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Александр Артамонов 2014 Alexander Artamonov 2014.

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1 Александр Артамонов 2014 Alexander Artamonov 2014

2 Whats on? 81 000 000 Museum items under the Government control 18 years on development (and fail) of United State Museum Catalogue 2 main museum automation systems cover ~ 1000 museums (from ¼ to 1/3 of all museums) There are NO standard of Museum object description (LIDO implementation is in concept)

3 Russian Museum automation systems KAMIS («Complex Automation Museum Information System», St. Petersburg) MUSEUM-3 (Computing Center for Ministry of Culture, Moscow) Computer cataloging of museum records is still incomplete

4 Museums and e-mail There are 2553 museums under the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation Statistically, only 88 (3,91%) museums registered their e-mails (of course, most museums have) No open data about Internet connection (in fact, most museums have) Source: official open data

5 Since 1996 The web site is running (private initiative in cooperation with Moscow Darwin Museum) More than 3000 museums registered Each museum has their own home page and e-mail

6 Russian home page of

7 English home page of

8 Museums of Karelia – one of the first intermuseum web projects, 1999, still alive

9 The Ugra Museums (Khanty-Mansy Region) 2012

10 The Leningrad Region museums 2013

11 Museum web sites All big Government museums Most of private museums have Still dont have or have old style web pages Most of small museums the smaller is the museum, the less information is available in English and other languages

12 Web-access to collections Provided by KAMIS web-interface module The first (and one of few) museum with 100% collection available in the web is Rybinsk Museum (Yaroslavl Region) Some regions (Karelia, Leningrad Region, Khanty-Mansiysk) have regional inter- museums web sites with joined Collection and Agenda access Poor representation of collections in world- wide resourses (Europeana)

13 The web interface to museum collection Rybinsk museum (2000 to 2012)

14 The web interface to museum collection Rybinsk museum (since 2012) provided by KAMIS-Web Module

15 The web interface to museum collection Chuvachia State Art museum. AIS Museum-3 Web interface module. 2002-2003

16 Virtual tours Popular and often-used technic for museum web sites Non-expensive and sometimes attractive Recognised by Government as a virtual museum Poor of information, just view

17 Vurtual tour to Rybinsk museum (Yaroslavl Region)

18 Multimedia: main vendors Int-media Ascreen Activision A3vision Kamis ElAr (Electronic Archive) Standalone and integrated solutions for expositions. This sample: Geoinformation system Rostov and Rostov Land, Rostov Museum (Yaroslavl region)

19 Lots of multimedia! Good museum! (Dmitry Medvedev) Museum 1812 (part of the State Historical Museum) has about 10 hours of video on display. Installation by Int-media group

20 Media: no tech limits Jewish Museum and Cultural Centre, Moscow. Installation by Appelbaum group. 2011 4d cinema Video wall Interactive cask

21 Mobile applications State Russian Museum (augmented reality) Perm State Art Gallery (digital explanations) Karelian Museum of Art (mobile web site & QR-coding) City guides (travelme project) Mobile applications is a great opportunity for partnership and cooperation

22 State Russian Museum

23 Maugry: universal solution for Museum mobile applications (40 museums)


25 Interpretation aspects Museum object Phenomena Museographic Metaphora Jorge Wagensberg, CosmoCaixa Museum, Barcelona, Spain Information system The StoryThe Message User experience

26 Prospects: main lines United Registry of museum items: life after death of United Catalogue: all vendors will write export utilities for their systems Virtual Museums: extensive making of Virtual Tours and Virtual reconstruction of unexsisting museums Web solutions for small museums (sites and catalogues) Mobile applications Integration with European and World resources (i.e. Europeana and Google Art Project)

27 The prospects: extremely need Museum digital recourses for school teachers, learners and students Multilanguage solutions for museum information systems, multimedia and web sites Examples, solutions and best practices for home and family heritage conservation and digitizing Solutions for web-access to archives and libraries

28 For the near future Solutions, examples and best practices for museum digital strategy Digital economy, online museum shopping Sharing experiences and digital auditory development solutions Transparrent management and museum reporting Crowdfunding and crowdprojects And lots of work

29 Invitation The XVIII International Conference Autiomation Directions in Museum and Information Technologies (ADIT) Vyborg, Leningrad region 20-24 May, 2014 More information at http://www.adit.ru

30 Alexander Artamonov MA in Cultural Management ADIT Museum Solutions Group http://www.museumsolutions.ru

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