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Pectil Engineering Pty Ltd ABN: 83 111 925 538 Tel +61 731235034

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1 Pectil Engineering Pty Ltd ABN: 83 111 925 538 Tel +61 731235034

2 Example text Pectils Market East and Central Australian Oil & Gas and Coal Seam Gas Provinces Pectil Service Area The development for coal seam gas is primarily confined to Queenslands Bowen - Surat Basins in the east of Australia while a mature oil & gas province - the Cooper and Eromanga Basins of central Australia are home to exploration, development and refining industries. Since 1996 Pectil has provided services to many Companies operating in these areas.

3 Our logging units have developed to carry state of the art mud logging instrumentation with advanced communications and chromatography facilities that have brought forward a new understanding of petrophysical logging data interrogating reservoir rocks ( particularly in Victoria ). Pectil PMLU_01 (above) is a truck-mounted logging unit equipped with mobile Next G networking. Pectil PMLU_02 (below) is a pressurised trailer mounted logging unit equipped with Satellite networking communications. Pectil Logging Units

4 Under-balanced Drilling for Mosaic also in the Surat Pectil has Logged Coiled Tubing on a re-entry for Sunshine in the Surat Hydrocarbon Fluorescence in Sandstone

5 PNT Graphics Watch it anywhere : PNT Displays real time alarmed numeric and graphic data for drilling parameters at a well site. PNT features a Hydraulics option to better manage bit, pump and drill fluid design.

6 The Varian CP-4900 Micro GC is accurate to 10 parts per million with a sensitivity of 1 ppm. It uses Hydrogen as a carrier gas, which allows for fast separation of Hydrocarbon component gases. The unit has 2 columns and is configured to read C1 to C7 together with CO2 and H2S. It may also be configured to measure the concentration of Helium in a gas stream. Data from the Varian GC can be presented on large printable chromatograms. This enables easy interpretation of hydrocarbon concentrations recovered from the well. Gas Chromatography Hydrocarbon detection from C1 to C6

7 Chromatograms Logging units are equipped with our Petron Industries Gas Chromatographs/Total Gas detectors as backup in the event of Varian downtime events

8 Supporting the 24 hour Geolograph Chart A real time data log recorded at 6 second intervals. This ASCII file records crucial drilling parameters including rate of penetration, bit location, average rate of penetration, weight on bit, mud pit levels and lagged total gas units. Digital data log, easily accessible for a full record of all drilling parameters, 24 hours a day during drilling. The file is emailed to the Company Man each morning to prepare his daily report. Paper data logs can be printed from our chart printers Real-time Data Log Reporting Timed Events

9 REPORTING Crocker Data Petrolog is used to generate and display our mud logs. They accurately report lithology total gas, component gases, hydrocarbon fluorescence, rate of penetration and bit weight using a wide range of units and scales. The Mud Log

10 A Company Man, Drill Fluids Engineer, Well site Geologist, Contractors Pusher and his Drillers are online using wireless transmit of PNT generated real time data at their locations. A Company may also access real time rig data using the web at any site on the globe. Note: Web telephony lowers communications costs from a well site. Rig Crew Safety

11 Health Safety Environment Company Objectives Within the Surat-Bowen Basins to our east and Cooper-Eromanga Basins west from St George there is healthy exploration and development of Coal Seam and conventional Oil & Gas deposits. Pectils object is to reliably supply and service mud logging instrumentation and services for Operators undertaking these activities. Accordingly our HSE is intended to outline – Corporate Quality Policy together with Corporate Ethics & Social Responsibility Beneath this headline Pectil has drafted its Environment Protection Policy which is intended to support an Operator at Corporate and Field level. For the Corporate response Pectil offers the following; Safety PolicySafety Management System Safety Policy & ObjectivesAcceptance of Responsibility Corporate Responsibility Accountability by position HSE Mission StatementHealth & Safety Advice At the field level Pectil reports and joins with the education its staff and our work colleagues to promote health, safe work practices and care for our environment as applying to Mud Logging Services. This requires a consideration for the following; Hazard AnalysisProcedures for Controlling Risk Competence & TrainingPermits to Manage Hazardous Work Control in EmergenciesReporting Accidents & Incidences Occupational HealthDrugs and Alcohol Vehicle ManagementInvolvement with the Operator Involvement of the WorkforceSelection of Personnel Control of ChangeSelection & Control of Contractors Monitoring and Auditing

12 Edward McNally BSc RDA CPEng About Pectil First inaugurated in 1996 to service Oil & Gas exploration in the Bonaparte Basin of Western Australia. Currently capable of sustaining 3 units in the field Has made a headquarters in the Queensland town of St George Maintains a well provisioned Office workshop Complex with Instrument maintenance and welding – turning facilities Pectil has a well exceptional library with documented literature describing all facets of

13 Contact Us Email: Web: Mob: +61 (0)429 044 581 Tel: +61 (0)7 3123 5034 Unit 1: +61 (0)8 7123 2602 Unit 2: +61 (0)7 3123 5041 Postal: Pectil Engineering PO Box 441 St George QLD 4487 Australia Work Shop: 96 Arthur Street St George QLD 4487 Australia

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