. Inventory? Yes No

7 POS Components Hardware Software Computer Hardware POS Hardware
Communications Hardware Software Computer Software POS Software Communications Software Accounting Software

8 POS: Computer Hardware
Basic Personal Computer Computer Monitor Keyboard Mouse CDROM –R/W MODEM / LAN-DSL Backup Device UPS Integrated POS System

9 POS: Computer Hardware
Mainframe & terminals Desktop Computers & Servers

10 POS: Computer Software
Operating System DOS - Relic software but stable Windows Legacy / reliable? WindowsXP - Stability / Current MAC - Minority player UNIX - Minority player Linux - Minority - growing

11 POS Software: POS software gives the POS system its POS functionality.
User Interface Inventory Reports Invoicing Receivables Accounts Payable Credit Card Payments More

12 POS Communications Hardware
Modem DSL Modem LAN hardware (Ethernet) Wiring / Wireless Modern PC’s have built-in LAN H/W

13 POS: Communications Software
Networking (Included with modern O/S’s) An issue when dealing with non-Windows or legacy (DOS) solutions

14 POS: Accounting Software
Windows-based POS Accounting Software ACCPAC Advantage Discovery Series  BusinessVision 32    BusinessWorks Gold ePeachtree MYOB Plus for Windows (MYOB Software)  Oracle Small Business Suite One-Write Plus Peachtree Complete Accounting QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Pro Simply Accounting Small Business Manager

15 POS Hardware Display / Touch screen Cash Drawer Receipt Printer
Bar code scanner (fixed, attached, portable) Label / Report printer Mag stripe reader POS Keyboard Check reader / printer Scales PDA Pole Display Signature Pads More...

16 POS Display Consider Flat Panel

17 POS: Cash Drawer Two types of Drawers Receipt Printer I/F Computer I/F
Removable trays Media slots Key locks

18 POS: Receipt Printer Three Types Dot Matrix Thermal InkJet B/W
Limited Color Separate unit Integrated with other device

19 POS: Barcode scanner LED CCD Laser Fixed Attached Portable

20 POS: Typical Configuration
Connect cable between cash drawer and receipt printer. Note that ends are NOT the same. Connect printer interface cable to LPT1 Mag stripe reader Plug keyboard into ‘Y’ cable. Plug other connector into keyboard port on computer

21 POS: Barcode Scanners Cost Ease of use LASER CCD LED

22 POS: Label / Report Printer
Two Choices Dedicated label printer Standard computer printer w/Label software

23 POS: Label / Report Printer
Label Printer PC Printer Label Speed Fast Slow Label Volume High Low volume Quality Very good Dot matrix No Inkjet Poor Laser Good Reports Limited Cost $500+ $100+

24 POS: Mag Stripe Reader Replaces the Retail Terminal
Uses software to perform functions Usually connects to keyboard and barcode scanner

25 POS: Mag Stripe Reader Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
Normally encodes the cardholder’s name, card number and card expire date. Also contains the cardholder’s card number and expire date. This provides data redundancy on the card. Normally not used

26 POS: keyboard A POS keyboard more closely resembles a cash register key layout and usually has programmable keys. Some have integrated card swipes.

27 POS: Portable Data Assistant (PDA)
Portable data collection Inventory Audits Remote data entry Restaurants and lounges Lumber yards Remote inventory Wireless Docking station Cable connected

28 POS: Scales Serial Port I/F to your PC POS Calculates total
Desktop units / Built-in units

29 POS: Check Reader / Printer
Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) Requires POS Software support Requires bank / online authorization service

30 POS: Slip Printer Ideal for printing ‘Company branded” slips and forms. Record keeping Warranty info, layaway receipts Restaurants, Gas stations, Retail stores Combo receipt / slip printers available

31 POS: Pole Display Item and price information Customer comfort
Display Advertising Serial Port I/F (RS-232) Characters per line / number of lines LED, Plasma Character sets (Chinese?)

32 POS: Signature Pads Electronic receipt storage
Simultaneous on-screen signature verification Some have integrated credit card swipe Eliminates chargebacks from lost receipts

33 POS: Other Peripherals
Kitchen displays GPS terminals (Delivery vans, golf carts..) RFID tracking devices Badge scanners Movie ticket printers

34 POS: Summary POS functionality defined by the Software
Wide variety of POS products defined by the business’s needs POS is about the process, not the hardware and software A good POS will change the way you run your business

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