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NIAGARA Worldwide, LLC Corporate Principals Performing Global Services for Decades Benefiting Private and Public Owners as well as Municipalities Industrial.

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1 NIAGARA Worldwide, LLC Corporate Principals Performing Global Services for Decades Benefiting Private and Public Owners as well as Municipalities Industrial Operations – Global Experience, Delivered Locally Prime and Vacant Land Acquisition (Portfolio Assessment) Environmental Liability Transfer – ELT Certified Valuation Team – CVT Absolute Liquidation Capability Asset Sales, Metals Management and Disposition Tool Box Services – Including Construction Performance Total Plant Dismantlement – TPD We PAY to work with You!

2 Please Use Your Down Arrow or Enter Key to Advance the Slides Some Slides Take a Few Seconds to Load This program is simply intended to share our program. A Picture Paints a Thousand Words Chinese Proverb Please Use Your Down Arrow or Enter Key to Advance the Slides Some Slides Take a Few Seconds to Load This program is simply intended to share our program. A Picture Paints a Thousand Words Chinese Proverb NIAGARA Worldwide LLC Creating and Promoting the AMAX Program – Asset Maximization

3 Prepared by: Eric J. Spirtas - President NIAGARA Worldwide 1101 Mill Street Niagara Wisconsin 54151 +001.314.780.3742

4 1101 Mill Street Niagara, Wisconsin 54151 Direct / Cell 314.780.3742 Office 715.251.3151 Fax 715.251.1296 Consulting Contracting Development Acquisition Trading Liquidation NIAGARA WORLDWIDE SERVICES PROVIDED NIAGARA Worldwide Services Facility Operations and Manufacturing Property Re-Development / Structure Reuse Commodities; Trading, Asset Liquidation and Private Sales Equipment Acquisition Construction Services; Engineering, Construction, Demolition, Remediation Installation, Rigging, Removal Security Installation and Enhancement Utility Procurement and Distribution Landfill Management and Control Site Sampling and Analysis Fuel and Mineral Collection and Processing Complete Site Redeployment Transportation / Logistics; Rail, Truck, Shipping, Containerization Fuel Business; Coal, Synthetic Gas, BIO

5 1101 Mill Street Niagara, Wisconsin 54151 Direct / Cell 314.780.3742 Office 715.251.3151 Fax 715.251.1296 Consulting Contracting Development Acquisition Trading Liquidation NIAGARA WORLDWIDE – Vision and Mission

6 1101 Mill Street Niagara, Wisconsin 54151 Direct / Cell 314.780.3742 Office 715.251.3151 Fax 715.251.1296 Consulting Contracting Development Acquisition Trading Liquidation NIAGARA Worldwide – Presentation Content Allow us to outline the following: Global Operations Demolition History Remediation Activity Liquidation Detail BIO - Involvement Building The Job Performing the Project Alliances and Partnerships Specialized Proposals Environmental Risk Transfer Portfolio Management Project Design and Plan of Action Safety Protocol Resources

7 We will customize a proposal Just For You and Your Firm!

8 This is how – NIAGARAWorldwide, LLC offers the AMAX Difference: AMAX MONETIZES THAT WHICH IS DORMANT While our management team appreciates the opportunity to; Offer services, recycle your Scrap Metals and Idle Equipment, Our firm can quickly quote on complete plant and property that is for sale along with its offering of full liquidation and demolition services. IN SOME CASES THESE ITEMS ARE BILKING THE SYSTEM! IN OTHER CASES THESE POSSESSIONS ARE INVISIBLE, BUT WORTH VALUE!

9 Global Scrap Operations Processing for Maximum Recovery

10 Demolition & Remediation Services Eric J. Spirtas – Lambeau Field Involvement Marketing, Bidding and Performing As President of Spirtas Wrecking Company

11 Demolition & Remediation Services Eric J. Spirtas – Mile High Stadium Involvement Marketing, Bidding and Performing As President of Spirtas Wrecking Company

12 Specialty Demolition Eric J. Spirtas – Leading the Industry Utilizing the Right Equipment for the Right Job! Contractor Breaks Away from Traditional Demolition Methods ( Demolition contractor Eric Spirtas has a lot of machines, including 20 excavators, 12 track loaders, 20 skid steers, 8 mini-track excavators, and 20 track excavators. The brands vary; he has bought what he felt would perform best for each kind of work he comes up against. But he wanted one more. I explained to my banker why this machine is such a good investment, says Spirtas. Measured against manual production, I can say that I save in one week what $40,000 worth of hand labor would have been. This machine pays for itself. Spirtas, owner of St. Louis-based Spirtas Wrecking Co., recently purchased a Komatsu excavator equipped with an 82-ft-high reach boom. The new boom, designed and manufactured by Komatsu, is engineered for demanding demolition applications. With an operating weight of 118,915 lbs, the Komatsu PC450LCD-6 provides 306 hp to boost productivity in all demolition operations. Outfitted with a JRB CXI (Custom Excavators Incorporated) 17R cutter crusher, the excavator has 175 tons of crushing force. Third-member mounting provides 360-degree attachment rotation. Due to my schedule, I had one hour to actually work with the PC450 at Komatsus Demolition Daysthat is all it took for me to decide. I was impressed by its ability to reach up, over, and across, and accurately grab and cut a target point, Spirtas says. I saw how it would save me man-hours and improve productivity. Spirtas finds the high-reach boom unit to be more than just another excavator model. Its a multi-purpose tool that lets me rethink the way I approach a demolition job, he says. Without the long arm, I would be bidding the same job, but Id be using the traditional labor-intensive, more costly methods of bringing down a structure. The PC450 is something no one can compete with at least not until they want to invest in what Ive got in this excavator. In fact, his is one of only a handful in the U.S. so far.

13 Specialty Demolition Project Underway Performed By - NIAGARA Worldwide Former White Pine Copper Smelter - White Pine MI

14 Specialty Redevelopment Federal, State and Local Tax Credit Project Demolition, Remediation, Reconstruction Performed By – NIAGARA Worldwide Former ABC – American Brake Co. – St Louis MO

15 Specialty Demolition High-Reach Project Underway For Redevelopment Performed By - NIAGARA Worldwide Former Mirro Building - Manitowoc WI

16 Specialty Demolition Demolition Project Underway For Redevelopment Performed By - NIAGARA Worldwide Former Simmons MFG - New London WI

17 Specialty Demolition Demolition Project Underway For Redevelopment Performed By - NIAGARA Worldwide Former NewPage Corporation NIAGARA WI

18 Environmental Services Eric J. Spirtas – Work on Remediation Sites Marketing, Bidding and Performing Tanks, Oil, Soil, Asbestos, Chemicals, HAZMAT, E. Response

19 Complete Liquidation Services Eric J. Spirtas – Executes XEROX Toner Plant Marketing, Negotiating, Selling and Decommissioning

20 Examples of Current Liquidation Services NIAGARA Worldwide Executes National Liquidations PDF Brochures can be viewed on:

21 Energy Development Partnering with Trans Solar to Incorporate: Wind, Solar, Hydro, Co-Gen and Utility Management

22 SELECT EFFORTS OF NIAGARA Worldwide: We MONETIZE Specific Manufacturing Equipment Switch Gear Boiler and Equipment Brand New Items Incineration and Trash Components Old and New Stock Complete Building and Scrap Recovery Facilities via Decommissioning (Selective Actions) Industrial Equipment and Structure Decommissioning Complete Demolition Under Utilized Property Emergency Response – (NY City 911)

23 Building the Removal Review of Site and Purchase Create a Logical Procedure Planning of the Offering Establishing a Sequence Evaluating a Partnership Possibility Clearly Defining the Scope Proposal Preparation Execute the Plan Bid Coordin ate with Contract ing Team Perform the Survey Remedia te Asbestos and other Material s Dismant le Save Items Shipmen t Demoliti on OCC PM2 Various Areas Close Opening s Install Railing Perform Optional Work Tanks Chests Equipme nt

24 Performing the Project History Established Identical Projects Safety Practice Required Resources Available Success Logged Extensive Power Plant Decontamination / Demolition Demolition and Sales Paper Plant / Paper Machine Exceptional Safety Record There is only one way to do it! Experience of Industry Best Laborers and Operators

25 Biographical Sketch Eric J. Spirtas – President 2012 After graduating from ASU in 1988 with a business marketing degree and running a Family Environmental Remediation firm through 1991, Eric J. Spirtas joined, grew and ultimately became president of one of the countrys largest demolition and remediation firms Spirtas Wrecking Company. Serving as president of this full service prime contracting firm from 1996 - 2004 was a key part of Eric J. Spirtas professional business education. Performing National and International Contracting Operations, including but not limited to; Demolition, Decommissioning, Nuclear Remediation, Environmental Clean Up, Emergency Response, Implosion, Property Management, General Contracting and Site Development have led to a contracting knowledge and approach that proves successful for client based solutions and analysis. Estimating, Consulting, Managing, Coordinating and Solving Client Problems continues to be the greatest service offered by our team. Projects that Mr. Spirtas has won and decommissioned through competitive bid include the complete demolition and remediation of Lambeau Field in Green bay, McNichols Arena and Mile High Stadium in Denver, The Checker Dome in St. Louis Missouri as well as an array of hundreds of million square foot manufacturing facilities and commercial structures across the country for Fortune 500 clients such as American Can, Anheiser Busch, Ameren UE, Kansas City Power & Light, Lockheed Martin, PPG, Western Southern Life. Xerox Decommissioning, Magna Power Train, Nukote International. Since late 2004 Eric has branched out from the Spirtas demolition business supporting Local and National clients. EJ Spirtas Group has created hearty alliances with best practice participants in the Industrial Development Field. Shifting towards Brown and then to Green, EJ Spirtas Group focuses on the engagement of all available funds to decommission the old, liquidate and recycle the re-usable and capture the Re-Newable energy that is available along the way. While continuing to perform demolition, remediation and construction management nationwide for select clients, Spirtas has assembled national property holdings (inventory) and develops these properties personally and on behalf of clients and partners. It is the decades of project management, asset acquisition and sales that Eric J. Spirtas of the Spirtas Wrecking Family, offers the most sophisticated property analysis, asset valuation and material purchase, quickly and timely to enhance your firms bottom line with the NIAGARA Worldwide approach.

26 Biographical Sketch Solar Partner 2012 MANAGEMENT TransSolars management team has extensive experience in the energy, solar, high-technology, and manufacturing sectors. This unique combination enables continuous innovation, efficient manufacturing, and the consistent supply of large-scale solar power to the energy industry Joseph Hudgins – CEO, Director Dr. Richard Wirt – Director and Chief Scientist Dr. Newton Howard – Director Everett (Buddy) Rodgers – Executive Vice President Jigar Shah – Director (Founder SunEdison) Marc A. Perel, C.P.A – Director Dr. R.F. Saverin, Esq – Director Robert Ambrosi – Director Justin Saverin – Market Development Gary Bauman, Esq. – Consultant Bruce Nelson, CPA Damion Olesncky - Consultant

27 Biographical Sketch Power Partner 2012 Recast Energy - Louisville, Kentucky Since 2004, Recast Energy (formerly Intrinergy's combined heat and power business) has used safe, reliable, and efficient systems and business practices to convert cost-competitive biomass into green electricity and thermal energy (steam) for industrial customers. Our operations have helped our customers reduce carbon footprints by over 100,000 metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent. The conversion from global fossil fuel commodities to locally-grown and sustainable sources of biomass also has helped reduce our customers' exposure to fossil fuel price volatility and secondary emissions such as sulfur dioxide, mercury, and lead. Our facilities are reference points for excellence in the biomass energy industry, demonstrating superb reliability and efficiency. Recast Energy, LLC and its subsidiaries, build, own, and/or operate biomass CHP projects for industrial and utility customers, offering the best in biomass-to-energy systems. Recast Energy mobilizes its internal expertise and partners to offer customers long-term energy contracts with price certainty. Recast Energy provides the flexibility for customers to select their capital preferences ranging from no capital investment to full ownership. Development. Financing. Operations.

28 Biographical Sketch Trading – Brokerage – International Business Partnership 2012 Domestic / International Trading - Commodities Funding Partner Faith Group Company (FGC) was incorporated in New Jersey, USA in 1993. Our main businesses include domestic and international trading of PET materials, post-industrial scraps, post-consumer scraps and the relevant processing. We also handle some PETG, PEN, PCTA, PCTG, PTT, HDPE, LDPE, PP, ABS, NYLON as well as special plastics. Besides, we distribute some plastics recycling equipment. Currently we are the largest PET recycling company in the world.FGC has facilities in USA, UK, Netherlands, Mexico, Argentina, Egypt and Hong Kong. In the last 10 years, we have built up the largest global PET recycling, managing and marketing network. The annual recycling quantity is over 200,000 metric tons, the annual turn over is about 120 million USD. Recyclable PET materials include but not limited to: PET purge, PET bottle flake, PET bottle fine, PET prime and off-grade pellets, PET floor sweeping pellets, PET fiber waste, PET popcorn and CPM pellets, PET bottle perform scrap etc. The recycled PET materials are used to make staple fiber, non-woven fiber, sheet and film, container, paint etc. PL Plastic Service LLC is one of our recycling and warehousing subsidiaries located in Florence, South Carolina. This facility provides toll processing service for several main PET manufactures in USA. Qingdao Faith Plastics Co., Ltd started in 1999. This facility handle shredded European PET bottles (bottle shredded into 4 to 8 pieces), PET bottle flakes, purges, film rolls and other recycled plastics. The annual processing capability is 40,000-50,000ton. In 2005, we invested three wood plastics composite (WPC) production lines in Qingdao to make plastic lumber products with recycled PE material. This is a project that will help to protect our environment. We buy extrusion grade HDPE and sell plastic lumber deck, pallets. Qingdao Rockaway Plastic Sheets Co., Ltd. is another subsidiary located in Qingdao Free Trade Zone. The main business for this company is to produce PET sheets from PET resins and PET bottle flakes. We have over 20,000 meters warehouses in Qingdao Free Trade Zone, and provide warehousing and logistic services. Our Ningbo Office is responsible for all the trading activities in Zhejiang Province. PET material and engineering plastics are their core business. We supply over 50,000 ton PET materials annually to Zhejiang market and export staple fiber, non-woven fiber oversea. Our Shenzhen office is in charge of the import and export business & market of Guangdong and Fujian province.

29 Specialized Proposal Allow our firm the opportunity to provide a sophisticated proposal offering services and payment for itemized assets.

30 Risk Transfer Services Your Firm Can Consider - ENVIRONMENTAL LIABILITY TRANSFER NIAGARA Worldwide can handle complicated Liability Transfer. Due to the stringent controls and requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley. Our team can arrange for the comprehensive environmental liability transfer from a corporate client to our acquisition company providing the client complete and final environmental liability transference. By combining superlative expertise within the practices of environmental law, environmental insurance, environmental engineering, corporate indemnification and commercial redevelopment, we offer unparalleled economic solutions for absolute environmental liability transfer and removal. In addition to fee-based transference of environmental liabilities, NIAGARA Worldwide actively purchases commercial and/or industrial facilities, portfolios and land sites throughout North America. In doing so, our clients often discover that their environmental liabilities can be transferred while receiving a positive net payment in return. Guaranteed finite capital solutions for highly variable concerns. No risk of future expenditures. Complete corporate indemnification without limits. Direct assumption of compliance requirements from regulatory agencies. Total and perpetual transfer of environmental liability and site cleanup. Comprehensive insurance coverage from highly-rated carriers. Unlimited corporate umbrella coverage beyond the insurance policy limits. Immediate positive impact upon balance sheet.

31 Risk Transfer Services Risk Transfer Services NIAGARA has found that the Rasher-Colangelo formula works well when assessing the intrinsic or baseline value of an environmentally impacted property. BMV = (CMV) – (IC + EL + OL + R + K) Where BMV = Brownfield Market Value CMV = Clean Market Value (Value derived using traditional real estate market appraisal techniques – assuming no environmental liabilities and highest and best use). IC = Investigative Costs (Phase I & II implementation, study & analysis). EL = Environmental Liabilities (The cost to cure, or clean up the property and reduction in value, if any, due to stigma). OL = Other Liabilities (Legal fees, brokerage commissions, cost of carry, deferred maintenance issues etc.). R = Repositioning Costs (Expenses related to achieving highest and best use such as rezoning, demolition, permits, consulting studies, appraisals and non environmental legal services). K = Rate of Return & Projected Risk (Normal anticipated rate of return on an investment plus a risk premium that rewards higher project exposure).

32 Our Six-Step Process to Redeploy Underutilized Property Assets Let us Analyze Your Portfolio Step 1: Economic and Market Trend Analysis Market researchers identify area demographics, employment growth rates, industry trends and competitive supply within a determined geographic region by interviewing economic development officials, brokers, real estate developers, tenants, manufacturers and property owners. Using the data collected, we can then forecast absorption and occupancy rates for a variety of reuse scenarios. Step 2: Existing Property Evaluation Our professional, dedicated team of architects and environmental and civil engineers review the existing context and property characteristics, including surrounding land uses, access and utility infrastructure, buildings and site improvements, applicable zoning and land use regulations, environmental status of property, and easements and other legal constraints. Step 3: Develop Alternative Reuse Concepts Alternate use plans are considered, which respond to current and projected market demand. We demonstrate the attainability of plans given zoning issues, community needs, government attitudes, current site characteristics, environmental constraints and prospective users. Step 4: Analyze Financial Impacts of Alternative Reuse Concepts Financial analysts estimate development costs and sale / lease rates, determining the impact that those estimates will have on projected cash flow. The availability of public / private financing is explored, and realistic financial and risk analyses are projected to determine potential development value. Step 5: Analyze Disposition Alternatives Sale, Lease, Joint Venture or Donation. With market-driven reuse options detailed, we analyze alternative means of disposition of the property in light of our clients objectives. Then, working with management, a specific disposition strategy is recommended to achieve the optimum benefit for the corporation. Step 6: Implementation of the Exit Strategy Once the recommendations have been presented to and accepted by management, we employ all market resources to identify potential parties interested in the purchase, donation, joint venture or lease of the repositioned property. We can then represent the property owner in the negotiation to assure that the goals of our client are met.

33 Plan of Action Proposal Survey of: ACM IND WASTE SALES PLAN DEMOLITION BLDG FINISH Coordinate: ACM and Industrial Waste Commence: ENV. Work IND. Waste Initiate: SALES SALVAGE DISMANTLE Building Demolition Demo / Finish Work With Customer and Commerce Department to Valuate Effort Complete Site Work Finish Data Submission Transition Risk - Transition Structure - Transition Property

34 Conceptual Schedule

35 Safety Protocol Safety Requires a Known Plan: NIAGARA Worldwide – Industry Leading Health and Safety Plan A Site Specific Safety & Health Program will be created All staff is trained in accordance with: – Plant Site Standards – Job Specific Standards and Corporate Required Levels Daily JSAs will be performed (Job Site Assessments) Weekly Safety Meeting with Project Status Report – Near Miss Activity – Success Report – Week in Review / Forecast

36 Resources Administration Corporate Office is well equipped to support the Project NIAGARA Worldwide has available support tools that assist with large scale projects of this type Insurance Industry Best coverage's will be provided (GL, Equipment, Environmental, Umbrella) Project Management / Personnel Full time Project Management is planned Site Safety Manager will be proposed Personnel and Related Resume will be provided All personnel will have previous project experience Select local labor will be utilized in a blended crew Equipment Anticipated Equipment Includes; Owned Equipment will be sent to site Leased and Rented equipment will be blended with owned equipment Sub-Contractors May supply some specific items that will be utilized Local Contracting Affiliation Having worked across the county, NIAGARA Worldwide involves only the best of local contractors to support its effort NIAGARA Worldwide serves as a PRIME CONTRACTOR, with the intent to always blend local talent within its crews Scrap Buyer Local and Off Shore Scrap Buyers have priced the materials and items Based on Timing of removal and availability of rail; Local – National – Global Scrap sales will be selected NIAGARA Worldwide will continue to analyze Scrap Materials and Equipment uses. This will result in ASSET MAXIMIZATION

37 Building a Project Eliminating Risk Maximizing Your Assets NIAGARA Worldwide LLC NIAGARA Worldwide, LLC Corporate Principals Performing Global Services for Decades Benefiting Private and Public Owners as well as Municipalities Industrial Operations – Global Experience, Delivered Locally

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