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Administrative Professionals Forum

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1 Administrative Professionals Forum Computing@MissouriState

2 Roadmap 5/29/20132Computer Services Introductions Security Computer Services Help Desk Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 Online Resources

3 Introducing: Matthew Stublefield 5/29/20133Computer Services Began as student at Missouri State in 2003 Hired full-time in 2007 as Centralized User Support Specialist Promoted to Lab Support Administrator in 2010 Manage 3 facilities in Meyer Library, Glass Hall, and Cheek Hall, and the staff and student workers for those facilities Maintain a number of services for the campus Oversee SCUF paper and toner purchase and distribution as well as summer SCUF computer redistribution

4 Introducing: Computer Services 5/29/20134Computer Services Networking & Telecommunication Services Information Security Enterprise Systems & Operations User Support Management Information Services Computer Services

5 Introducing: Enterprise Systems and Operations 5/29/20135Computer Services Build and manage many of the servers on campus, including those that host Banner and the Missouri State University web site Grade Scantrons for academic units Run BearMail and Live@EDU Maintain the Computer Account Management System

6 Introducing: Networking and Telecommunications 5/29/20136Computer Services Manage and maintain all wired and wireless Internet connections and all phones on campus Provide Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections Currently completing the wireless Internet implementation for the campus

7 Introducing: Management Information Systems 5/29/20137Computer Services Build and maintain many of the applications for the University Primary group responsible for making Banner go Other applications of note: Banner Document Management Parking Permit System BearPass Card Door Access Boomer Meals R25 Room Reservation System SGA and Staff Senate Voting and Polls

8 Introducing: Information Security 5/29/20138Computer Services Plans for how we can handle data better and more safely Responds to concerns or occurrences of data breaches Guides policy creation regarding information security

9 Introducing: User Support 5/29/20139Computer Services Open-Access Labs Three facilities in Glass Hall, Cheek Hall, and Meyer Library Have almost all applications that are used in academic areas Faronics Deep Freeze for computer security and stability Printing through BearPrint Will assist with all applications, laptops, and mobile devices in any language 7 full-time staff, 6 graduate assistants, and about 35 student workers

10 Introducing: User Support 5/29/201310Computer Services Desktop & Mobile group In-office support University desktop computer data backups, rebuilds, training, and help Consultation about computer purchases Solution development and implementation 4 full-time staff and about 6 student workers

11 Introducing: User Support 5/29/201311Computer Services Training and Documentation Maintain and manage Technology Training Centers in Cheek Hall, Meyer Library, and Madison Hall Primary contributor and editor of the Experts Documentation Wiki Training on a wide range of topics Blackboard Camtasia Banner

12 5/29/201312Computer Services Many other services Campus-wide antivirus Print servers and BearPrint Application distribution (Adobe, Microsoft Office) Help Desk web site Experts Documentation Wiki MOJIRA Work Management System SCUF Distribution and Redistribution Paper and toner Computers to academic areas Introducing: User Support

13 Security: Roadmap 5/29/201313Computer Services Common viruses and how to avoid them Application updates Backing up files VPN

14 Security: Viruses 5/29/201314Computer Services Viruses are much less common now Trojans, keyloggers, root kits, worms Antivirus has become much more effective That said, becoming part of a botnet is a problem More common is malware Malware doesnt just break your computer or add it to a botnet, it works directly to get your personal information Scareware is becoming incredibly common Always be skeptical and keep up-to-date Dont hesitate to call us

15 Security: Application Updates 5/29/201315Computer Services Java Sometimes, a Java update can break connections to INB, but that is rare and can be corrected easily Generally, it is best to go ahead and update INB and many other applications wont rely on client-side Java for too much longer Adobe Microsoft Windows In the near future, antivirus updates on-campus will be provided through Windows Updates

16 Security: Backing Up Files 5/29/201316Computer Services Dont store sensitive data on your desktop computer Missouri State University has both data classifications and guidance about information security in the Policy Library Sensitive data could be a single piece of information or a combination of information Social Security Numbers Name + Birth Date + Address + Phone Number Use Bear1 or other network storage as available Contact Information Security Officer with questions

17 Security: VPN 5/29/201317Computer Services Creates secure connection to the campus Can be used for accessing campus resources from off-campus Does not encrypt the connection such that no one can see what you are doing, just provides a connection into the Universitys firewall Its like your laptop or home computer is now plugged in on- campus This means that if you have a virus, it can now spread to the campus

18 5/29/201318Computer Services What is the Help Desk? What services does the Help Desk provide? What happens when we call the Help Desk? When should we call the Help Desk? What statistics does the Help Desk gather, and how do they use those statistics? Computer Services Help Desk: Roadmap

19 Computer Services Help Desk 5/29/201319Computer Services Encompasses both the Call Center and the people who come and fix your computer Services provided: Troubleshooting (software and hardware) Printer setup Hardware warranty replacement Computer upgrade and data transfer Solution development Purchasing consultation

20 5/29/201320Computer Services Lots of special projects and research & development Always working to do things more efficiently to free up time so we can expand and improve services for the campus community Examples from what were currently working on: Digital signage project for a number of departments Next generation printing services Application distribution and retrieval Computer Services Help Desk

21 5/29/201321Computer Services When You Call: Student worker answers the phone Student worker puts in a ticket and attempts to resolve the issue If issue is resolved, they close the ticket; if not resolved, they add as much information as possible If a visit to your office is needed, someone will call before coming out Faculty Blackboard questions go straight to our tier 2 We may ask for an email to create a paper trail, such as when requesting permission to a University resource Computer Services Help Desk

22 5/29/201322Computer Services When to call the Help Desk Any time were open Peak times of office support seem to be the middle of semesters For emergency issues, call us and well prioritize based on severity Blocker: Completely prevents work from being done Critical: Prevents you from doing key aspects of you work, but some work can still be completed Major: Default priority Minor: Never used Trivial: Lost & Found Computer Services Help Desk

23 5/29/201323Computer Services More on Blocker tickets All viruses are entered as Blockers If you have a blocker due to a computer dying, well get someone out as quickly as possible We have loaner computers available while a computer is being fixed Generally, tickets are taken First In / First Out We use the MOJIRA Work Management System to manage this We want to help everyone as quickly as we can Computer Services Help Desk

24 5/29/201324Computer Services Gathers and analyzes statistics from JIRA, LabStats, and BearPrint JIRA: Number and type of support interactions in a week LabStats: Number of lab visitors, hours of use, and applications used BearPrint: Number of pages printed Computer Services Help Desk

25 Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 5/29/201325Computer Services Open-Access Labs are moving to Windows 8 and Office 2013 this summer For offices on-campus, the Desktop & Mobile Group is working on Office 2013 distribution Windows 8 is already being installed for those who want it We dont generally do campus-wide deployment or application updates all at once

26 Online Resources 5/29/201326Computer Services Experts Documentation Wiki All the documentation we use to help you is on this site, and you can both see and contribute to it! Includes general technical documentation as well as documentation specific for Blackboard Learn 9.1, Banner 8, My Missouri State, and many other things Help Desk Website Notices about maintenance or outages Get Hardware and Software Training & Documentation Contact Us

27 Questions? 5/29/201327Computer Services Matthew Stublefield Lab Support Administrator Computer Services 417-836-4898

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